How Many YouTube Tags Is Too Many?

How Many YouTube Tags Is Too Many?

Hey there! So, we all know that YouTube is the go-to platform for streaming videos, right? It’s used by billions of people worldwide, which makes it pretty unique. But here’s the thing, my friend: being successful on YouTube takes more than just fancy video editing and quality content. There’s another important factor in the mix, and that’s tagging. You see, tags are what help users on YouTube discover content that they’re actually interested in. Without the right tags, a video is more likely to fall flat.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. You might be wondering, “How many tags can I actually use on my videos?” Well, YouTube doesn’t have a specific limit for the number of tags you can use. But there’s a catch – you’re limited to 30 characters per tag. This means no extravagant tags that go on forever. YouTube wants you to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Oh, and here’s more technical stuff for you. The “Tags” section on YouTube has a maximum limit of 500 characters. Sounds like a lot, I know. But trust me, it’s not as much as it seems. Again, YouTube wants you to think carefully and choose the best tags instead of filling up space with a bunch of random ones.

Don’t Mess with Metadata

Listen up, folks. If you upload a video and slap on some poor tags, you’re making it harder for your content to find its audience. But here’s the kicker – if you choose to use tags that are misleading or deceptive just to gain popularity, YouTube will come knocking. They’ll take down your video and give you a nice little penalty. Yikes! When people stumble upon a video that has nothing to do with their interests and discover misleading tags, they can report it to YouTube. And trust me, you don’t want to mess with YouTube.

Now, why does YouTube have such a strict policy on accurate metadata? Well, it’s simple, really. Google, YouTube’s parent company, thrives on metadata. And when people use inappropriate tags and metadata, it messes up the search results for everyone. So, let’s play fair and keep those tags legit, shall we?


Real Information

When it comes to YouTube videos, the number of tags you use should be based on your content. The key point to remember is to avoid using tags that aren’t relevant to your video. Don’t try to deceive people into boosting your views, because Google will catch on and remove your video. Even if Google and YouTube don’t catch it, your viewers will and they’ll report it.

Always strive to provide relevant information for YouTube’s algorithm to use, so your video appears in your viewers’ searches and recommendations. It’s not really possible to bend the rules on such a large platform.

How to Use Tags

If you use tags appropriately, the 500-character limit won’t even matter. But what does it mean to use tags appropriately?

Consider your viewers and the content you’ve provided. Will it reach the right audience? Imagine your ideal viewer – what would they search for to find your video?

Tagging is important, so make sure you do some research. Don’t just rely on a few “how should I tag my YouTube video” articles. Take a look at the tags used on other videos in your niche and find out what your audience might expect.


Tagging Tips

Let me share some helpful tips to properly and successfully tag your YouTube videos. Just keep in mind that you might need to do some extra research along the way.

  1. Brand-Specific Tags – Remember, you are a brand, no matter what kind of content you create on YouTube. So, using tags specific to your brand is crucial, not just on YouTube, but on other social media platforms as well. And don’t forget, your real name can be your brand too.
  2. YouTube Auto-Suggest – Take advantage of this handy tool. Think about what your ideal viewers might search for and start typing. The first suggestion that pops up is usually the best choice for your tag. And each new letter you enter will provide you with more suggestions.
  3. Use YouTube Advertising – This tool is incredibly useful for tag suggestions. It can help you discover the precise keywords that your direct competitors are using and even generate suggestions specifically tailored for you.

Tags Are Your Friends

YouTube tags are valuable for both you and YouTube (and ultimately, Google). They help content creators reach their audience, and by using proper tags, you increase your chances of getting more views. Even if you’re not concerned about views, it’s important to only enter tags that are relevant to your video, to avoid any trouble with YouTube.

So, how do you tag your videos? Have you tried YouTube Advertising or any other methods for finding the best tags? Feel free to share your stories, testimonials, advice, and ask for help in the comment section below!

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