Adding a New Line in Slack Without Hitting Send

Adding a New Line in Slack Without Hitting Send

Hey there! Today, I want to share a nifty trick with you – how to add a new line in Slack without accidentally sending it. We all know that feeling of hitting that enter key a little too soon and wishing we could take it back. Well, fear not! I’ve got your back with this simple solution.

Okay, picture this: You’re typing away in a message, pouring your heart out to your team or just trying to communicate an important point. But suddenly, you realize you need to start a new line without actually sending the message. Frustrating, right? I’ve been there too. But worry not, my friend. I’ve found a way to make this happen.

To achieve this magic, all you need to do is press the shift and enter keys at the same time. Yes, that’s it! By doing this, you can create a new line within your message without hitting send. It’s like a secret door to a whole new world of formatting possibilities.

You might be wondering, why would I want to do this? Well, let me tell you. Sometimes, you just need to add some clarity to your message. It could be a list, a separate thought, or even just a simple greeting. By utilizing this trick, you can make your messages more organized and easier to read.

Let me give you an example. Say I wanted to send a shout-out to my team for their hard work. Instead of cramming everything into one line, I can now create a more visually appealing message. It shows that I care about the details and want to make sure my appreciation is crystal clear. Plus, it makes the message stand out among the sea of text in our busy Slack channels.

So, the next time you’re typing away in Slack and find yourself needing a new line without hitting send, just remember this simple trick. Press shift and enter simultaneously, and you’ll have the power to format your message with ease. It’s a small but mighty feature that can make a world of difference in your daily Slack experience.

Now, go forth and apply this newfound knowledge! Show off your sleek message formatting skills and leave everyone in awe of your Slack wizardry. Trust me, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally sending an incomplete message again. Happy chatting!

How to Add a New Line in Slack Without Sending

Slack is a really great service that offers a ton of cool features to help with business communication. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it super easy for teams to collaborate and communicate. But if you’re new to Slack, figuring out how to insert a line break while writing messages can be a bit tricky. The enter key in Slack doesn’t automatically add a line break like it does in other platforms. In this guide, I’ll show you how the enter key works in Slack and how you can use it to insert a line break without accidentally sending an unfinished message.

How Does the Enter Key Work in Slack?

Slack is the best tool for business communication, and it allows you to format your messages before sending them as private direct messages or channel messages. But to really master formatting in Slack, you need to know some keyboard shortcuts, including the one for adding a line break to your message.

By default, when you press the enter key in Slack, it sends your message. To add a line break between sentences in your message, you need to use the Shift + Enter shortcut. If you’re using a Mac, you can press the Cmd + Enter keys.

It’s worth noting that this behavior is only for Slack’s desktop app. On mobile, pressing the enter key will insert a line break, and your message will only be sent when you tap the send button.

How to Change the Enter Key Preference in Slack

If you’re used to using programs like MS Word or Google Docs, where the enter key adds a line break, you might find it inconvenient to use the Shift + Enter shortcut in Slack. Thankfully, you can change the behavior of the enter key in Slack’s desktop app.

  1. Open Slack’s desktop app.
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top right.
  3. Choose Preferences from the popup menu.
  4. Go to Advanced under Preferences.
    Slack preference options
  5. Under When writing a message, press Enter to, click on the Start a new line option.
    Slack Enter key preferences options

What are the Other Ways to Add a New Line Between Sentences in Slack?

If you’re still looking for other convenient ways to add a new line between sentences in Slack, here are two other options you can try:

  1. Use Control + Enter key: An easy way to add a line break between sentences is to use the Control + Enter shortcut. This shortcut allows you to add a line between sentences without sending your message.
  2. Type the space manually: Another option is to manually type a space using the space bar. However, this isn’t the most convenient option as you have to press the space bar multiple times to add a line break.

Edit Your Sent Slack Messages to Add a Line Break

Slack is a fantastic tool for team collaboration and communication. However, if you’re not familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, you might make a few mistakes here and there. If you accidentally send an incomplete message by pressing the enter key, don’t worry! You can always edit your Slack message. Simply hover your cursor over the message to find three vertical dots on the right side. Click on those dots to find the options to Edit message or Delete message.

Now that you know how to add a line break in Slack messages, find out how to sync your Slack status with Google or Outlook Calendar.


Q: How do I use keyboard shortcuts in Slack?

A: Slack has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use for basic navigation on the platform. Here are some of the most common ones:
1. Compose a new Message: [Ctrl + N]
2. Unsend a message: [Ctrl + Z]
3. Upload a new file: [Ctrl + U]
4. Set your status: [Ctrl + Shift + Y]
5. View all downloaded files: [Ctrl + Shift + J]
6. Create a new snippet: [Ctrl + Shift + Enter]

Q: What is the keyboard shortcut for code block in Slack?

A: Some keyboard shortcuts for code blocks in Slack include:
1. Code selected text: [Ctrl + Shift + C]
2. Create numbered list: Ctrl + Shift + 7
3. Code block selected text: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
4. Create a bulleted list: Ctrl + Shift + 8

Q: Does Slack have keyboard shortcuts?

A: Yes, Slack does have keyboard shortcuts. There are many of them! To find the complete list of keyboard shortcuts in Slack on Windows, press [Ctrl/Windows] key. Alternatively, you can use [⌘ / Mac] key to find the list of keyboard shortcuts on a Mac.

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