Tackling the Task: Swapping Out the Battery on Your Google Pixel 3

Tackling the Task: Swapping Out the Battery on Your Google Pixel 3

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiast! Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of changing the battery on your trusty Google Pixel 3. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little unsure or perplexed – I’ve got your back!

To kick things off, let’s gather the materials we’ll need for this battery replacement adventure. You’ll want to have a replacement battery on hand, as well as a set of precision screwdrivers, a plastic opening tool, some adhesive strips, and a spudger. Now that we’re all set, let’s dive in!

First things first – make sure your Pixel 3 is turned off. Safety first, right? Once that’s taken care of, we need to remove the Pixel’s screen. Insert the plastic opening tool into the small gap between the screen and the frame, then gently apply pressure to lift the screen up. Take your time with this step to avoid any shenanigans. Once the screen is partially lifted, slide the plastic opening tool along the edges, gradually loosening the adhesive.

Now, we’ve reached the stage where we’re going to detach the battery. Locate the two long screws holding the battery connector in place and remove them using your trusty screwdriver. Next, gently lift the battery connector using the spudger, but be careful not to apply too much force or frenzy. Good job, we’re making progress!

Here comes the part where we get up close and personal with the adhesive strips. Your goal is to gently lift the three adhesive strips securing the battery. We don’t want any tangles or tussles here, so take your time and exercise graceful persistence. Slowly pull each strip, ensuring a steady and controlled motion. The adhesive should come off smoothly, allowing you to safely remove the battery.

With the old battery out of the picture, it’s finally time to introduce its swanky replacement. Carefully position the new battery in its designated spot. Press it down lightly to ensure a snug fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose – just like a perfect high-five!

Take a deep breath, my friend, because we’re nearing the finish line. We now need to reattach the battery connector. Lower it back into place and firmly press down to secure it. Seek the two long screws you removed earlier and screw them back in – just tight enough to make sure they remain in place without causing any commotion.

Now that everything is securely fastened, it’s time to reattach the screen. Line it up properly and give it a gentle press to make sure it sticks back into position. Marvel at your progress, my friend – you’ve conquered the battery swap!

In true tech guru fashion, power on your Pixel 3 and revel in its renewed energy. You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back, sip that celebratory beverage, and bask in the glory of a successfully changed battery.

Remember, my friend, that this guide is simply a helpful resource. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or unsure, it’s always wise to seek assistance from a professional. Stay curious and continue exploring the fascinating world of technology – you’re doing amazing things!

How to Change the Battery on the Google Pixel 3

Hey there! So, the Google Pixel 3 has been out for a few years now, and let me tell you, it’s still one of the best mid-range smartphones you can get your hands on.

Now, what really sets the Pixel 3 apart is its incredible camera quality. Seriously, the pictures you can capture with this phone are just stunning. But that’s not all it has going for it. The battery life on the Pixel 3 XL is pretty impressive, especially compared to the smaller model.

That being said, sometimes batteries can start acting up, whether it’s because they’re getting old or they’ve just seen better days. If you find yourself dealing with battery issues, don’t worry. I’m here to help you figure out how to replace it.

Replacing the Battery on Your Pixel 3

We all know that after a while, phone batteries start to fade. It’s just a fact of life. Even though the Pixel 3 is still a relatively new phone, the battery can start showing signs of wear and tear.

Of course, how quickly that happens depends on how much you use your phone every day. But if you notice your battery acting up, that’s a pretty clear sign that it’s time for a replacement.

If your Pixel 3 is still under warranty when those battery issues pop up, you’re in luck! You can take it to one of the Google Stores or an authorized repair partner, and they’ll sort you out.

Head over to the official support page and choose your region to find the nearest store or repair partner. If there’s nothing close by, you can always reach out directly to Google and explain what’s going on.

But here’s the thing, even if your warranty has expired, it’s not the end of the world. Google actually encourages Pixel 3 users to check out unauthorized repair shops or even try to replace the battery themselves.

In the US, there’s a company called uBreakiFix that does a lot of repairs and battery replacements for out-of-warranty devices. The average cost for a battery replacement is around $70-$80, which isn’t too bad considering the alternative of buying a whole new phone.

Change Pixel 3 Battery

How to Change the Pixel 3 Battery Manually

If you enjoy working with electronics, you might be interested in replacing your Pixel 3 battery yourself.

This process isn’t quick; it could take anywhere from one to two hours. However, it’s more cost-effective, as a new battery typically costs around $15 to $25.

For convenience, it’s recommended that you choose a battery that includes a toolkit for DIY repairs. Before you begin, ensure that your battery has less than 25% power. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the sim card from your Pixel 3.
  2. Use a hair dryer or another heat source to warm the phone’s screen and the adhesive.
  3. Utilize a wedge (typically included in the toolkit) to detach the glass display.
  4. Take a thin plastic card to cut the adhesive, while ensuring the display remains firmly in place.
  5. Gently lift the screen and cut any remaining adhesive in the process.
  6. Unscrew the two screws that secure the display connector, then remove the connector cover.
  7. Disconnect the display cable and completely remove the screen.
  8. Proceed to remove all remaining screws.
  9. Carefully peel back any pieces of metallic tape and disconnect all cables.
  10. Remove the mid-frame, while being cautious of the proximity sensor at the top.
  11. Finally, take out the original battery and install the new one.
  12. Handle the proximity sensor and mid-frame with care, snapping them back into place.
  13. Reconnect all display and ribbon cables, metallic tape, and screws.
  14. Attach the screen back on, ensuring it is positioned correctly.

Pixel 3 battery

Hey there! Just a heads up: If you decide to crack open your phone, be aware that it’ll void any warranty or insurance you have.

How to Make Your Pixel 3 Battery Last Longer

Getting a new battery for your smartphone is a pain. It doesn’t matter if you go to an authorized repair shop, an unauthorized one, or try to do it yourself. That’s why it’s better to try and extend your battery life first.

Battery issues are usually not caused by faulty hardware, but by the way we handle our phones. So here are some tips to ensure your Pixel 3 battery keeps going strong.

Avoid Going from Zero to a Hundred

Believe it or not, completely draining your phone to 0% and then charging it back up to 100% puts a lot of stress on the battery. The sweet spot for your lithium-ion battery is actually between 20% and 90%.

Don’t worry about charging your battery frequently. Topping it up whenever you have the chance won’t harm it at all.

Dim That Brightness

The bigger the phone screen, the faster it drains your battery. So if you keep your screen on max brightness, don’t be surprised if your battery percentage quickly plummets. To optimize your battery use, it’s best to enable the auto-brightness feature.

Tighten Permissions for Apps

Big screens and max brightness aren’t the only culprits behind battery drain. Some apps, like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, actually eat up more of your battery than anything else on your phone.

To improve things a bit, you can go into these apps’ settings and restrict some permissions, like location, video auto-play, and sometimes notifications.

Battery Care for Downtime

If you plan on stowing away your smartphone for a while, you should still think about preserving the battery. The lithium-ion battery seems to fare best when charged to about 50-60% for storage.

Even when your phone is off, it still uses a bit of battery power. But this method is the best way to keep your battery healthy.

Show Some Love to Your Pixel 3 Battery

The Google Pixel 3 is an amazing smartphone, and millions of happy users worldwide can attest to that. However, it’s not perfect. If you suspect a faulty battery, just take it to an authorized Google partner for repair or replacement.

Even if your phone is no longer under warranty, you can still bring it in for service. Just be aware that you’ll have to pay for the replacement. And if you’ve just gotten a Pixel 3, treat that battery right so you can make the most out of it.

Got any thoughts on your Pixel 3 battery? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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