How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

How to Customize Your Snapchat Text

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

Are you tired of using the same old boring text on Snapchat? Want to stand out and add some flair to your messages? Well, I’ve got you covered! In this guide, I’m going to show you how to change your text in Snapchat and make it truly unique.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat App

The first thing you need to do is open the Snapchat app on your smartphone. If you don’t have it already, head to your app store and download it.

Step 2: Take or Choose a Photo

After opening the app, you can either take a photo using the camera or choose an existing photo from your gallery. The choice is yours!

Step 3: Tap on the Text Icon

Once you have your photo ready, it’s time to add some text. Tap on the text icon, which looks like a letter ‘T’, located on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Type Your Text

Now that you have accessed the text tool, it’s time to get creative with your message! Type whatever you want to say and watch it appear on your photo.

Step 5: Customize Your Text

Here comes the fun part! Snapchat offers several customization options to make your text truly unique. You can change the font style, the size, and even the color of your text. Simply tap on the ‘T’ icon again to access these options.

Step 6: Move and Resize Your Text

If you want to reposition your text, simply tap on it and hold. You can then move it around the screen to find the perfect spot. And if you want to make it bigger or smaller, use two fingers to pinch in or out.

Step 7: Share Your Snap!

Once you are happy with your customized text, it’s time to share it with your friends. Tap on the send button and choose who you want to send your snap to. You can also add it to your story for all your friends to see!

And voila! You’ve now mastered the art of changing your text in Snapchat. So go ahead and have fun with it, get creative, and let your personality shine through your messages. Happy snapping!

How to Change Your Text in Snapchat

Yo, listen up! Snapchat is seriously all the rage right now, and you know why? It’s not just another Facebook or Instagram wannabe. Nope, Snapchat took communication to a whole new level with time-limited photos and videos that disappear after you’ve seen them. And let me tell you, that idea spread like wildfire! Snapchat blew up in popularity, even Instagram tried to copy its cool features. Now it’s a staple in the world of social networks and online communities.

But here’s the thing, Snapchat isn’t perfect. It’s got a bigger learning curve than any other social network out there, including Twitter. Over the past few years, it’s gotten more and more complicated, adding all these fancy features without bothering to explain how to use them properly. And that’s a real problem because it makes it hard for new users to get the hang of the app.

So, I say we fix what Snapchat won’t. One of the basics of Snapchat is adding text to your Snaps, both in photos and videos. And let me tell you, there are so many options for adding text in Snapchat, like changing the size, color, and position. But if you’re new to Snapchat, it might feel like a foreign language. Well, worry not! I’m going to guide you through everything you need to know about using text in Snapchat, so your Snaps will be top-notch when you send them to your pals. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a little bit of text can add that extra oomph to your photos. So, let’s dive into this ultimate guide to using text in Snapchat.

Text Size and Position

If we’re going to tackle how text works in Snapchat, let’s start with the basics before we get into the fancier stuff. Even if you’re new to Snapchat, you’ll be able to handle placing text on your Snaps in no time. So, grab your phone, open the Snapchat app, and snap a pic. Once you’ve done that, it’s a piece of cake to add text anywhere on your photo.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

How to Add Text to Your Images

When you take a picture and want to add some words to it, all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen. This will bring up a text box and your keyboard. It’s really simple and just like typing a text message, note, or email on your device. Once you’re done typing your message, just tap the ‘Done’ icon on your keyboard. You’ll usually find it in the lower right corner of the screen. When you tap ‘Done’, your text will be centered on the image and displayed with a semi-transparent black background. This way, the white text can be easily read on any color or pattern.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

Hey there! So, here’s the deal – you can totally move this text up and down without breaking a sweat. All you gotta do is rest your finger or thumb on the text bar and swipe up or down. Cool, right? Oh, and if you need to make any changes to your message, just tap on the text in the middle of the bar. Easy peasy! This will bring up your keyboard again, allowing you to edit your message to your heart’s content.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

Make Your Text Stand Out

But let’s dive deeper into your text options. You have two more ways to show off your captions. After you’ve entered your text (keep the text editor open), tap the ‘T’ in the top-right corner of your screen. This will transform your text into something completely different—it will become bold, large, and the background will disappear. It will also move your text to the left side of the screen. In terms of size, it’s like going from a small font of 12 to a much larger 36 or even 48—giving you more space and making it easier to read. And here’s an extra tip— if you tap the ‘T’ when you’re not editing your text, it will open the text editor for you. So remember, just tap the ‘T’ again for that bold, large, left-aligned text.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

So, check this out. We’ve got this awesome big font for our caption. And let me tell you, it’s pretty flexible. Unlike the first text we saw, this one can move all over the screen. Just use one finger to grab the caption and slide it wherever you want. Seriously, it can go anywhere you choose. Whether you want it in the upper-left corner, lower-right corner, smack in the middle, or right at the top – it doesn’t matter. With this feature, you’re free to position your text wherever it works best with your image.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

So, here’s the thing: using a bigger, bolder font comes with its fair share of problems. Let me break it down for you. First off, the amount of text you can fit into that font version is significantly less compared to the smaller, transparent-backed text we discussed earlier. So, if your caption happens to be longer than just a few words, this becomes quite a complication.

Not only that, but there’s another issue with the flush-left alignment of the font. Depending on how you frame your photos, this might cause some problems. Now, let’s get to the crux of the matter. The white text, despite its boldness, isn’t the most readable on various backgrounds like gray, white, and brighter photos. That’s a major downside. As if that wasn’t enough, the size of the captions themselves can make it quite tricky to read when each line only consists of one or two words.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

Great news: Snapchat has a solution for all of these issues. However, these solutions may not be immediately obvious.

Adjusting Text Size and Position

Let’s start with the simplest solution: the left-aligned text. Believe it or not, there’s actually one more option to change your font alignment. It’s as easy as tapping on that capital ‘T’ again. This will shift your text from left-aligned to centered, while maintaining the big, bold text we love for our snaps. If you want to switch back to any of the three settings mentioned before (small with a background, bold left-aligned, bold centered), simply cycle through these settings by tapping the ‘T’ icon.

Alright, now that our text is centered, let’s address the biggest issue we mentioned earlier: text size. While the bold, large font is great for short two or three-word captions, it may not be ideal for longer captions of seven to ten words. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to adjust the font size when using the bold format (both in centered or left-aligned mode), and it’s useful to remember these methods for different caption needs.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

I’m here to teach you a simpler way to change the size of your text in Snapchat. It’s as easy as pinch-to-zoom! After writing your caption and making it bold, just tap the Done icon on your keyboard. Then, use two fingers to zoom in or out on the text, just like you would with an image. You can make your text bigger or smaller, and you can move it around too. You can even rotate it, flip it, and do whatever you like!

Now, if you want even more control over how your text appears on the image, there’s a slightly more complex method. First, enter your caption in the text field and make it bold. You can center it or make it flush-left, it’s up to you. If your caption is long but you still want it to be bold, you can adjust the size and shape of your text. While the text editor is still open, use two fingers to pinch-to-zoom around your bold text. You’ll see the text shrink and change within the text field, instead of the image itself. This will make your caption more readable on the image, while still keeping the bold text we all love in Snapchat.

Once you’ve edited your text in the editor, you can still drag and resize it like in the first method. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for designing your caption around your image. For example, you can align your text to the left, make the font size huge so that only one word appears on each line, then exit the text editor and shrink the text down to a normal size. This creates a unique look for your caption that can line up with elements in your photo.

It’s pretty cool once you understand how text works in Snapchat. You can also add emojis and other special characters to your caption, and they’ll work just like regular text.

Now let’s talk about text color options. You’ve mastered resizing and editing your text, but what about choosing a color? In the past, Snapchat had preset color choices, but the newer versions of the app have a color slider instead. So if you want a larger font size, you’re not stuck with just white text. Let me show you how it works.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

The Amazing Color Slider!

Hey there! Have you ever noticed the color slider on Snapchat? It’s pretty cool, but not everyone knows about it. So, when you’re editing your text using the bold or default settings, take a look to the right of your screen. You’ll see a colorful slider under the ‘T’ that changes the size of your font. Just slide your finger up or down on the slider and voila! Your text color changes. You can see the color displayed in a big circle on the left side of the slider. When you’re happy with your color, just let go of your finger and it’ll be applied.

But wait, there’s more! You’re not stuck with just one color. You can change the color of your font anytime by reopening the text editor and sliding your finger along the color slider. Your new color gets updated in real-time, just like magic!

Get Creative with Per-Key Colors!

Now, I know the color options for text might seem limited compared to all the other ways you can express yourself on Snapchat. You can choose your text size, orientation, and boldness, but what about individual letters? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible! Snapchat’s text tool works a lot like a word processor, so you can actually make each character in your caption have its own color. Sounds awesome, right? Now, I bet you’re wondering how to do it.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

Hey there! So, when you’re using the text editor in Snapchat, here’s a cool trick you can try. Press and hold your finger on the text you entered to bring up the text selector on your phone. This selector usually helps you cut, copy, and paste text, but here’s the cool part – it can also highlight your text just like a desktop word application. Instead of highlighting a whole word, just highlight one single letter and use the color slider. That one letter will change color, and you can do this for each letter!

Now, here’s the tricky part. Snapchat doesn’t have the same color-picker it used to, so making sure all your multi-colored letters have the same design can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you want to repeat the same colors over multiple characters, it’s a game of chance to land on identical shades each time. But here’s a tip: if you want a preset pattern of colors for your text, write out the words separately, then cut and paste the letters together. Let’s say you want to make a post with Spider-Man in the caption, alternating red and blue letters. Write out “SIEMN” and “PDRA” separately, color each letter in your preferred shades, then cut and paste the word back together. It might take time, but it’s worth it to make your caption stand out. Alternatively, you can highlight separate parts of each word.

Moving Text on Video

So far, we’ve focused on using images as examples for text in Snapchat, since it’s mainly an image-based service. But don’t forget about videos! Snapchat supports both photos and videos, and while more photos are sent, videos are equally important. Text in videos works the same as in images. You can use all three versions of text – small, bold flush-left, and bold centered – and switch between them as needed. You can apply colors to individual letters or the whole word. You can even resize, rotate, and move your text around the video. Almost everything works the same way. But, there’s one important thing to note about text in videos that can be confusing for new users. Consider it the final exam of text-based lessons in Snapchat.

You’ve probably seen text in videos on YouTube, right? It looks like the text is part of the background, even though it’s obviously digitally created. As the camera moves, the text stays in size and scale with the background, shifting, growing, and shrinking to look like it’s really there. It’s a cool effect, usually done with Adobe After Effects, which can be difficult to learn and costs a pretty penny. But guess what? Snapchat has brought this superimposed text concept to the masses using augmented-reality technology. It’s an ambitious move, and while it may not work as well as After Effects (since it lacks a timeline and keyframes), it’s still really awesome technology that you can use and master right from your phone.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

To start, just record a video on Snapchat as you normally would. Add a little movement to your video, like panning up or down, or zooming in or out. For the best result, keep your hands steady and your movement smooth. Once you’ve recorded your video, Snapchat will play it back in a loop. Now, tap the ‘T’ text button and create your caption. You can resize or change the color of your text however you like. Now comes the tricky part, so bear with me.

Move your text to the part of the screen where you want it to stay in your video. Snapchat calls this “pinning.” It looks for lines or shapes in your image to identify as constants, so it can stick your text to that part of the video. That’s why it’s important to have a steady, well-lit, and clear subject in your shot. If Snapchat can’t figure out what your video is about, it won’t know where to pin your text.

So, once you have your text ready, in the right size, shape, and color, watch your video playback until you find the perfect spot to pin your text. This may take some practice and patience, so take your time and watch the video a few times to find the best place. Once you’ve found it, make sure your text is the right size and drag it to the correct position. Then, wait for the video to loop to the exact point where you want your text pinned. Press and hold down on your text where you want it to stick. Snapchat will show a loading sign, and the video will play backward as the text is mapped and traced throughout the video. It’s like using a powerful tool like After Effects to create keyframes for your text. You can then see how your text plays out in the video.

Sometimes, Snapchat gets it right on the first try, creating an interesting and funny reveal of your text as the camera pans or zooms. Other times, Snapchat loses track of what it should be following, and your text might shrink, grow, or move all over the screen. If Snapchat gets it wrong and you want to try again, just tap the ‘T’ icon to reopen the text editor. This will unpin your text from the video, and you can pin it again anytime.

Text Effects and Fonts

In early 2018, Snapchat introduced fonts, and the feature has since gone through several changes and updates to improve how fonts work on the app. Changing your font is really easy. After taking a photo or video, tap on the screen or the Text icon to open the text editor. Below the text entry field, you’ll see a list of fonts to choose from. This means you no longer need separate options for flush-left large text and centered large text. All “Big Text” is automatically flush-left, with no option to center it. The good news is, you can still resize this text by using two fingers to zoom in or out while the text editor is open.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

If you’re wondering what’s new with the text tool, I’ve got some great updates to share. The best part is that the colors still function the same way, with a slider on the left side of the screen. But the real excitement lies in the addition of text effects and, most importantly, text fonts that everyone has eagerly been waiting for.

Choosing a font effect or style is now easier than ever. All you have to do is slide your finger along the menu at the top of your keyboard and tap on the icon that corresponds to the effect you want. Let’s dive into the different looks and effects of each choice, starting with font effects:

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

  • In 2018, I introduced a new feature called “Label” to the app. Label is a fantastic font that adds a fresh touch to your designs. Since its release, it has become incredibly popular among users, surpassing all other fonts in terms of usage. Its stylish appearance and versatility make it a great choice for any project.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

  • Subtitle: This late-2018 update brings a new feature called Subtitle, previously known as Italics. Subtitle has a unique font style and gets rid of the black background that the old italics had. By default, Subtitle uses a yellow font color.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

As an 8th grader, you’ll love Glow! With this cool feature, you can make your favorite photo stand out. Just choose a color, and watch as a glowing letter appears on your picture. It’s perfect for those times when the text is hard to read. Give it a try and see your photo come to life!

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

  • Hey there! I gotta tell you about this font called Script. It may not look all that different from the previous version, but trust me, it’s had a bit of a makeover. Some of the letters have a slightly new look to them. But don’t worry, it’s still got that beautiful cursive style that you love. The redesign has really improved things compared to the old version.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

  • Rainbow: One of the main issues with the old rainbow font was that it was hard to read when you typed with it. The lack of a drop shadow or outline made the text look faded on different backgrounds. The new rainbow font solves this problem by adding a white outline around the text and changing how the rainbow effect works. Now, the font looks more like a bubble than before. It may not be the most attractive font option, but it’s definitely easier to use.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

I’ve got something new for you: a font called Serif. It’s a lot like the Snapchat font, but with some added “serifs” – those little lines at the ends of the letters. Think of it as a fancy version of Times New Roman. I know a bunch of people have been asking for that, so I think this font will make them happy.

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

Let me tell you about two cool styles you can use to make your snaps even more interesting: Brush and Script. I’ll start by talking about Brush. When you use Brush, your snaps will look like words on a painting. It adds a unique touch to your snaps, especially if you have a lot of artwork attached to them. So next time you want to share a snap with a creative flair, give Brush a try!

How to Personalize Your Text on Snapchat

  • Special fonts: Every now and then, Snapchat introduces new fonts that are available for a limited time, usually during seasons or holidays. For example, there’s a fun, cartoonish summer font with customizable colors, although it can be a bit difficult to read.

Some fonts, like Comic Sans, have been removed from the app and may not come back. However, there’s always a chance they could make a comeback in the future.

Snapchat is an incredibly useful tool, but it’s clear to most users that even something as simple as text-based captions within the app are more complex than they appear. The features on Snapchat are powerful for a mobile app like this, and it’s quite impressive. However, it does come with a learning curve, as we mentioned earlier. Snapchat will continue to add new features, and sometimes they don’t do the best job of explaining how these functions work. So, stay tuned to TechJunkie for all the updates and Snapchat guides in the future.

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