How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger

Hey there! So, you want to know how to get back those messages you accidentally deleted on Facebook Messenger? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Let me show you how to recover those precious messages in a few simple steps.

First things first: you’ll need access to a computer or laptop for this process. Unfortunately, it can’t be done on your phone. But once you’re all set up, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser on your computer. It could be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser you like. Just make sure it’s one you’re comfortable using.

Step 2: Head over to the official Facebook website. Type in “” in the address bar and hit Enter. If you’re not already logged in, enter your login credentials and sign in to your account.

Step 3: Once you’re logged in, go to the top right corner of the Facebook page. You’ll see a small arrow pointing down. Click on it, and a drop-down menu will appear.

Step 4: In the drop-down menu, you’ll find an option called “Settings & Privacy.” Click on it, and another menu will pop up.

Step 5: From the pop-up menu, click on “Settings.” This will take you to the Facebook Settings page, where you can customize various aspects of your account.

Step 6: On the left side of the Settings page, you’ll see a list of options. Look for “Your Facebook Information” and click on it. This will expand the menu, showing you more options.

Step 7: Among the expanded options, you’ll find one called “Download Your Information.” Click on it, and it will take you to the data download page.

Step 8: Here, you’ll see a section named “Download Your Information.” Click on the “View” button next to it. This will open up the settings for downloading your Facebook data.

Step 9: By default, all categories will be selected for download. Scroll down until you find the “Messages” option. Uncheck all the other options except for “Messages.” This will ensure that only your messages are downloaded and nothing else.

Step 10: Once you’ve selected “Messages,” scroll down a bit more until you see a blue “Create File” button. Click on it to begin the download process.

Step 11: When you click the button, Facebook will start preparing your file for download. It may take some time, depending on the size of your message history. Once it’s ready, you’ll receive a notification and an email to the email address associated with your Facebook account.

Step 12: Open the email and click on the provided link. This will take you back to Facebook, where you’ll be able to download your file.

Step 13: On the download page, click on the “Download” button to save the file to your computer.

Now that you have your downloaded file, let’s move on to the final step:

Step 14: Find the downloaded file on your computer and open it with a text editor – something like Notepad or TextEdit.

Step 15: Inside the file, you’ll find all your Facebook Messenger messages. It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry! Just use the search function (Ctrl + F on Windows or Command + F on Mac) and type in the name of the person or conversation you’re looking for. The search function will take you directly to that message thread.

Voila! You’ve successfully recovered your deleted messages from Facebook Messenger. Wasn’t that easier than you thought? Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your precious chats are back where they belong.

Remember, accidents happen, but with a little know-how, you can undo those mistakes and bring back what’s important to you. Happy chatting!

Hey there! Have you ever accidentally deleted a conversation on Facebook that you actually wanted to keep? It’s such a frustrating feeling, right? But don’t worry, because there are actually ways to view those deleted messages and even recover them. Yes, it’s true! Let me show you how.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages From the Web

When you delete Facebook messages, they’re gone forever. However, if you made a backup before deleting them, you can actually recover them. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, open Facebook on your computer and click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.
  2. Next, click on “Setting & Privacy” from the menu that pops up, and then select “Settings”.
  3. Under Settings, click on “Your Facebook Information” on the left side of the screen.
  4. Look for the option that says “Download Your Information” under “Your Facebook Information” and click on “View”.
  5. You’ll see all your profile information backups available for download under the “Available Files” section. Choose the backup file you want and click the “Download” button.

How to Recover Deleted Messages From Messenger on Your Phone

If you’re having trouble finding a chat in the Messenger app, it might be because you accidentally archived it instead of deleting it. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Here’s how you can find those archived chats:

  1. Open the Messenger app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.
  3. Select “Archives” from the menu that appears.
  4. Look for the missing chat in the “Archives” section. When you find it, tap and hold on the chat.
  5. A popup menu will appear, and from there, you can tap “Unarchive” to bring the chat back to your regular inbox.

Unfortunately, you can’t recover deleted messages from the Messenger app on your phone like you can on the Facebook website.

How to Recover Deleted Messages From the Facebook App

Recovering deleted messages from the Facebook app is very similar to the process on the Facebook website. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap on the gear icon also located at the top right of the screen.
  4. Scroll down to the “Your Information” section and tap on “Download Your Information”.
  5. If you have a backup, it will appear in the “Available Copies” section.
  6. Tap on the “Download” button to get your backed-up messages back.

How to Create a Backup of Your Facebook Messages

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a backup, you won’t be able to retrieve your deleted messages. But to avoid losing any more messages in the future, it’s a good idea to create a backup every now and then. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 from the previous section to get to the “Download Your Information” screen on the Facebook app.
  2. Tap on “Messages” under the “Request Copy” section.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and enter the date range, format, and quality settings for your backup.
  4. Once you’re done, tap the “Create File” button to create a backup of your Facebook messages.
  5. When the backup is ready, you’ll see it in the “Available Copies” section for you to download.

Recover Deleted Messages With Ease

Those were the recommended methods for recovering any missing or deleted chat. However, what if you don’t have a backup of your deleted messages? In that case, the only way to recover them is by contacting the person you were chatting with. Yes, it’s a bit of a long shot, but it’s worth a try!

Simply reach out to that person and ask if they still have a copy of the conversation. It may sound a little awkward, but it’s better than losing the conversation forever, right?


Q. Are deleted messages on Messenger gone forever?

A. Yes, once you delete a message on Facebook Messenger, it’s gone forever. But if you made a backup before deleting them, you can retrieve them!

Q. What happens when you delete a conversation on Messenger?

A. When you delete a conversation on Messenger, it gets permanently deleted. However, if you choose the “Remove for You” option instead of “Unsend” while deleting the messages, the other person will still have a copy of the conversation.

Q. How do I search old messages in Messenger by date?

A. If you want to search for old messages in the Messenger app by date, the easiest way is to use the search bar. Just type a word or a group of words that you remember from the message, and you’ll see your message in the search results below the search bar.

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