Steps to Transfer Photos to an Album on iPhone 7

Steps to Transfer Photos to an Album on iPhone 7

Alright, listen up! I’m going to show you how to move your precious photos to an album on your iPhone 7. Pay close attention and get ready to become an iPhone whiz!

So, you’ve taken tons of amazing pictures on your iPhone 7, right? Well, it’s time to organize them like a pro. Follow these steps and you’ll have your photos in the right place in no time!

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone 7 and find the Photos app. It’s the one with the colorful flower icon. Tap on it to open it up.

Step 2: Once you’re in the Photos app, you’ll see all your photos sorted by “Moments.” Look for the photo you want to move to an album. Give it a gentle tap to select it.

Step 3: Alright, now that you’ve selected your photo, tap on the little square with the arrow pointing upwards. This will bring up a bunch of options.

Step 4: Look for the “Add to Album” option. It should be towards the end of the list. Give it a tap.

Step 5: Here comes the important part! You’ll see a list of your existing albums or the option to create a new one. If you already have an album set up, find it and tap on it. If not, choose the “New Album” option and give it a name that makes sense to you. Tap “Save” to create it.

Step 6: You’re almost there! Once you’ve selected the album, simply tap “Add” in the top right corner of your screen. Boom! Your photo has been moved to the album.

Step 7: Wanna know if you did it right? Tap the “Albums” button at the bottom of your screen to go back to the main Albums page. Look for the album you just created or selected. Open it up and there it is, your photo all snug and organized.

And that’s how it’s done! You’ve successfully transferred your photo to an album on your iPhone 7. Wasn’t that simple? Now, go ahead and organize all your photos like a pro. You’ve got the power!

One of the coolest things about the iPhone 7 is its awesome camera and huge storage space. What better way to capture memories of special moments than by taking photos?

Whether it’s graduation, prom, your honeymoon, or your child’s first steps, you can now capture everything with just your phone. But if your photo gallery is overflowing, it might be time to organize your photos into albums.

How Can I Move Photos to an Album?

If you have a bunch of photos that aren’t in any specific album, it’s time to get organized. By taking a bit of time today to sort your photos, you won’t have to spend ages swiping up and down your gallery tomorrow just to find that one picture you’re looking for.

Before you get started, you’ll need to select the photos you want to move. There are a couple of different ways to do this, and I’ll explain the two most common methods.

The first way is to go into your Photos app and stay on that page. From there, you’ll have the option to organize your photos by years, months, or days. You can also choose the “All Photos” option.

However, I don’t recommend selecting the “All Photos” option. Your iPhone will shrink all the photos to fit as many as possible on the screen, and it might be hard for you to see which photo you’re selecting.

The other way is to select your photos from the “Recents” section. Yes, even though you haven’t put your photos into an album, your iPhone automatically saves them in the “Recents” collection. To do this, go to “My Albums” and then click on “Recents”.

Now, it doesn’t matter which option you chose because the rest of the process is the same. You should see a “Select” button in the top right corner of your screen. Click on that.

Select all the photos you want to move to a specific album. If you accidentally select one that you didn’t mean to move, don’t worry. Simply tap on it again to unselect it. And if you change your mind completely, you can always tap “Cancel” and decide to move your photos another time.

Let’s Add to the Album

So, you’ve picked all the images you wanted, right? Great! Now, let’s take a look at a sign in the bottom left corner. Give it a tap, and voila! A new menu pops up. Here, you can choose what you’d like to do with your photos. Scroll down a bit and find the option that says “Add to Album.”

Now, all the albums you’ve ever created are right there on your screen. Take your time and choose the one you want for your photos. Or hey, if you feel like it, you can even create a brand new album. It’s up to you!

And guess what? That’s it! You’ve successfully moved your photos in just two simple steps. Piece of cake, right? Now go ahead and enjoy your organized album!

Another Way

One amazing thing about the iPhone 7 is that it gives us different options to get things done. In the end, many people go for the quicker option, but some of us prefer taking the longer route to make sure everything is perfect. Today, I want to show you both ways so you can choose the one that suits you best.

The other way is to go straight to the album where you want to move your photos. If the album doesn’t exist yet, you can easily create one. Just tap on the Plus sign in the top left corner. You’ll need to give it a name, and then you can start adding photos.

Now, let’s get back to it. Enter the desired album and tap on Select in the top right corner. After that, tap on the Add icon that you’ll see at the bottom of the screen.

Next, you’ll be able to pick photos from your Gallery or a specific album. Tap on each photo you want to add. When you’re done, tap on Done in the top right corner of the screen.

Can I Remove a Photo from an Album?

Of course, you can also remove a photo from an album without deleting it from your phone.

To do this, enter the album and tap on the photo you want to remove. In the bottom right corner, you’ll see a small trash can sign. When you tap on it, a menu will pop up. From there, you can decide whether you want to remove the photo from the album or delete it from your phone altogether.

Everyone Loves Albums

Albums are an incredible way to organize and collect your memories. The next time you want to show someone photos from your last vacation, you won’t have to scroll through countless pictures. Just go to the album labeled Holiday, and there you’ll find all your photos waiting for you.

Some people like to name their albums by months and years, while others prefer to organize their photos by themes. What about you? How do you like to organize your photos? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

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