40 Facebook Questions to Spark Conversations with Your Friends

40 Facebook Questions to Spark Conversations with Your Friends

Facebook has been a popular social media platform for years, allowing us to connect and interact with others. Whether we’re sharing our thoughts in a long post or having a good laugh with memes, it’s the engagement and interaction that make the experience more enjoyable.

Whether we’re curious about our friends’ opinions or simply looking for some entertainment, posting the right content can greatly increase the chances of getting responses and starting conversations.

If you find that your status updates aren’t getting much engagement, it might be time to reconsider the type of content you’re sharing.

Get People Talking by Posting the Right Status Updates

40 Facebook Questions to Spark Conversations with Your Friends

Have you ever noticed that some people on Facebook always seem to be posting about their personal lives, and a lot of times it’s negative content? Well, if you’re like me and want to get more enjoyment from your Facebook activities, there’s a simple solution: change up your posts to be more engaging!

If you want to inspire more engagement and attract more attention on your Facebook posts, try asking questions that your friends and followers actually want to interact with. Questions are effective for getting people to talk for three simple reasons:

  1. People love talking about themselves
  2. People enjoy sharing their opinions
  3. People like being part of engaging conversations

If you really want to get people engaged and create a sense of community on your Facebook profile, group, or page, you can start using Facebook as a platform for fun, silly, interesting, and even deep discussions. Make your Facebook profile a place where people come to connect with each other.

So go ahead and give it a try! Ask engaging questions on Facebook and see what happens.

Getting to Know You

Did I mention people love talking about themselves? Well, why not indulge them with some of these types of questions. Don’t forget to be engaged in the conversation too! Respond to what people say and show your Facebook pals that you’re interested in them and their thoughts.

The more you do this, the more people will want to respond to your future questions, and the more engagement you’ll experience on Facebook. Here are a few examples of “getting to know you” (or ice breaker) questions to get you started:

  • What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
  • What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
  • What’s a food you didn’t like as a child but now love?
  • What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone for the first time?
  • What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
  • Which TV family is most like your own?

Fill in the Blank

These questions are similar to the “getting to know you” questions, but with a twist. By leaving a blank space to fill in, you may inspire different and interesting responses. Fill in the blank questions can be unique to most people on Facebook, making it more exciting to participate.

You can turn any of the above questions into a fill in the blank question, or try one of the following:

  • My favorite board game of all time is ________.
  • ________ is a movie that really inspires me.
  • My favorite song to sing in the shower is ________.
  • ________ is the cartoon character most like me.

Would You Rather?

If you’re in the mood for something a little sillier but just as engaging, try asking a “would you rather” question. For some reason, people love answering these types of questions, especially when they’re ridiculous or absurd. These scenarios will definitely get people talking on Facebook:

  • Would you rather play a villain or a hero in a movie?
  • Would you rather win a gold medal or an Academy award?
  • Would you rather be completely bald or totally covered in hair?
  • Would you rather get stung by a jellyfish or bitten by a spider?
  • Would you rather go skydiving or deep-sea diving?
  • Would you rather go a month without washing your hair or without brushing your teeth?
  • Would you rather have a million good friends or a million dollars?


Questions that make people choose between two alternatives can be fun and enlightening. They ask people to decide between some bizarre options, but asking for people’s preferences on strange topics doesn’t have to be too serious. Here are some more straightforward preference questions:

  • Ninjas or pirates?
  • Early bird or night owl?
  • Superman or Captain America?
  • Bert or Ernie?

People will respond to these questions just for the fun of it.

If You Could…

Sometimes really getting to know people is about more than just asking about their daily routines. Your Facebook friends’ answers to hypothetical situations can be as revealing as they are entertaining. Here are a few examples:

  • If you could eat anything you wanted without gaining any weight, what would be the first thing you’d eat?
  • If you could personally witness any event in history, what would it be?
  • If you could be any age for a month, what age would you choose?
  • If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • If you had to choose another name for yourself, what would you choose?
  • If you had three wishes, what would they be?

What Was the Last?

These slightly interactive questions reveal quite a bit about people’s daily lives. Not to mention, the answers might come with some surprises. Ask your friends:

  • What was the last picture you took with your phone?
  • What was the last lie you told?
  • What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
  • What was the last meal you had delivered?

Ask For Help

Possibly even more than talking about themselves, people love to give advice and help others out. So why not invite your Facebook friends to tell you what you should do? Here are a few ideas:

  • What should I make for our anniversary dinner?
  • Which haircut do you like the most? [show pictures]
  • What book should I read next?
  • Which photo should be my next Christmas card? [show pictures]

Philosophical Questions

Philosophical questions are designed to provoke deep thought and reflection. They can entice people to respond because you’re asking them to really think about their views and experiences. However, due to the nature of social media, it’s best to keep these questions light and avoid potential conflicts. Here are some philosophical questions that can still be entertaining and attractive:

What makes you think? Feel free to share your thoughts!

40 Facebook Questions to Spark Conversations with Your Friends

  • Do you ever wonder if there’s such a thing as absolute right or wrong?
  • Have you ever thought about whether someone can truly feel happiness if they’ve never experienced sadness?
  • What do you think is the purpose of life, if there even is one?
  • Have you ever struggled with whether it’s okay to tell little lies to protect someone’s feelings? What’s your personal take?
  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if Batman got bitten by a vampire?

Philosophical questions can be quite amusing or lead to more profound conversations. One trick when sharing this type of content is to ask open-ended questions. This encourages responses that go beyond simple “yes” or “no” answers, and keeps the conversation flowing.

Hopefully, some of these questions have sparked your curiosity, as well as the interest of your friends and followers on Facebook. But if not, why not take inspiration from these categories and come up with a few engaging questions of your own?


So here’s the thing: if you want to be successful on Facebook, you need to understand why people respond to your statuses. It’s not enough to just post about your own interests. You’ve got to think about what makes others tick.

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