How to Print Without a Printer

How to Print Without a Printer

Even though printers are inexpensive nowadays, many people still don’t have one. It’s not always because they can’t afford it, but rather because they rarely need to print anything and don’t want to waste money on a device that sits idle most of the time. However, there are still those moments when you find yourself needing a hard copy. Here, I’ll show you five ways to print without a printer.

1. Take Advantage of the Print to PDF Feature on Windows and Linux

Did you know that Windows and Linux systems have built-in options to print to PDF? It’s true! When you’re ready to print, just select the ‘Print to PDF’ option from the printer menu and follow the prompts to make any desired changes.

If you prefer, you can also choose to ‘Print to file’ and save your document as a PDF. In Windows, simply check the box that says ‘Print to file’. For Ubuntu 18.04, you’ll find this option right alongside ‘Print to PDF’ under the printer selection.

But wait, there’s more! Adobe has a browser add-on that lets you print webpages as PDF files, and Libre Office Writer has an ‘Export as PDF’ feature. So you have plenty of options for printing documents, images, and even filled-in forms. Just remember to preview your settings to ensure the final PDF looks exactly how you want it. And when you open the PDF file, it will appear just as it did when you printed it.

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Now you have a digital copy of your document that you can save to a USB stick. This way, you’ll always be prepared to print it whenever you find a suitable place.

2. Use Third-Party PDF Applications

There are several third-party programs available that also give you the option to print from the print menu. Some examples include doPDF by Softland and PDF24 Creator by PDF24. These programs also offer some editing and creation features to some extent. If one option for creating a PDF didn’t work out for you, another one might be a better fit.

I wanted to mention PDF as a printing option because it is a universal format. Adobe created it with the intention of making it look the same on any computer that supports it, which is basically every computer. So, no matter what device you use to print, your printout will always look the same.

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But keep in mind that PDF isn’t the only option you have.

3. Instead of Printing, You Can Fax or Email

Sending Your Document by Fax

If you need to send something like a form, a document, or a report to someone, why not just fax it? As long as they have a fax machine, you can send it to them electronically. All you have to do is ask. Many office and shipping stores have fax machines that charge a small fee to send faxes, like Staples and The UPS Store. There might be a store closer to you than a place with a printer. All you need is a USB stick with the PDF file. You can also use third-party applications, like FaxZero, to fax from your computer using the Internet.

Emailing Your Document

Instead of waiting for a printer and then delivering a paper copy to the recipient, you can just email them the information. You can convert a filled-in form or any other print media to a PDF using ‘option 1’ or ‘option 2’ mentioned above, and send it to them through email. Sometimes, you won’t even need to convert the document, depending on what they can view on their end. Again, you need to get their approval first, but usually, that’s not a problem.

4. Print from The Library or Your Workplace

If you really need a paper copy, your local library or workplace are great options when you don’t have a printer. Many libraries have computer labs with printers. You might have to pay per page, or you might have a set number of free prints per day.

You can also print from work, as long as you have permission. Some employers don’t mind if you print occasionally, as long as you don’t go overboard.

5. Print from Home without a Printer

Yes, it might sound illogical, but you can print from home without a printer in today’s technological world. You can cloud print to stores like The UPS Store and FedEx stores, right from your computer and web browser! You’ll have to pick up your printout, but at least it’s faster than waiting for a printer to be available somewhere else, like at a family member’s house.

If you haven’t noticed, many of the methods mentioned above can be combined to create different printing solutions. Making a PDF allows you to go to a printing store, the library, or your workplace. Online faxing allows you to upload PDFs or other formats. Having a USB stick with your document on it means you can print from anywhere. There are many options available. In other words, you’ve discovered several tools that let you print without owning a printer!

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