Can CBS All Access Really Block All VPNs?

Can CBS All Access Really Block All VPNs?

When it comes to CBS All Access and VPNs, you might be wondering if all VPNs are blocked. Well, let’s dive into this topic together and find out.

So, the burning question is whether CBS All Access has the power to block all VPNs. To put it simply, the answer is no. While CBS All Access does put some effort into restricting access through VPNs, it’s not foolproof. There are still ways to enjoy your favorite CBS shows using a VPN.

You might be wondering, “Why does CBS All Access even bother blocking VPNs?” Well, they have their reasons. They want to ensure that their content is only available in specific regions. By blocking VPNs, they’re trying to prevent people from accessing their content outside of those regions. It’s all about licensing agreements and content distribution.

Now, let’s dig into the real question: can you still use a VPN to watch CBS All Access? Absolutely! Many VPN providers offer servers that can bypass CBS All Access restrictions. By connecting to one of these servers, you can trick CBS All Access into thinking you’re in a location where their content is available.

But keep in mind, CBS All Access is constantly updating their systems to block VPNs. So, even if your VPN is currently working, it might not be forever. It could be a cat-and-mouse game between VPN providers and CBS All Access.

To ensure you can access CBS All Access with a VPN, it’s essential to choose a reliable VPN service. Look for VPN providers that are known for their ability to bypass geo-restrictions and have a good track record with CBS All Access.

In conclusion, while CBS All Access does try to block VPNs, it’s not an impenetrable wall. With the right VPN, you can still access your favorite CBS shows no matter where you are. Just remember, it’s always a good idea to stay one step ahead and choose a trustworthy VPN provider. Happy streaming!

Does CBS All Access Block All VPNs?

Don’t worry, you won’t be blocked by CBS All Access if you use a VPN. The only thing they block is your IP address, and sometimes they might not grant access even when you’re using a VPN.

So now you’re probably wondering how all of this works and if there’s a way to get around the block. Well, let me break it down for you. CBS has a system in place to restrict access, but there’s a trick that can help you gain access even when you’re traveling abroad.

Can’t Access CBS All Access with a VPN? Here’s How to Fix It

Okay, here’s the deal. CBS doesn’t directly block your VPN app. However, there are certain VPNs that struggle to get around CBS’s system. These VPNs include Hotspot Shield Free, SurfEasy, Windscribe, Speedify, and others.

Important Note: Just because these apps can’t get you access to CBS doesn’t mean they are bad VPNs. CBS is constantly improving their system to prevent unauthorized access, so the list of VPNs that struggle with CBS might grow.

Now, what do you do when you see the “CBS All Access not working with VPN” message? It probably means that your IP address has been blacklisted by CBS. If your VPN can’t refresh the address, you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows.

Luckily, fixing this problem is pretty simple. You just need to switch to another VPN that can bypass CBS’s block and get you a new IP address.

How to Avoid Detection by CBS when Using a VPN

The first thing you should do is check if your VPN is on CBS’s blacklist. It’s not easy to find an official list that names all the blocked VPNs, but if you keep getting the no-access message, it’s safe to assume your VPN is on it.

What you need to do next is download and install a different VPN, connect to a server in the US, and start enjoying your content. In the following section, you’ll find a list of VPNs that should work well with CBS.

A Quick Note

Keep in mind that by the time you’re reading this, some of the VPNs listed below might be banned from CBS. If that’s the case, let us know in the comments section, and TechJunkie will try to find a suitable alternative.

Anyway, here are the VPNs that should solve your problem.


This VPN is worth every penny. It offers fast servers that are perfect for streaming in high resolution. In fact, CyberGhost even has dedicated servers specifically for streaming.

CBS All Access Block All VPNs

Hey there! On top of all the great features, guess what? You can use it on up to seven devices using just one account. And the best part? Setting it up is a breeze.

Let me introduce you to ExpressVPN.

This amazing tool not only helps you bypass CBS’ restrictions, but it also prioritizes your security and privacy. No wonder it’s so popular for streaming services.

Does CBS All Access Block VPNs

But here’s the thing, this VPN lets you connect to loads of super fast servers all across the US. And if you’re not happy with it, you get a whole 30 days to change your mind.


If you’re into Kodi, then this VPN might just be perfect for you. It’s super secure, speedy, and one of the best things is that the app works great with remote controls.

Does CBS All Access Block VPN

As I write this, though, IPVanish doesn’t offer a free trial. But they do give you 250GB of SugarSync Cloud storage for free.

Quick Tips

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the VPN, you’ll need to sign up for the service, unless you’re prompted to do so during the installation process. Some VPNs also have a browser extension that works similarly to the app.

After you’ve selected a server in the US, you’ll receive a notification saying you’re successfully connected. Then you can sign into CBS All Access and start streaming your favorite shows and videos.

Sometimes you might come across additional restrictions. Luckily, clearing your browser cookies can solve this issue.

To clear cookies on Chrome, click the three dots in a vertical line to access the More menu. Select More Tools and then choose “Clear Browsing Data”. From there, you can choose a specific time frame or remove everything.

Either way, make sure to check the boxes next to “Cached Images and Files” and “Cookies and Other Site Data”. After clicking “Clear”, refresh the page and try accessing again.

How Do Streaming Services Block VPNs

In 2017, Netflix found a way to block VPNs. Streaming services like to use an algorithm that can detect when you’re accessing an American server from an overseas location.

The reason this works is because VPNs only have a limited number of servers that many users connect to at the same time. It’s not difficult for the streaming service to figure out which IPs are actually coming from a server.

Enjoy CBS All Access Wherever You Are

It’s frustrating that you can’t sign into your favorite streaming service while on vacation overseas. But this is one of the ways companies protect their content and ensure a smooth streaming experience.

What’s your favorite show on CBS All Access? Do you use any other streaming services besides CBS? Share your preferences with the rest of the TechJunkie community.

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