How to Personalize Toolbars in Your Mac Apps

How to Personalize Toolbars in Your Mac Apps

How to Personalize Toolbars in Your Mac Apps

Hey there! Today, I want to show you how you can make your Mac apps truly yours by customizing their toolbars. It’s a neat little trick that allows you to have quick and easy access to the features you use the most. Let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Find the Toolbar

The first thing you need to do is locate the toolbar in the app you want to personalize. The toolbar is usually found at the top of the app window and contains buttons for various actions. Keep an eye out for it!

Step 2: Adding and Removing Buttons

Now comes the fun part! To add or remove buttons from the toolbar, simply right-click on it and select “Customize Toolbar.” A window will pop up, displaying all the available buttons. To add a button, just drag it onto the toolbar. To remove a button, drag it out of the toolbar and it will disappear. Easy, right?

Step 3: Rearrange Buttons

Once you’ve added your desired buttons, you might want to rearrange them to suit your needs. To do this, click and hold on a button, then drag it to the desired position in the toolbar. Release the button, and it will snap into place. Voila! Your toolbar is now perfectly organized.

Step 4: Resetting the Toolbar

Uh-oh, made a mess of your toolbar? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! To reset the toolbar to its default state, simply right-click on it again and select “Customize Toolbar.” In the window that appears, look for the “Default” button and drag it onto the toolbar. This will restore the original layout. Phew!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Personalized Toolbar

And there you have it! You’ve successfully customized the toolbar in your Mac app. Now, every time you open the app, you’ll have quick access to the buttons that matter most to you. How cool is that? Have fun exploring this feature and making your Mac apps truly yours!

How to Customize Toolbars in Your Mac Apps


Let’s talk about customizing toolbars on your Mac! You know, those handy areas at the top of your app’s window where you can access different features easily. It’s a great way to personalize your favorite apps like Finder, Mail, Safari, and Pages. No more searching through menus for the commands you need! So, let’s dive into how you can tweak those toolbars.

First, I want to make sure we’re on the same page about what a toolbar is. It’s that often-grey section at the top of your app’s window. See the screenshot below? I’ve highlighted Finder’s toolbar with a red box:

To start customizing your toolbar, there are two ways to access the editing mode. You can either go to the “View” menu and choose “Customize Toolbar,” or simply right-click on the toolbar itself and select the same option. Easy, right? Take a look at the images below to see what I mean:

Now, when the Customize Toolbar box appears, you’ll see all the buttons available for that specific app. The options will vary depending on which app you’re customizing. Let’s take a look at Finder, Mail, and Pages for some examples:

Here’s Finder’s customization options:

And this is what Mail looks like:

Finally, brace yourself for Pages’ window – it’s packed with customization options:

To actually customize the toolbar, it’s super simple. Just find a button you want to add, click and drag it onto the app’s toolbar. When you hover over a valid location, you’ll see a green circle with a “plus” sign. Release the button in your desired spot, and the existing buttons will rearrange themselves accordingly.

If you want to remove a button, you can do that too! Open the “Customize Toolbar” window and click on the button you want to remove. Drag it outside the app’s window and let go. Don’t worry if you make a mistake – you can always find the removed button in the available options and add it back anytime you want.

So, that’s how you can make your toolbar unique and tailored to your needs. Have fun customizing, and don’t forget that you can always restore the default toolbar if you want to start fresh.

Finder Default Set

So, you’ve been making a lot of changes and now you want to go back to square one? No problem! Just grab the whole default set of buttons and drag them back up to your toolbar. Release your grip and ta-da, you’re back where you started. Pretty neat, huh?

Once you’re happy with all the changes you’ve made, it’s time to save those settings and move on. Just click on “Done” and you’re good to go.
Now, let me tell you, writing this article was quite a revelation. I got to see all the different buttons available in Pages and trust me, it blew my mind. I guess I’ve never really thought about customizing my toolbar in that app before. But man, there’s a whole world of options out there that I didn’t even know about. It’s like having a treasure trove of shortcuts and features at your fingertips. Mind-blowing, right?

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