How to Create Your Very Own Kik Bot

How to Create Your Very Own Kik Bot

Chat apps are all the rage these days on the Internet – in 2016, over 1.4 billion people used a chat app, making them the most popular type of mobile application. But did you know that some of the “people” you chat with online are actually automated programs called bots? Kik, a popular chat app, has created and released their own Kik bot for people to chat with. However, you can also create your own bot!

Why should you make a Kik bot? Well, it’s not a difficult process and it’s quite fascinating. Creating a bot can teach you a little (or a lot) about how automation works. Kik even has its own Bot Store, so if you make a high-quality bot, you could get it featured in the store. Most bots out there aren’t that great, so if you have a great idea and execute it well, your bot could attract a lot of attention. On top of that, bots are also useful for providing certain types of online customer service, so developing a bot could be a valuable addition to your resume and open doors to future programming opportunities!

There are a couple of different ways to build a bot on Kik. First, the Kik method requires you to have some coding knowledge in Python or Node.js. However, there are also standalone bot software platforms available that allow you to configure a bot without any coding knowledge.


Planning your Kik bot

Before you dive into developing your bot, take some time to plan. What do I want my bot to do? What do I want to achieve with it? How can I make it stand out from other bots out there? These questions are important because having a clear goal will help you stay focused during the development process. If you’re making a bot just for fun, you can start developing it without worrying about these questions. But if you’re making a bot for others to use, these questions become more important. If your bot doesn’t offer anything new, why would anyone use it?

Here are some things you should plan in advance:

  1. Think of a catchy name for your Kik bot.
  2. Decide on its personality. Will it be sarcastic, friendly, or aloof?
  3. Choose your target audience and subject matter. Will it be a sports bot for grownups or a joke-telling bot for kids?
  4. Consider the types of conversations you want your bot to have. Will it deeply analyze what the other person says or keep it superficial?
  5. Think about how to redirect conversations that go off topic.

Initializing the bot

To start building a bot, you’ll need the Kik app and you’ll need to sign up on the Kik developer site.

  1. Get the app from the app store (Apple or Google Play).
  2. Visit the Kik Dev website and register.
  3. Open the Kik app on your device and scan the Kik Code from the dev page.
  4. Wait for the Kik bot @Botsworth to send you a message, and follow the wizard linked in that message. You’ll need to provide a user ID, display name, and profile image.

The basic structure of your bot is now set up and ready to be given some intelligence.

Option 1 – Building a bot using a programming language

After completing the previous steps, go to the Kik Getting Started page.

  1. Follow the instructions to install your API library. Choose either Python or Node.js, depending on your preferred coding language. The Kik manual provides helpful guidance and includes example bots to assist in configuring your own.
  2. If you need additional help, Kik has its own GitHub page.
  3. Program your bot using your chosen language.
  4. Test, test, and test again. It’s also a good idea to invite friends to help you test it. They might come up with scenarios that will challenge your bot in ways you hadn’t thought of.
  5. Once you’re satisfied, release your bot through the Kik bot store.

You may have noticed that I didn’t go into detail about the actual programming of the bot. Don’t worry, though. Kik has created a comprehensive set of tutorials that will guide you through the process.


Option 2 – Create a Bot with ChatFlow

ChatFlow is an API tool that simplifies bot creation by offering a visual interface instead of coding.

  1. Start by downloading the app and logging into, as explained above.
  2. Use Botsworth to create and name your bot, following the provided instructions.
  3. In the website, go to Configuration and copy the bot name and API key.
  4. Create a ChatFlow application and begin by adding kik-in and kik-out to your flow.
  5. Right-click on the kik-in node, choose ‘Add new kikbot-controller’ and edit it. Paste the bot name and API key, then select Add.
  6. Right-click on kik-out, select the bot name, and click OK.
  7. Finally, select Deploy.

With these steps, you’ve created a basic Kik bot. This bot will simply repeat any message you send, but it serves as the foundation for further development. Using ChatFlow’s clear and logical instructions, anyone can create a chat bot and explore more advanced messaging and interactions!

Summing it Up

You can build a Kik bot through programming or by using platforms like ChatFlow. Either way works, but if you choose programming, you’ll gain a deeper understanding. Kik is just one chat service embracing the use of bots, and bots are a growing trend on the Internet. Learning to code intelligent bots opens up real opportunities.

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