How to Make a Table in Notion

How to Make a Table in Notion

I’m going to show you how to create a table in Notion. This type of table is perfect for adding references or elements to a page that isn’t already a table. It’s really easy to make and doesn’t take much time.

First, find the content box that you want to turn into a table. Once you’ve found it, look towards the left margin and click on the + icon. A menu will appear, and you’ll want to scroll down to the Database section. Within that section, select Table – Inline. And just like that, your table will be created!

notion create a table

Alternatively, you can click on the / button to open the same menu from above. If you don’t want to go through the list, you can type “table: inline,” and the entry will show up.

Full-Page Tables

Sometimes, an inline table won’t cut it. For certain purposes, there’s just too much information to handle. Using an inline table in these cases would make your Notion page look messy and confusing. Instead, you can make a whole new page solely for the table – a table page. Then, you can link the table page to the main page.

Creating a full-page table isn’t much different from creating an inline table. You can either click the + icon or type the / command and search for the Table: Full Page option in the list. This will automatically create a new page and add a link to it on the parent page. The full-page table only lets you add content within the page and is much clearer than an inline table.

Use inline and full-page tables creatively and based on your needs. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Adding Blocks and Rows

The great thing about Notion tables is that they work the same way. If you know how to work with one type, you won’t have any trouble understanding the other. Adding blocks and rows works the same way for Notion tables, whether they’re inline or full-page.

By default, every new page has three columns: Name, Tags, and Files. You can add as many more columns as you want, rearrange them, edit them, or delete them completely. To add a new column, click the + icon on the left side of the table. By default, it will be a Text column. However, if you go to Property Type and hover below it, you can choose from different column types.

You can create various column types, such as ones dedicated to files and media, dates, people, checkboxes, and more.

Adding rows to a table is even easier. At the bottom-left of the table, you’ll see a + New option. Click it to add a new row. It’s as simple as that.

Creating and Using Tables in Notion

Notion tables might not be the most advanced table feature out there, but Notion isn’t primarily a table-focused platform. If your needs go beyond what Notion tables can do (which is unlikely), you can explore third-party table apps that integrate with Notion. Otherwise, make the most of Notion tables, both inline and full-page.

How do you work with tables in Notion? When do you use full-page tables, and when do you use inline tables? Join the discussion in the comments section below and share any questions, thoughts, or tips about tables on the Notion platform.

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