How to Enable or Disable Closed Captioning on Apple TV While Watching Netflix

How to Enable or Disable Closed Captioning on Apple TV While Watching Netflix

Hey there! Today, I want to show you how easy it is to control the closed captioning feature on your Apple TV when you’re watching Netflix. Closed captioning is great because it provides text on the screen to help you understand what’s being said in the show or movie.

So, let’s get started! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take your Apple TV remote and press the Home button. This will take you to the main Apple TV menu.

2. Using the touchpad on the remote, swipe to find and select the Settings app. It looks like a gear.

3. In the Settings menu, navigate to the General section. You can do this by swiping on the touchpad until you reach it, and then pressing the touchpad to select it.

4. In the General section, scroll down and select Accessibility. This is where you’ll find all the accessibility options for your Apple TV.

5. Once you’re in the Accessibility menu, swipe down until you find the Closed Captions option. Press the touchpad to select it.

6. In the Closed Captions menu, you’ll see an option to turn closed captions On or Off. Simply swipe to the right to enable closed captions, or swipe to the left to disable them. When you’re done, press the touchpad to confirm your choice.

That’s it! You’ve successfully turned closed captioning on or off for Netflix on your Apple TV. Now you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies with or without the text on the screen.

Remember, if you ever want to change your settings again, just follow these steps to access the Closed Captions menu. It’s always good to have the option to customize your viewing experience!

I hope this guide was helpful to you. Enjoy your Netflix binges with closed captioning, if you prefer it!

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there, and it’s no surprise that they offer great subtitles and closed captions. If you have an Apple TV and want to know how to turn closed captioning on and off, here’s how.

What Are Closed Captions?

You’ve probably come across closed captions (CC) before on platforms like YouTube. They’re those text descriptions that appear on the screen while you’re watching a video. Closed captions not only provide translations of spoken language, but they also describe other sounds like music, effects, and noises.

Closed captions are especially important for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they can also be useful in situations where you need to keep the volume low or when the audio isn’t clear enough.

Using Closed Captions on Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV 2 or 3, make sure your device is updated to Software Version 5.0 or later. Then, go to the Apple TV menu, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility, and enable the Closed Captions + SDH option. You can also customize the appearance of the closed captions by accessing the Style menu.

For Apple TV 4 and 4K, you’ll need tvOS 9.0 or later. Just like with the previous models, go to Settings > General > Accessibility on your Apple TV, and enable Closed Captions + SDH. In the Netflix app, you can select the subtitles or closed captions from the options menu.

Turning Off Closed Captions

If you want to turn off the subtitles or closed captions, simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility on your Apple TV and disable the Closed Captions + SDH option. Alternatively, you can hold down the Siri key and say “Turn off closed captions.”

Customizing Closed Captions

You can customize the style of the subtitles and closed captions by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and accessing the Style menu. Here, you can adjust the font, size, color, background color, opacity, and other advanced settings.

Apple TV, Netflix, and Closed Captions: Making Subtitles Easy

Hey there! So, using closed captions on Netflix with your Apple TV may seem a bit daunting at first, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. It might take a bit of time to set it up initially, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Now, if you’re wondering how to enable closed captions for every show or movie you watch, I’ve got a nifty trick for you. It’s called the Accessibility Shortcut option, and boy, is it a game-changer!

Okay, let’s break it down. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First things first, make sure you have the Netflix app installed on your Apple TV. If you don’t, well, go ahead and download it from the App Store.
  2. Once you have the app up and running, go to the settings. You can find them by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the Netflix home screen. Got it? Good.
  3. In the settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Closed Captions + SDH” option. This is the magic button that will make your closed captions dreams come true.
  4. Alright, now here’s where the real convenience comes in. Tap on “Accessibility Shortcut” and choose either TV 4 or TV 4K. This means that whenever you want to enable closed captions, all you have to do is triple click the TV button on your Apple TV remote. It’s that easy!

See? I told you it wasn’t that complicated. With just a few simple steps, you can have closed captions on Netflix ready to go whenever you need them.

Before I sign off, I want to hear from you. When do you typically use closed captions? Or do you prefer subtitles? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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