Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8

Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8

So, you want to know how to create a folder on your iPhone 8’s home screen?

Well, I’ve got you covered! It’s a simple process that I’ll walk you through step by step.

First things first, find an app that you want to include in the folder. Once you have one in mind, press and hold on it until all the icons on your home screen start to wiggle. This means you’re in “editing mode”.

Next, drag the app you selected on top of another app that you wish to include in the same folder. When you do this, your iPhone will automatically create a new folder with these two apps inside.

If you want to add more apps to the folder, simply drag them into the folder and they’ll be included. You can add as many apps as you like, but keep in mind that too many can make it hard to find what you’re looking for!

To name your folder, tap on the text field that appears at the top. A keyboard will pop up, allowing you to type in the name you want. Once you’re happy with the name, press the “Done” button on the keyboard.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully created a folder on your iPhone 8’s home screen. It’s a great way to keep your apps organized and easily accessible. Now you can find what you need in no time!

How Do I Create Folder In iPhone 8 Home Screen

Hey there, if you’re rocking an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you might be wondering how to organize your home screen by creating folders. Well, I’ve got you covered! Creating folders on your smartphone is a great way to declutter your home screen and keep things nice and organized. Let me show you a couple of different methods to create folders for your apps on the iPhone 8.

The first and quickest way to create a new folder on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is by dragging an app over another app that you want to group together. After you place the two apps on top of each other, a folder name will appear. You can let go of the app and rename the folder as you wish. Now, here’s an alternative method for those who want to create multiple folders.

How To Create A New folder On The Home Screen:

  1. First, turn on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.
  2. Press and hold on any app on the Home screen, or apply force when pressing to activate 3D Touch (for iPhone 8, X, and older models).
  3. If you’re on iOS 13 or later, a menu will pop up with options like Delete App or Share App. Tap on Edit Home Screen to start moving your apps around. Note that on iOS 12 and earlier, pressing and holding on an app will immediately make it movable. Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8
  4. Now, drag the app you want to place in a folder and drop it onto another app that you want in the same folder. For example, if you want to create a folder with your Photos app and your Camera app, drag the Photos app on top of the Camera app and hold it there for a few seconds. Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8
  5. Your iPhone will quickly create a folder with the two apps. The folder will be automatically named based on the apps you put in it, but you can change the name by tapping on it.Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8
  6. Once you’ve named the folder, you can move more apps into it by tapping outside of it (while your apps are still wiggling) and dragging other apps into the folder. Remember to keep at least two apps in a folder; if you leave just one app, the folder will disappear, and the remaining app will go back to the home screen. Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8
  7. To move your newly created folder, simply tap out of it and drag it around, just like you would with any other app. You can place it anywhere on your home screen, but remember that you can’t put a folder inside another folder.
  8. When you’re done creating folders, just press the Home button to exit editing mode. On iPhones without a Home button (like the iPhone X and later models), you can press Done in the top right corner of the screen or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.Creating a Folder on the Home Screen of my iPhone 8

How To Reset The Home Screen On iPhone 8

If you’ve messed around with your Home screen a lot and want to go back to the way it was when you first got your iPhone, no worries! Just follow these five steps to reset it back to normal. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any data, except for the folders you’ve created (the apps inside the folders will remain intact).

  1. First, open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on General, then Reset.
  3. Tap on Reset Home Screen Layout.
  4. Confirm that you want to do this when the prompt appears at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Voila! Your Home screen will now be reformatted to its original layout when you first bought your iPhone.

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