Do Hashtags Work on Facebook?

Do Hashtags Work on Facebook?

Ah, the mighty hashtag. Twitter’s got it, Instagram’s got it, and even Google+ has jumped on board. But what about Facebook?

“Has Facebook caught on to this trend? And if so, what does that mean for the future of the social media giant?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” And according to Facebook, their future is looking even brighter when it comes to tools for discovering conversations.

Facebook Joins the Hashtag Craze

It took Facebook until 2013 to finally hop on the hashtag bandwagon, even though hashtags had been popular for six years prior. So what finally convinced this billion-dollar platform to embrace the concept?

Well, Facebook wanted to make it easier for users and advertisers to find trending conversations, events, and topics. And what better way to start than by allowing hashtags? This new feature meant that users’ posts could gain traction in real time, and advertisers could reach their target audience much faster. Instead of just tacking a hashtag on to the end of a post, users could now compose posts directly from a hashtag search or hashtag feed.

Hashtags were already being used on Facebook, but they weren’t clickable or searchable. Instagram, which Facebook acquired in 2011, was already filled to the brim with hashtags like #nofilter and #followme. So, what took Facebook so long to catch up?

Maybe the Facebook API needed more work to incorporate the hashtag feature. Perhaps they were waiting for a better reason, like the success of Twitter marketing campaigns, before embracing the future.

But whatever the reason, Facebook has now adopted the hashtag for the long term. They have even promised to create additional features to bring more conversations to the forefront.

Tips for Using Hashtags on Facebook

Using hashtags in your posts not only draws attention to a certain topic but can also help build your business, drive traffic to a specific site, and gain a large following if done correctly.

  1. Don’t go overboard with hashtags. Using only 1 or 2 is enough to get your point across without overwhelming people.
  2. If you want to start a conversation about a specific topic, make sure the hashtag is specific too. For example, instead of using #SavetheTigersBearsCheetahsHippos, use something like #PreserveWildlife or #SavetheAnimals.
  3. Capitalize the first letter of each important word in your hashtag to make it stand out. For example, #SchwartzSnoCones is more noticeable than #schwartzsnocones. Make sure your hashtag is unique but still relevant.
  4. Use hashtags even when posting from a mobile device. It’s actually more popular to do so, especially because we’re always on the go. See a celebrity at your favorite restaurant? Hashtag it. Just bought a new home? Hashtag it. Enjoyed an amazing burger for lunch? You know what to do.
  5. If you find a conversation already using a hashtag that aligns with your own, join in. Add their hashtag to your post and contribute to the discussion. However, be careful not to add too many hashtags and steer the conversation off-course.
  6. Stay aware to prevent hashtag hijacking. Once a hashtag is established, anyone can use it. If the wrong people get a hold of it, the conversation could turn negative. Be cautious and guide the traffic of your hashtag towards its intended purpose.

Is Hashtag Privacy a Concern on Facebook?

Privacy is definitely still important on Facebook, even when it comes to hashtags. If you set your posts to “friends only,” only your friends will see your hashtag conversations. If you want a larger audience, you’ll need to open your page to more viewers, but that’s up to you and your comfort level.

Let me tell you something important. When you post a public conversation on Facebook with a hashtag, that hashtag is visible and clickable for everyone, even people who are just checking out your friend’s feed. But here’s the thing, you can still use hashtags and keep your privacy settings intact, so only your friends can see what you post. Just remember that people who aren’t your friends can’t search for your hashtags.

Now, if you or your friends post something as private or for friends only, it stays that way. Your friends’ friends can see what they’ve posted, but not what you’ve posted. It’s all about being selective with your privacy settings.

So, should you use hashtags on Facebook?

If you want to have meaningful conversations on a global scale or want to bring attention to a trending topic, then absolutely, yes! Why not speak your mind, find your voice, and have others join in the discussion?

Now, from a business perspective, hashtags have become popular on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. However, Facebook has a lower character limit compared to those platforms, especially with Twitter’s recent increase in tweet length. This means that marketers need to be more strategic about what they include in their posts and which hashtags they choose to use with the limited space available.

Some brands have chosen not to use hashtags on Facebook at all, while others use them as needed. Since there’s no direct correlation between increased engagement and the use of hashtags on Facebook, businesses need to decide if it’s worth the effort.

In the end, it’s all about paying attention to what people are saying on social media and staying up to date with the latest trends. This is how businesses can gain exposure and grow on platforms like Facebook.

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