Making Money from YouTube Shorts: A Simple Guide

Making Money from YouTube Shorts: A Simple Guide

Hey there! If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your creative videos into some extra cash, you’re in the right place. Today, I’m going to show you how you can make money from YouTube Shorts. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s dive in!

So, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly are YouTube Shorts?” Well, they’re short-form videos that you can create and upload right from your mobile device. You can capture snippets of your everyday life, showcase your unique talents, or simply entertain your audience. It’s a fun and easy way to share your creativity with the world.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: how can you start making money from YouTube Shorts? Here’s the lowdown:

1. Build that Subscriber Base: To unlock the potential for monetization on YouTube Shorts, you’ll need to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on your channel. It may sound daunting, but don’t worry – every journey begins with a single step. Create engaging content, promote your channel, and watch your subscriber count grow!

2. Keep Your Eye on the Clock: YouTube Shorts are all about being short and sweet. Keep your videos under 60 seconds, as this is the ideal length for Shorts. Capture attention with your quick and snappy content, and leave your viewers wanting more.

3. Don’t Forget the #Shorts Hashtag: When you upload your Shorts, make sure to include the hashtag #Shorts in your video title or description. This helps YouTube identify your video as a Shorts video and increases its visibility within the Shorts shelf.

4. Make the Most of Monetization: YouTube Shorts currently offers two ways to make money: ads and the YouTube Shorts Fund. Ads may appear in or around your Shorts, providing you with a share of the ad revenue. Additionally, you can qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund, which is a bonus payment program for creators. Keep creating great content, and you may be eligible to receive a share of this fund!

So there you have it – a beginner’s guide to making money from YouTube Shorts. Remember, it’s all about creating captivating content and growing your subscriber base. With dedication and a sprinkle of creativity, you can turn your passion for creating videos into a rewarding endeavor. Now go out there and start crafting those Shorts that will capture the hearts and attention of your audience. Happy creating!

How to Make Money From YouTube Shorts

In 2020, YouTube introduced a new feature called YouTube Shorts to take advantage of the popularity of short videos. Since then, Shorts have become incredibly popular. So, if you enjoy making YouTube Shorts, you might be wondering how you can make money from them. That’s where YouTube’s monetization policy for Shorts comes into play. In this article, I’ll answer all your questions and explain how you can monetize your Shorts.

Understanding YouTube Shorts Monetization Policy

With the rise of YouTube Shorts, the platform decided to create a new revenue-sharing model specifically for Shorts. This model replaced the previous YouTube Shorts Fund. To be eligible for this monetization program, you need to follow YouTube’s channel monetization policy and community guidelines when creating your content. You also have to accept the YouTube Shorts monetization module and adhere to the guidelines for advertiser-friendly content.

How YouTube Shorts Monetization Works

Monetizing Shorts works a bit differently than monetizing traditional YouTube content. The revenue generated from Shorts is pooled together and then shared among the creators. Some of the revenue is also set aside to cover the costs of licensing the music used in the Shorts. This is necessary because most music tracks are protected by copyright, and a licensing fee needs to be paid to use them.

To distribute the revenue among creators, it is shared with the “creator pool” based on the total number of views their Shorts receive. Instead of rewarding creators for individual ad views on their Shorts, the revenue is distributed among all creators who monetize their Shorts, as they all contribute to the overall Shorts experience for users.

How to Get Started With Shorts Monetization Program

If you’re already part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can start monetizing your Shorts by acknowledging the YouTube Shorts monetizing agreement. You can find this agreement in the Earn tab of your YouTube Studio.

If you’re not part of the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll need to meet the minimum views requirement to sign up. This will make you eligible for Watch Page Ads and Shorts Feed Ads Monetization. You can find the eligibility requirement in the Earn tab of your YouTube Creator Dashboard.

YouTube Earn Program eligibility

To make it easier to understand, here’s what you need:

  • You must have at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • You need to either have achieved 4,000 watch hours in the last 365 days or 10 million Short views in the last 90 days.

If you meet these requirements, you can sign up for the Partner Program and start earning. Once you start getting views, you can track your progress in the Earn section of your creator dashboard.

How much money can you make from YouTube Shorts?

While YouTube creators earn a decent amount of money from long-form videos, Shorts creators earn less. It’s estimated that Shorts creators earn about $0.07 for every thousand views, which is much less than the $0.18 per view for long-form videos.

So, if you solely rely on YouTube Shorts to make money as a creator, it may not be a good idea. If you’ve deleted your YouTube account, consider starting fresh with high-quality long-form content to increase your earnings.

How to make money from YouTube Shorts

You may earn less from YouTube Shorts compared to long-form videos, but fortunately, there are other ways to monetize YouTube Shorts.

1. Sponsorships and Brand collaborations

One way to monetize Shorts is by creating sponsored content. You can start by signing up with sponsorship websites or by directly reaching out to brands for sponsorships.Another option is to get paid by brands for collaborating with them. However, the payment you receive for sponsored content can vary based on how popular your YouTube channel is and how many views your Shorts generally receive.

2. Sign up for Affiliate Programs

You can also use affiliate marketing to earn money from promoting products. All you need to do is join an affiliate network or sign up with a brand that invites affiliates. Once you’re signed up, start creating content where you review their products for your audience and share product links with them.

You can use pinned comments to share product links with your audience. When someone buys a product through your link, you get paid.

3. Sell your own product

As a YouTube creator, it may be difficult to create your own product, but you can buy items from your local market and sell them to your audience with a profit margin. This product can be anything you can create content about.

For example, if you create a lot of artwork content, you can choose some unique pieces from the market and offer them for sale to your audience.

Earn money for your hard work

In recent years, short-form videos have become incredibly popular on social media, and YouTube Shorts is one of them. However, Shorts is not preferred by users who like YouTube for its long-form content. If you’re in the same boat, you may want to disable YouTube Shorts.

Regardless of that, Shorts is here to stay, and with Shorts monetization, YouTube allows creators to earn money through their content. Although you may not earn a lot from short-form videos, you can always explore other ways to monetize your Shorts and earn a decent passive income.


Q. How can I monetize YouTube videos?

A. To monetize YouTube videos, you need to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program. However, before you do that, you need to check if you’re eligible for the program.

Q. Can I monetize YouTube Shorts without 1000 subscribers?

A. No, you cannot monetize YouTube Shorts without having 1000 subscribers. In addition to 1,000 subscribers, you must also have either 10 Million Short views in the last 90 days or 4,000 watch hours in the last 365 days.

Q. How much do YouTube Shorts pay for 10k views?

On average, creators earn about $0.07 for every thousand views. So, for 10k views, you can expect to earn about $0.70 on average.

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