Can I Use an IR Blaster with the Galaxy S9?

Can I Use an IR Blaster with the Galaxy S9?

Hey there! Are you curious about whether the Galaxy S9 has an IR blaster? Well, I’m here to give you the lowdown.

The Galaxy S9, a popular smartphone, does not come equipped with an IR blaster. You may be wondering what an IR blaster is. Allow me to explain.

An IR blaster is a handy little feature that some smartphones have. It allows you to use your phone as a remote control for various electronic devices like TVs, air conditioners, and other appliances. With an IR blaster, you can command these devices just by using your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S9, while packed with many impressive features, does not include an IR blaster. So, if you were hoping to control your TV or air conditioner with your phone, you’ll have to look for an alternative.

I understand if you’re feeling a bit disappointed. It’s always exciting to have extra functionality in a smartphone. But don’t worry, there are still other ways you can control your devices remotely.

One option is to use a dedicated remote control app that works via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These apps allow you to control your devices from your smartphone, just like an IR blaster would. You might need to install the corresponding app for each device you want to control, but it can be a great alternative.

Another option is to invest in smart home devices that can be controlled through a central hub or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. These devices often provide more advanced features and can be integrated with other smart home technologies.

So, while the Galaxy S9 may not have an IR blaster, there are still ways to achieve similar functionality. Explore these alternative options, and you’ll be able to control your electronic devices in no time.

Does the Galaxy S9 Have an IR Blaster?

So, infrared blasters used to be a big thing in mobile phones. They allowed you to control devices using your phone. But, as of 2018, this function has mostly disappeared.

That’s a bummer for Samsung Galaxy S9 users, because this popular and powerful smartphone doesn’t have an IR blaster. But don’t fret! There might be a way to still make it work. Let me show you.


The IR blaster was most commonly used to turn your phone into a remote control for different devices. Luckily, Samsung smartphones have the SmartThings app that can help with this. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the SmartThings app.
  2. Select “Add Device”.
  3. In the menu, find your TV from the list of “Available devices”. You’ll get a message saying the devices are connecting.
    Available devices
  4. Once that’s done, you’ll be prompted to enter a PIN code. Tap the line on your phone’s screen and the PIN will appear on your TV.
    PIN code
  5. The SmartThings app will then ask you to connect your TV to a Wi-Fi network.
  6. Accept all the Terms and Conditions and tap “OK”.
  7. Choose an email and register your TV to your Samsung account.
  8. Tap “Accept”.
  9. Select a name for your TV and tap “Next”.
  10. Next, the app will remind you to connect an antenna and other devices to control them remotely. Tap “Next” to continue.
    Tap “Next” again
  11. For the next step, enter your ZIP code just like you would on TV setup.
  12. Finally, SmartThings will ask if you want to add more apps to your TV. You have a list of Samsung-recommended apps to choose from.
    list of apps
  13. That’s it! Tap “Done” and you’ll be taken to the TV controls screen on your smartphone.


If you have a Galaxy S9 or S9+, you can also use SmartView to control your TV from afar:

Smart View

  1. To access the Quick Settings menu, swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen.
  2. While you’re here, you can see more options by swiping left.
  3. Select “SmartView.”
  4. The app will show you a list of nearby devices. Choose the one you want to connect to.

Looking for an Alternative?

If you have a working Wi-Fi connection, you can replace the IR blaster on newer Galaxy phone models like the S6. Some popular devices for this are BroadLink’s and Logitech’s Harmony product line. Logitech’s Harmony also has an extension that can help. When paired with certain Android apps that need an IR blaster, it serves as a replacement on phones without one.

Here are some apps that might be helpful. Luckily, not all of them require an IR blaster.

AnyMote Universal Remote

This app lets you remotely control around 900,000 devices using either an IR blaster or a Wi-Fi connection if you don’t have one. With the free version, you can:

  1. Customize the interface by changing the color and arrangement of buttons.
  2. Create advanced commands that allow you to do multiple things at once with a single tap.
  3. Use Google Now for voice commands.
  4. Add a single remote with no time constraints.

However, to add an unlimited number of remotes and back them up, you’ll need to upgrade for a price.

Twinone TV Remote

Twinone TV Remote is a completely free smartphone app that requires an IR blaster. It’s easy to use – simply select the device you want to control.

One useful feature of this app is the “Fix Buttons” setting. If the app works but the remote control function doesn’t, you can enable or disable this setting depending on its current state.


If you have a Roku device, try using its remote control app for your smartphone. It works with both Roku streaming players and Roku TV. Before using the app, make sure your phone and Roku are connected to the same wireless network. Also, be logged in to your Roku account.

The only downside is that the app doesn’t allow you to change the volume on your improvised remote. However, it does give you access to functions like play, rewind, fast forward, voice search, and navigation.

Additional benefits of the app include the ability to search for streaming channels, cast other devices to your TV, and receive notifications when new episodes of TV shows are released.

Discover Your Alternative

The IR blaster function is considered outdated, but many smartphone users still wish it was available. Thanks to Android remote control apps and their popularity, you can still use your phone to control some devices, although likely fewer than with an IR blaster.

What device are you most excited to control remotely? If you could use your phone as a remote for any device, what would you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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