How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

How to Verify If AirPods Are Stolen

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

Have you recently bought a pair of AirPods but aren’t sure if they were obtained legally? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few steps you can follow to check if your AirPods are stolen or not.

Step 1:

The first thing you can do is gather the serial number of your AirPods from their case. You can find this information on the original packaging or on the lid of the charging case. It’s usually a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 2:

Once you have the serial number, go to the Apple website and navigate to the “Check Coverage” page. Here, you’ll find an option to enter the serial number.

Step 3:

After entering the serial number, hit the “Continue” button and wait for the webpage to update. If your AirPods were obtained legally, you should see some information about their warranty and coverage.

Step 4:

If the coverage information shows up, congratulations! It means your AirPods are most likely not stolen. However, if the website displays a message saying “Invalid Serial Number” or “Product Not Found,” it could indicate a problem.

Step 5:

In case you receive an unexpected message, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support directly. They have the resources and expertise to assist you further and determine if your AirPods were obtained legally or not.

Remember, purchasing stolen merchandise can create legal issues and ethical concerns. It’s always better to be cautious and ensure you’re buying legitimate products. By following these steps, you’ll be able to verify the status of your AirPods and enjoy them with peace of mind.

How to Check If Airpods Are Stolen

Losing stuff is a bummer, but it happens to all of us once in a while. Losing something valuable, like your Airpods or iPhone, is even worse. And when we lose things, our first thought is often that they were stolen.

Luckily, there’s a way to check if you’ve actually lost your Airpods instead of them being stolen. This article will show you how to find your Airpods if they’re nearby, like connected to your iPhone or other devices.

Plus, I’ll give you some practical tips to help prevent your Airpods from getting stolen in the first place.

How to Keep Your Airpods Safe

Preventing your Airpods from being stolen should be your top priority because it’s pretty much impossible to get stolen stuff back. So, let’s focus on keeping your Airpods safe. After all, they’re not cheap, and thieves love to snatch them.

The advice I’m about to give you will only work if you’re cautious. If you walk around carelessly with expensive stuff, you’re just asking for trouble.

First things first, consider getting a case for your Airpods. They’re not expensive, and you can attach them to your belt loop or key ring. Take a look on Amazon for some cool options. This case will help you avoid losing the whole set of Airpods.

Pay attention when they’re in your ears. It’s really easy to forget that you’re wearing an Airpod, and that’s how you lose it in the first place. And trust me, buying a replacement Airpod is not cheap.

Make a habit of putting your Airpods back in their case. I’ve learned from personal experience that it’s way too easy to put them in your pocket and never see them again.

If you carry your iPhone in your jacket or jeans, zip up your pockets. Even better, carry your stuff in a bag. There are backpacks out there that are designed specifically to be theft-proof. Consider getting one of those if you’re worried about your belongings.

Another thing to keep in mind is your bag or backpack. If you’re carrying it on your back, make sure to put your valuable things in a hidden compartment. Unfortunately, in today’s world, Airpods and iPhones aren’t safe even in backpacks anymore.

Check If Your Airpods Were Stolen

Before you start freaking out and calling the police, double-check if your Airpods were actually stolen. Maybe you left them in the case, which is always the first place to look. If they’re not there, you can use an app made by Apple just for situations like these.

The app is called Find my iPhone, and hopefully, you already have it on your iPhone connected to your Airpods. Another option is using the website to locate your lost Apple products.

How to Find Your Airpods Using Find My iPhone

Unlock your iPhone and open the Find My iPhone app. If you don’t see it right away, swipe through your pages to the right, and you’ll find a search bar. Type in “Find My iPhone” and it will bring up the app. If you don’t have it, you might need to download it from the App Store.

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

Hey there! If you want to get started, you’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID and Password. It’s like your secret code that unlocks all the cool stuff. Once you’re in, you’ll find a nifty list of all your Apple devices. Look for your trusty Airpods and give them a tap. They’re waiting for you!

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

When you lose your AirPods, don’t panic! I’ve got you covered. A map will magically materialize, revealing the precious whereabouts of your cherished earbuds. Depending on the distance between your AirPods and your iPhone or any other Apple device, this captivating map will display either their present location or the last known location. How remarkable!

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

Hey there! So, guess what? I’ve got some really cool features to share with you from this screen. Brace yourself!

First things first, if you ever misplace your Airpods, no worries! You can use the alarm feature to locate them. How cool is that? It’s like having your own personal detective!

And check this out: if you’ve only lost one Airpod, you can mute the other earpiece. That way, you won’t have to deal with any extra loud noise. We wouldn’t want to startle anyone, right?

Now, here’s the deal: if you see a gray dot instead of that lovely icon, it means your Airpods are turned off, they ran out of battery, or they’ve wandered a bit too far away from your Bluetooth’s reach. So, keep an eye out for that dot!

check airpods

Discovering Your Airpods with iCloud

Hey there! Ready to locate your AirPods using iCloud? It’s super easy, I promise! Just follow these steps:

Firstly, head over to the website. Open up your web browser and type in “” in the address bar. Hit enter and you’re on your way!

Next, it’s time to sign in. Grab your Apple ID and passcode, then enter them in the designated boxes. Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, hit that sign-in button and let’s proceed!

That’s it! You’re now signed in and ready to go. iCloud will work its magic to help you find your missing AirPods. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for turning to iCloud – it’s a real lifesaver!

Remember, if you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help you every step of the way. Good luck finding those AirPods!

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

Hey there! Just click on Find iPhone.

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

Click on All Devices, and then choose Airpods.

How to Validate If AirPods Are Stolen

Hey there, I want to let you know that finding your Airpods is not an easy task. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable way for Apple to help you in this situation. If your Airpods are offline, you’re going to have to rely on your intuition or try to jog your memory to locate them. But if they were actually stolen, there’s not much you can do about it.

If someone steals both your iPhone and Airpods, there is a way to track them down using the Find my iPhone feature, as long as they’re connected to the internet. However, I strongly advise against taking matters into your own hands. Leave it to the authorities to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

If someone pairs my Airpods to their phone, will I know?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can only locate your Airpods through Find My iPhone, and if they’re connected to someone else’s phone, they become a part of that person’s Find My iPhone setup.

If your Airpods are stolen, they will likely appear as “Offline” in iCloud because they’re no longer linked to your iCloud account.

What does “Offline” mean?

“Offline” could mean that your Airpods are out of battery or that they’re no longer connected to Find My iPhone. If you try to track your Airpods and it says they’re Offline, the best thing to do is retrace your steps to where you last had them.

Even when your Airpods show as “Offline,” you can still choose the option to play a sound, which can help you locate them. However, if they were indeed stolen, the chances of getting them back at this point are unfortunately very low.

Final Advice

If you’re unable to locate your Airpods using the Find My iPhone site or app, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apple support and inform them about what happened. They might consider replacing your Airpods, but please note that it’s not guaranteed to be free of charge.

I hope that you’ve simply misplaced your Airpods and manage to find them. If you have anything to add or would like to share your story, feel free to use the comments section below.

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