Ready, Set, Dropdown: Adding Menus on Shopify

Ready, Set, Dropdown: Adding Menus on Shopify

Hey there! Today, I want to share a nifty trick with you. Do you use Shopify for your online store? Well, I’m about to show you how to jazz up your store and make it even easier for customers to navigate by adding a drop-down menu. Let’s dive in!

Now, follow along closely because this is where the magic happens. First, you’ll need to head over to your Shopify Admin and click on “Online Store.” Got it so far? Great!

Alrighty, now that you’re in the Online Store section, look for the “Navigation” tab. Yes, it’s that one right there, sitting pretty. Click on it, and you’re halfway to doling out some nifty menus.

Okay, okay, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here comes the fun part – creating the actual menu. Ready?

Look for the button that says “Add menu.” It’s green, so it’s basically shouting for you to click it. Don’t worry, though; I’ve got your back. Take your time and select a name for your precious menu. Something catchy and descriptive is always a winner.

Now, let’s talk about adding some menu items. It’s like adding toppings to a pizza; you get to decide what goes on top. Isn’t that awesome? I think so!

Click on “Add menu item,” and a text box will eagerly await your input. Type in the name you want to appear in your menu – this could be a category, a specific page, or whatever you fancy. And guess what? You’re not limited to one item. Yippee!

Now that you’ve added your items, it’s time to organize them. Because, you know, a well-organized menu is like a well-organized sock drawer – it just makes life easier.

Simply click on an item and slide it gently beneath another item to create a dropdown menu. It’s like a secret compartment for your website. Fancy, huh?

Alright, the tour is almost complete. But before you go, don’t forget to save your changes. You wouldn’t want to lose all that hard work, would you? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Marvelous job, my friend! You now have a drop-down menu that’ll make your customers go “Wow!” Give yourself a pat on the back; you deserve it!

So, there you have it – the secret recipe to adding a drop-down menu on your Shopify store. Easy peasy, isn’t it? Now go ahead and impress your customers with your snazzy new menu. Happy selling!

How to Add a Drop-Down Menu on Shopify

Creating an online store is no easy task. That’s why I recommend using Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform that will guide you through the setup process and teach you how to promote your store.

However, there are still important things you need to do, like creating and adding drop-down menus. This will make it much easier for your customers to find items, especially as your store grows.

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about Shopify drop-down menus and how to use them effectively.

Building Your Online Business with Shopify

Setting up a Shopify account doesn’t take long, but once you’re done, your store is still in its early stages. While the vital Shopify settings will apply automatically, there’s still a lot of customization to be done.

You can choose a theme, add images, and install supporting apps. But most importantly, you need to create your shop menu. This is crucial for the navigation system of your online store.

You can add products, write blogs, create collections, and link to other pages. Before we dive into how to add a drop-down menu on Shopify, let me explain how to add and edit items on the main menu.

  1. First, go to your Shopify admin page and select “Online Store > Navigation”.
  2. On the Navigation page, choose the menu you want to change.
  3. Click on “Add menu item”.
  4. Enter the title for the item. You can even add emojis and special characters.
  5. Select the “Link” option and choose the type of link you want. Alternatively, you can enter a web address that leads to another page.
  6. Finally, click on “Save menu”.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need when building your store. If you want to make changes, just follow the same first two steps and then select “Edit” on the menu items.

Make the desired changes and click on “Apply”. If you want to add or edit items on the menu using the Shopify app on iOS or Android, the steps are the same as using the web portal.

Shopify Add Drop Down Menu

How to Set Up a Drop-Down Menu

Hey there! You know those handy drop-down menus you often see on online stores? They’re a great way to group items together and help customers find what they’re looking for more easily.

Here’s the deal: drop-down menus are usually found under the main items on a webpage. Imagine you’re selling women’s clothing, and one of your main items is “Accessories”. From there, you can create a drop-down menu that breaks down the accessories into categories like “Jewelry”, “Bags”, and “Watches”. Simple enough, right? Well, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin page and click on “Online Store > Navigation”.
  2. Select the title of your main menu.
  3. Choose a menu item that will be the header for your drop-down menu.
  4. Add more items to your drop-down menu by selecting “Add menu item”. Just type in the name and, if you don’t have a link yet, use “#” as a placeholder.
  5. Organize your items by dragging and nesting them under the header.
  6. Finally, hit “Save menu” and you’re done!

Keep in mind that the appearance of your main menu and drop-down menu will depend on the Shopify theme you’ve chosen. So feel free to play around and find the perfect one for your store!


Choosing the Perfect Shopify Theme

When you join Shopify, regardless of your chosen plan, you’ll have access to a range of themes to choose from. There are many paid themes created by designers partnered with Shopify, as well as free themes provided by the platform.

Selecting the right theme can make a world of difference for your online business. There are three different approaches you can take. You can search for themes that offer specific features, such as a wide layout or an FAQ page. If your focus is more on style and layout, you can rely on theme collections.

Another option is to explore themes organized by industry. However, it’s important to note that none of the Shopify themes are exclusive to one particular type of business.

Visit the Shopify Theme website and take your time browsing until you find the perfect fit. You can even preview how the drop-down menus will appear in each theme you’re interested in.

Shopify Drop Down Menu

Create an Incredible Shopify Experience for Your Customers

If you’ve just started using Shopify, you might not need drop-down menus right away. But soon enough, you will. And when that time comes, I’ll show you how to effortlessly add and edit items to your main menu. Plus, I’ll teach you how to nest items under the header, so your customers have a clear and organized view of what’s available in your online store.

To ensure you’re delighted with the way your store looks, it’s important to carefully choose a Shopify theme that resonates with your personal style and effectively showcases your products. Select something that exudes your unique taste and makes your merchandise shine.

Have you had the chance to add or edit menu items on Shopify before? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience! Drop us a comment in the section below.

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