Android Security: NoRoot Firewall

Android Security: NoRoot Firewall

Do you ever worry that your phone apps might secretly or unnecessarily connect to the internet? I’ve downloaded tons of apps from the Google Play Store and most of them access the internet for reasons that have nothing to do with their purpose. For example, a calculator app shouldn’t need internet access, right? These apps that use the internet without explanation can drain network resources and slow down other apps. Plus, they can cost you money if you go over your data limit.

The best way to take control of your device’s internet usage is by installing a firewall. This kind of security software is not new. It started with Windows PCs, where firewalls like Kerio Personal Firewall and ZoneAlarm became popular. And it was only a matter of time before people wanted the same kind of protection for their mobile devices.

There are two types of firewalls for Android devices: ones that require root access and ones that don’t. But gaining root access can void your warranty. So, the ideal firewall app should have the important features without needing root access. One popular firewall that meets these requirements is NoRoot Firewall by Grey Shirts.

NoRoot Firewall uses Android’s built-in VPN to control all network communications. The firewall starts up when your device turns on and shows a notification whenever an app tries to access the internet. You have to approve the access request before the app can connect. NoRoot Firewall even lets you create custom rules to restrict network access to specific IP addresses. You can also choose whether the rules apply to Wi-Fi, 3G, or both.

NoRoot Firewall is useful for many things. It can stop apps from secretly sending data, prevent unwanted updates, and block annoying ads. I find it so essential that I install it first thing on any new tablet I get, especially since manufacturers load their devices with unnecessary software. So, I protect my privacy by sideloading NoRoot Firewall before connecting to Wi-Fi for the first time.

If you want to take control of your device’s internet access too, consider adding NoRoot Firewall to your App Drawer.

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My thoughts on “Android Security: NoRoot Firewall”

Randy says:

How do we know that our information is not being sent back to the developers of NoRoot Firewall? Have you guys looked into that?

I’m getting tired of developers collecting our personal and private information without our knowledge or consent. And not every app needs so many permissions! I think the US government should sue Google, Apple, and Microsoft for invading our privacy on a massive scale!

Snookums San says:

Now, I’m not a tech expert, but I found that this app actually shows what it’s connecting to. It lists every connection that goes through its VPN.

Unlike other software, this VPN seems like it doesn’t call out to anyone.

But honestly, when you sign something, whether it’s online or offline, unless you’re a lawyer, you probably don’t understand every single term and condition. So, you’re basically giving away your rights little by little.

So, why should the internet be any different?

So, why should the internet be any different?

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