Can Grubhub Drivers Catch a Glimpse of the Tip?

Can Grubhub Drivers Catch a Glimpse of the Tip?

Sure thing! Let’s dive into the topic that’s got everyone talking. You might be curious to know whether Grubhub drivers can actually see the tip you’ve lovingly left for them.

Here’s the lowdown: when you place an order on Grubhub, you have the option to tip your driver. But what happens next? Do they perform some kind of secret handshake to reveal the hidden tip?

Well, not quite. When you add a tip on Grubhub, it remains somewhat of a mystery to the driver until after they’ve completed the delivery. It’s like a surprise waiting to be unwrapped!

After they drop off your delicious meal, the driver finally gets to see the tip amount. It’s a moment filled with anticipation as they discover your generosity.

But why the secrecy, you might wonder? It’s all about fairness. Grubhub wants to ensure that drivers are motivated to provide excellent service to every customer, regardless of the tip amount. By keeping the tip hidden, it prevents any bias or favoritism.

So, rest assured that when you tip your Grubhub driver, it’s truly a gratifying surprise for them. Your kindness is delivered straight to their pockets, filling them with gratitude and appreciation.

Now that you know the inside scoop, go ahead and show some love to your Grubhub driver the next time you place an order. They’ll be eagerly waiting to unwrap that tip surprise, and your act of generosity will make their day. Happy ordering!

Can Grubhub Drivers See the Tip?

Hey there! So, you’re probably familiar with Grubhub, right? It’s a super popular way to order food in the US. What’s really cool is that you can browse and order food without even picking up the phone.

Now, here’s something interesting. When it comes to tipping your delivery driver on Grubhub, things work a bit differently. You might be wondering how they actually see those tips. Well, let me explain.

Can They See the Tip?

A lot of people ask this question. Since everything is paid for online with a card or PayPal, do drivers see the tips? The answer is no, they don’t see any tip information.

You and the driver can both see things like the order total, minimum order fees, delivery fees, and promo codes. But tipping is an exception to that. You can only tip your driver with cash when they deliver your food.

Oh, and here’s something important to know. The delivery fees you pay? None of that money goes to the drivers. They actually earn a modest amount from Grubhub. So, tipping is a really important part of their income when it comes to Grubhub orders.

So, forget about the delivery fees and what the drivers earn. It’s expected that you tip them around 20% of your order total. And if the delivery was super fast or the driver was extra nice, consider giving them a little bonus on top of that.

can grubhub drivers see tip

When Should I Tip?

So, when should you tip? Well, the general rule is to tip almost always. If the delivery was just average, not mind-blowing but not disappointing either, then a 20% tip should be sufficient (as long as it’s more than $5). However, if the delivery was exceptionally late or the driver was rude, you have the option to withhold the tip.

But there are some factors you should keep in mind. For example, if the weather is bad, like heavy rain or snow, you shouldn’t expect the driver to be right on time. It’s only fair to give them a little leeway. If they do manage to arrive early, you can go ahead and give them a little extra on top of the 20%. If they’re a bit late due to bad weather, you can still give them the 20% and maybe even a little more for their effort.

How Much Should I Tip Past the 20%?

Now, let’s talk about tipping above and beyond the standard 20%. Sometimes, your Grubhub delivery driver truly goes above and beyond, and it’s only fair to show your appreciation. But how much more should you give them? Well, it depends on a few factors.

Order Size

If you order a lot of food, like 15 or more pizzas, you should consider how difficult it is to carry all of that. Even if the driver uses a car (although they usually ride mopeds), they might still have to make multiple trips to your door. In this case, an additional 3-5% tip should be good. It’ll surely put a smile on their face.

Bad Weather

If it’s raining or snowing and your delivery driver shows up soaking wet, it’s a nice gesture to give them a $3-5 extra tip on top of the 20% ($5).

A Lot of Steps

If your building doesn’t have an elevator or it’s broken, the delivery driver has to climb all those flights of stairs. That’s quite the effort! To make up for it, consider adding an extra $1-2 to the 20% tip.

Combine Bonuses

Here’s a tip: if your order ticks multiple bonus criteria, like being large, during bad weather, or going to an upper floor apartment without an elevator, you can combine the bonuses. In this case, giving a 25% tip plus $7 wouldn’t be considered too much.

Grubhub Drivers and Tips

Remember, Grubhub delivery drivers rely on your tips, so it’s important not to skimp in this department. These drivers are your heroes, and they deserve to be treated well. Feel free to add a bonus on top of the 20% tip ($5).

Now, I’m curious: how much do you usually tip your Grubhub drivers? Have you ever regretted not tipping more? Or maybe you’ve even felt like you tipped too much on a certain occasion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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