Is Someone Dodging You on WhatsApp? Here’s How to Find Out

Is Someone Dodging You on WhatsApp? Here’s How to Find Out

Hey there! Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you suspect someone may have blocked you on WhatsApp? It’s not a great feeling, but sometimes it happens. Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that can help you confirm your suspicions. Let me show you how!

First things first, my friend. When you message someone on WhatsApp and they’ve blocked you, their profile picture won’t appear anymore. You know, that little circle that displays their lovely face? Yeah, that’s the first thing to watch out for. If it’s gone, my guess is you’re on their blocked list.

But that’s not all. Another clue that someone may have blocked you is the blue ticks. You know, those nifty little indicators that let you know when your message has been read? Well, if you see that your messages have only one tick, instead of the usual two, it may be a sign that you’re being avoided.

And here’s the kicker: when someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see the “last seen” timestamp anymore. That means you won’t know when they were last online, and that can feel a bit unnerving, don’t you think? Well, that’s how it goes when someone decides to give you the cold shoulder.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Sometimes people deactivate their accounts or switch devices, and that can cause some of these signs to occur. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check before you confront them.

One way to verify if you’ve been blocked is by creating a WhatsApp group with the suspected person. If they’re avoiding you, their name won’t pop up as an option when you’re adding participants. That’s a pretty good hint that they may have given you the boot, my friend.

Now, let me be clear, determining if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is not an exact science. These signs can certainly indicate a blockage, but they’re not foolproof. People have their reasons for blocking others, and it’s not always personal, so try not to take it too hard.

There you have it, my fellow WhatsApp user! If you suspect someone may have blocked you, keep an eye out for these telltale signs: missing profile picture, one tick instead of two, and an absence of the “last seen” timestamp. And remember, while these signs can point to a block, they’re not 100% conclusive. Stay positive and keep on chatting!

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an incredibly popular messaging app used by billions of people worldwide. It’s commonly used for both personal and professional communication. It’s important to have control over who you interact with on WhatsApp, which is why it’s possible to block contacts that you prefer not to engage with. There can be various reasons why you might want to block someone on WhatsApp. But what happens if you suddenly find yourself being blocked by someone? How can you determine if you’ve been blocked?

Allow me to guide you on how to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

How to Determine if You’ve Been Blocked on WhatsApp

Officially, there is no direct way to confirm if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. However, there are a few methods that can potentially expose a block.

1. Unable to Make a Call to the Person

One of the simplest methods to check if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is to place a call to that person. If you’ve been blocked, the call will not be successful. You won’t receive a notification informing you of the block, but the call will remain stuck on the calling screen.

Call on Whatsapp

But there’s a chance that the person you’re trying to call is not within network range. It could also mean that they’ve deleted their WhatsApp account. Another possibility is that they’ve blocked unknown calls on WhatsApp.

2. Check the Status of Sent Messages

WhatsApp’s delivery ticks can help you figure out if someone has blocked you.

Usually, when you send a message through WhatsApp, you’ll see a tick mark. One tick means the message was sent successfully but hasn’t been delivered yet. When the second tick appears after a while, it means the message has been delivered. Lastly, the blue double tick means the person has read your message.

However, if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, the status will stay at a single tick and won’t change.

Check Message Status on Whatsapp

When you send a message on WhatsApp, you may wonder why the double tick doesn’t appear right away. Well, there could be a few reasons. One possibility is that the person you messaged is out of network range. So, until they get back into the network, you won’t see those two ticks.

But what if the person has deleted their WhatsApp account? In that case, you won’t see the double tick either because the message never reaches their account.

So, the double tick alone isn’t a surefire confirmation of being blocked. However, if you consider other factors, it can help you figure out if someone has blocked you.

3. Send a Message From Another Number

Another way to check if you’ve been blocked is to send a message from a different number. You can try this with the help of a trusted friend or by creating a new WhatsApp account without using your phone number.

But here’s the thing. If you involve someone unknown, you risk their safety and invade their privacy. That’s not cool at all.

Also, the person might not appreciate receiving messages from a stranger. They might even end up blocking you faster. However, if you get the double tick from other contacts, it could be a sign that you’ve been blocked.

4. Unable to See Profile Photo & Updates

One of the best ways to find out if you’ve been blocked is by checking if you can see the person’s profile picture. If you’re blocked, their profile picture won’t be visible. Instead, you’ll see a blank image. Even if they change their display picture, you won’t be able to see it.

Check Profile Photo in Whatsapp

You know, it’s possible that person you’re looking for has decided to keep their profile photo private. I guess they just want a little privacy, you know? Anyway, you can do the same thing too on WhatsApp. All you have to do is go to your Privacy Settings and click on Profile Photo. From there, you’ll find a bunch of options for who can see your photo. You can choose to show it to everyone, just your contacts, or even only some of your contacts. And if you really want to keep it on the down low, you can make it so nobody can see it. It’s all up to you. So go ahead and take a look, see what works best for you.

Profile Photo Settings in Whatsapp

Step 5: Adding the Contact to a Group

Now, let’s try another method to determine if you’ve been blocked – adding the contact to a group. If you see the person in your contact list when you try to add them to a group, it means their account is still active and hasn’t been deleted. A deleted account won’t show up in the search results.

Here’s what you need to look for: when you attempt to add the contact to the group, a message will appear below their name saying, “Can’t Add Participant.” This message serves as confirmation that you’ve been blocked. However, please note that this method may not work if the person has disabled the option that allows anyone to join their group.

Add Participant in Whatsapp Grou

Don’t Irritate the Person Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

Here are some ways to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. But before you dive into that, take a moment to think about why they might have blocked you. If you can understand their reasons, it’s best to just let it go! Being blocked on WhatsApp is not a big problem.

However, if you believe there’s been some misunderstanding that needs to be addressed, you can give these methods a try. Just remember to respect their decision and move on. People have many different reasons for blocking someone on WhatsApp. Use these methods to confirm whether you’ve been blocked, and then move forward!

Once you know how to determine who has blocked you on WhatsApp, check out our guide on how to know when someone views your WhatsApp profile.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

What do people see when you block them on WhatsApp?

The person you’ve blocked won’t be able to see your profile picture, last seen status, or anything else. Instead, they’ll see a default image. Usually, the profile picture is visible for a while, but once they tap on it, the image disappears as well.

What should you do if someone blocks you on WhatsApp?

There’s not much you can do other than reaching out to the person once and trying to understand why they may have blocked you. After that, you just have to accept their decision as it’s their choice.

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