Learn How to Add an Echo Effect in Adobe Premiere

Learn How to Add an Echo Effect in Adobe Premiere

Hey there! Today, I’m going to show you how to add an awesome echo effect to your videos using Adobe Premiere. Adding an echo can really enhance the atmosphere and give your footage a unique touch. So let’s jump right in and get started!

First things first, make sure you have Adobe Premiere installed and open your project. I’ll guide you step by step through the process, so don’t worry if you’re new to this – I’ve got your back!

Now, let’s find the clip you want to add the echo effect to. Simply drag and drop it into your timeline. Great job! You’re on the right track.

Next, let’s head over to the Effects panel. You can find it in the Project window. Once you’re there, search for the “Echo” effect. It might seem a bit overwhelming with all the options, but trust me, it’s easier than it looks.

Click on the “Echo” effect and drag it onto the clip in your timeline. Excellent work! You’re halfway there.

Once the effect is applied, you can start tweaking the settings to achieve the desired echo effect. Take some time to play around with the parameters until you’re satisfied. You can adjust the delay, decay, and other settings to get the sound just right.

Remember, experimentation is key! Don’t be afraid to try different combinations to find the perfect echo for your video. Trust your instincts and let your creativity flow.

Once you’re done with the settings, give your video a quick preview. If you’re happy with the result, congratulations! You just added an awesome echo effect to your video using Adobe Premiere.

Now, I know this might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with practice, you’ll become a pro. So keep experimenting, keep learning, and keep creating amazing videos.

I hope this guide helped you learn how to add an echo effect in Adobe Premiere. Now, it’s time for you to take what you’ve learned and unleash your creativity. Go ahead and create some amazing videos that will leave your audience in awe. Good luck, and have fun!

How to Add an Echo in Adobe Premiere

Have you ever wondered how to add echo and reverb in Adobe Premiere Pro CC? It’s a great way to make your audio sound more authentic. For example, if you’re recording in your bedroom but want it to sound like you’re on location, adding echo and reverb can help.

Let’s say you have a pre-recorded piece in a warehouse and you want to add gunshot sounds. You can make it sound like the gunshots are really happening in the scene by adding the right amount of reverb and echo, instead of it sounding like they were created on a Foley stage.

Add Echo

Here’s how you can add echo in Premiere:

  1. Start with your original footage and drag in your audio.
  2. Make your cuts and edits before adding the sound effect. This way, you’ll have less to work with and won’t have to render and watch as much.
  3. To make things easier, you can hit the “Loop” button. This allows you to hear the sound over and over again while you make adjustments.
  4. For longer pieces of content, you’ll need to set a start and endpoint for your clip.
  5. Go to the beginning of the video and press “i” on your keyboard to set the starting point. Then, go to the end of the video and press the “o” button on your keyboard to set the endpoint.
  6. Click on the green audio track and look for the audio settings on the left. Click the audio functions bar and find the effects options. You may need to open a drop-down menu to access the effects.
  7. In the “Audio Effects” folder, select “Surround Reverb” and drag it onto your audio footage. You can play the sound back to see how it sounds, but it might be quiet.


If you’ve listened to the audio, you’ll notice that it’s not very loud. This is because you need to make a few tweaks to bring it to the right level.

  1. Right-click on the audio track and select the “Audio Gain” function. Set it to 12db, which is the maximum. This will raise the volume slightly. Anything higher may cause distortion.
  2. Make sure you change the number next to “Set Gain to” and not “Set Gain by.”
  3. Select your audio track and go to the After Effects panel. Look for “Custom Setup” and click on “Edit” next to it.
  4. In the post-processing panel, you’ll find a slider called “Gain.” Increase this number and test your footage to see if it’s loud enough.

Once you’ve done all that, you can start playing with the settings. There are presets under the “Impulses” function that allow you to set the type of reverb and echo.

The default setting is usually “Cathedral,” but there are many others to choose from. Try different settings and adjust the sliders until you find the perfect sound for your video scene.

That’s All, Folks!

That’s how you can add echo in Premiere. It’s not too difficult to do, but mastering the effect can be tricky. My advice is to keep experimenting until you find the settings that work best for your video.

Do you use Premiere regularly or are you an occasional sound and video engineer? If you have any other tips and tricks, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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