Getting YouTube to Play on Google Home

Getting YouTube to Play on Google Home

Are you ready to unlock the power of your Google Home by playing YouTube videos? Let’s dive into the simple steps that will make this magic happen.

First things first, I’ve got to mention that you’ll need a smartphone or tablet handy. That’s your secret key to the kingdom. Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Open up the Google Home App.

This is the secret gateway that will lead you to YouTube-playing bliss. If you don’t have the app already, don’t fret! You can find it on either the App Store or Google Play Store. Go ahead and hit that download button.

Step 2: Link Your YouTube Account.

Once the app is up and running, tap on the Account icon that you’ll find in the lower right corner. From there, select “Settings” and then choose “Videos and Photos.” Ready? Now link your YouTube account by tapping on the “Link your Account” option.

Step 3: Set a Default Device.

This step is crucial. It ensures that your YouTube videos will play on your Google Home instead of any other device. So click on the upper-right corner of the screen, find the device you want to use, and select it.

Step 4: Start Watching Your Favorite Videos!

Now comes the fun part. Grab that phone or tablet and open up the YouTube app. Find the video you want to watch and tap the casting icon. It’s that small square with curved lines on the upper corner of the video. Choose your Google Home device from the list, and voilà! Your video will now play on your Google Home.

There you have it! You’ve cracked the code to playing YouTube videos on your Google Home. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite content with the magic of voice command. Happy watching!

How to Play YouTube on Google Home

Let me tell you, smart speakers have become one of the hottest products in recent years. It all started with Amazon’s Echo, and now every major tech company is jumping on the bandwagon. From Google’s Home devices to Apple’s fancy HomePod, smart speakers are everywhere in our homes. And it’s not just the big players – Facebook, Sonos, Lenovo, and even Samsung are in on the action, either with their own assistants or by using Alexa and Google Assistant.

When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are the main contenders. And honestly, I prefer the Google Home devices for everyday use. What’s great about Google Home is how it seamlessly integrates with the Google services you already use, like Google Maps, Podcasts, and Photos. But we can’t forget about YouTube – one of Google’s most popular services. That’s why I want to show you how YouTube and Google Home work together. Today, I’ll be focusing on the standard Google Home or Google Home Mini. If you have a Google Nest Hub, you can watch YouTube right on the device. Let’s dive in!

Listening to the Audio of a YouTube Video

Your smart speaker might not have a screen, but your phone definitely does, and you probably use it to watch YouTube all the time. But let’s face it, even the best phone speakers can’t compare to the volume and clarity of your Google Home or Home Mini. So, wouldn’t it be great to listen to YouTube through your smart speaker while still watching the video on your phone? You’d think that would be a built-in feature, especially since Google Home supports casting and YouTube has a Cast icon, right?

Well, if you’ve ever tried clicking on the Cast icon in YouTube, expecting it to let you listen to YouTube audio on your smart speaker while watching the video on your phone, you’ve probably been disappointed. Sure, you can cast YouTube from your phone to a Chromecast or smart TV, but you can’t use Cast to stream just the audio to a speaker. But here’s the good news: your Google Home isn’t just a smart speaker – it’s also a Bluetooth device. So, all you need to do is pair your phone with your speaker, and you’re good to go.

Here’s what you do: open the Google Home app on your phone and select the speaker you want to use. Tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner, then scroll down to find “Paired Bluetooth devices.” This menu lets you view and pair your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-ready device with your speaker. Click on this option, then select “Enable Pairing Mode” at the bottom of the screen. This puts your speaker in pairing mode.

Now, go to the settings menu on your phone and look for Bluetooth. Look for devices waiting to be paired, and you’ll see your Home speaker in the list. Once you’re paired, your Google Home acts like any other Bluetooth speaker. Now, go back to YouTube, choose the video you want to watch, and the audio will play from your Google Home speaker. You can control the volume from either your speaker or your phone, and all the playback controls will still be on your device.

Using YouTube Music

We’ve covered how to use your Google Home to stream audio from YouTube. But what if you want to use YouTube Music? Well, it’s even easier. Whether you’re using the free version with ads or the paid version, the YouTube Music app lets you stream directly from your speaker without needing Bluetooth. You can even set up YouTube Music as the default music service on your speaker.

Here’s what you do: open your Home app and select the Profile icon at the bottom. Look for the Settings option, then go to the “Services” tab. From there, choose Music, and select YouTube Music as your default music service. Since you’re already logged into your Google account in the Home app, you won’t need to sign in again.

Play YouTube Music on Google Home

With YouTube Music set as your default playback service on your Google Home, you can now use voice commands to ask for specific songs, artists, radio stations, and more. Just say, “Hey Google, play [artist: song name] on YouTube Music,” and your Home speaker will respond accordingly. If it didn’t hear you properly, it’ll ask you to repeat your command. And just like that, you’ll be enjoying your favorite tunes in no time.

Getting YouTube to Play on Google Home

Hey there! Want to find that catchy tune stuck in your head but can’t remember all the lyrics? No worries! With your Google Assistant, you can easily discover songs by using simple commands. Just say, “Hey Google, play the song that goes [partial or full lyrics]” or “Hey Google, play that song by [artist] in [movie/TV show].” It’s a great way to find a song even when you don’t know the exact title, but can recall certain parts or remember where you heard it.

If you prefer not to make YouTube Music your default playback service or simply want to stream music from the YouTube Music app on your device, no problem! Make sure you have YouTube Music installed, open the app, and then tap the Cast icon at the top of the screen to cast your music selection to your Google Home. Alternatively, you can also use the Bluetooth function mentioned earlier, but using Google Cast is much easier, faster, and ensures a more stable connection.

Getting YouTube to Play on Google Home

Controlling Your YouTube TV with Voice Commands

If you’ve decided to ditch cable and signed up for YouTube TV to enjoy live TV at home, your Google Home can now become your trusty remote control. To get started, all you need is a Google Chromecast connected to your TV for streaming. And don’t forget to sync your Chromecast with the same Google account you use for Google Home and YouTube TV. Once you’ve taken care of that, you’re ready to start barking orders at your TV using your Google Home.


Hello there! To get started, simply say “Hey Google” and then try out any of these commands:

    • “Play [channel name] on YouTube TV.”
    • “Play [TV show name] on YouTube TV.”
    • “Play the latest episode of [TV show name] on YouTube TV.”
    • “Play [movie name] on YouTube TV.”
    • “Play the [sports game] on YouTube TV.”
    • “Play the [team name] game on YouTube TV.”
    • “Record [TV show/game/movie].”

Remember, once you’re watching something on YouTube TV, you can use your Google Home to control playback. Just ask Google to pause, resume, or stop to prevent a lost remote from getting in the way of your favorite film. And that’s not all! You can also skip forward, rewind, and enable closed captioning, all with just your voice.

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Making the Most of Your Google Home

There are so many great things about Google Home, but as a speaker above all else, being able to stream YouTube is crucial. The good news is that you can link your YouTube TV and YouTube Music accounts to your Google Home speaker. And that’s not all. You can also pair your Google Home speaker with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy the latest vlogs or cooking videos without using the built-in speakers.

What’s your favorite feature on Google Home? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our guide on how to wake up to music every morning with your Google Home.

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