Here are Five Awesome Apps that You Absolutely Need if You Have a Merge Cube!

Here are Five Awesome Apps that You Absolutely Need if You Have a Merge Cube!

Hey there! If you’re lucky enough to own a Merge Cube, then you’re in for a treat. I’m here to tell you all about five fantastic apps that you simply cannot miss out on. Get ready to have a blast with your Merge Cube!

Merge Explorer

First up is Merge Explorer, and let me tell you, this app is incredible. With Merge Explorer, you can embark on thrilling adventures as you explore different virtual worlds. The best part? You can use your Merge Cube as a tool to interact with the environments around you. It’s like magic right at your fingertips!

Galactic Explorer

Next on the list is Galactic Explorer, and boy, oh boy, is this app out of this world! Travel to distant galaxies, encounter amazing alien creatures, and learn all about the mysteries of the universe. With the Merge Cube, you’ll feel like a true space explorer. It’ll leave you in awe!

Object Viewer

Now, let’s talk about Object Viewer. This app lets you bring objects to life like never before. You can simply scan any real object with your phone’s camera and watch as it transforms into a three-dimensional digital model right before your eyes. It’s like having a virtual museum in your pocket. How cool is that?

Monster Cube

Get ready for some monstrous fun with Monster Cube! In this game, you’ll encounter all sorts of wacky and wild creatures. Your task is to capture them using your Merge Cube. It’s a thrilling adventure that’ll keep you on your toes. Can you catch them all?

Paint Cube

Last but not least, we have Paint Cube. If you love art, then this app is perfect for you. With Paint Cube, you can unleash your creativity and paint magnificent 3D masterpieces. Your Merge Cube becomes your very own canvas, and the possibilities are endless. Show off your artistic skills and create something truly unique!

So there you have it, my friend. Five amazing apps that will take your Merge Cube experience to a whole new level. Download them today and get ready to be amazed. Enjoy your time with the Merge Cube, and let the fun begin!

Five Great Apps Every Merge Cube User Should Have!

Hey there! Wanna explore augmented reality? You’re in luck! Check out these awesome apps!

With the new Merge Cube from Merge VR, you can experience augmented reality like never before, and it’s only $10.99. It’s a real treat! Even though this platform is fairly new, there are a few apps that I think you should definitely try out. Take a look at these third-party and branded apps that are totally worth your time.


Remember the game Teeter that used to come pre-installed on HTC phones? It was one of the first games to show off how cool gyroscopes could be in gaming. The goal was to tilt the device to navigate a ball through a maze and into the goal.

Now, imagine that same game but in three dimensions. That’s Tiltball for you! Using the Merge Cube, you can see a 3D cube filled with mazes where you tilt the cube itself to roll the ball through the maze and reach the goals. The mazes have traps, bridges, and other exciting puzzle elements. All you have to do is move and tilt the cube in your hands. It’s augmented reality at its finest, and both adults and kids can enjoy it!

Tiltball is a great starting point to show off the potential of the Merge Cube. It offers a familiar game in a whole new way. Most of the time, the game runs smoothly, but it might struggle a bit if you move the cube too quickly. Just be aware that if you cover too much of the cube, the game will pause and the cube will go back to normal.

You can download Tiltball for free from Google Play. So, if you’re thinking of getting the Merge Cube, make sure to give this simple yet fun game a try.


If you’ve played the game Bop It!, you’ll already be familiar with the concept of Defused!. If not, don’t worry, it’s super simple. Your job is to disarm the bomb before it explodes. You have to use different mechanisms in the game and complete various tasks to achieve that.

For example, in the first round, you’ll need to activate 7 switches. The game starts a timer, and you have to find the faces of the cube with the number 7 on them. Tap on the screen or press the VR button to activate them. The challenges get tougher as you progress, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Defused! is one of those games that can frustrate you and keep you entertained at the same time. It has great replay value because the challenges keep changing, making the game even more interesting. If you already have a Merge Cube and you’re not sure what to do with it, give Defused! a try. Who knows, maybe they’ll add even more features in the future. Maybe they’ll introduce a multiplayer mode where players can pass the bomb between them to help defuse it? You can find Defused! on Google Play.

Elemental Order

If you’re looking for a highly recommended game for the Merge Cube, look no further than Elemental Order. It’s a memory game that uses a cool Tron-like Holocron cube. It flashes different color sequences on each side, and your task is to remember the sequence and enter it correctly by turning the cube to the right side and pressing the screen or the headset button. Don’t worry, it’s much easier in action than it sounds. As you progress, the difficulty increases, and it really puts your memory to the test.

The only downside to Elemental Order is that it requires a stand to play with both hands. This isn’t a big problem since the Merge Cube comes with a stand when you buy it. But it can be inconvenient if you’re trying to play in places like a moving vehicle. You can find and download Elemental Order from Google Play.


There’s one more game you absolutely have to try with your Merge Cube, and that’s CyberCube. It’s a fast-paced, timed puzzle game. Your system has been hacked, and the only way to save it is by battling the malicious code using your cyber cube. The objective is to match symbols on the sides of the cube. The speed and difficulty keep increasing, so if you’re quick with your hands and love a challenge, CyberCube is perfect for you.

I recommend playing this game using a headset or Merge Goggles. Spinning the cube with one hand and holding a phone in the other can get messy and slow you down. It might affect your scores too. CyberCube is a fun and exciting game that will keep your heart racing. You can find and download CyberCube on Google Play.

AR Kitten

Here’s a little different app for you. AR Kitten isn’t a game; it’s a pet simulator. It’s like having your own virtual pet cat on your Merge Cube. You need to feed, pet, and play with the kitten to keep it happy and alive. You can interact with the cube in various ways, like shaking it or stroking the kitten using your hands. AR Kitten is cute, fun, and the perfect way to enjoy your Merge Cube in a laid-back manner.

AR Kitten also includes a mini-game where you can collect gems to buy clothes and accessories for your kitty. The app makes great use of the cube’s physical space, setting an example for other apps. If you’re excited to meet your new virtual pet with AR Kitten, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Worthy Mention

Lastly, I want to mention another cool app called Holocube. It didn’t make it into the top five apps for the Merge Cube, but it’s definitely worth a look. This app focuses on our beautiful blue planet and shows Earth in different states. You can add longitude or latitude lines, change the weather, and adjust the flow of water. As you spin the cube, it emulates the spinning of the Earth. It’s a marvelous app, still in early access, but worth checking out.

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