Easy Steps to Increase Text Size on your iPhone

Easy Steps to Increase Text Size on your iPhone

Hey there, iPhone users! Are you struggling with small text on your device? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make text larger on your iPhone, so you can read more comfortably.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open Settings

First things first, locate and tap on the “Settings” icon on your iPhone’s home screen. It looks like a gear-wheel and usually resides towards the top.

Step 2: Access Display & Brightness

Inside the Settings menu, scroll down and find the “Display & Brightness” option. You might need to swipe upwards to reveal it fully. Once found, give it a gentle tap to proceed.

Step 3: Find Text Size

Now that you’re in the “Display & Brightness” section, look for the “Text Size” option. It should be placed somewhere in the middle. Once you’ve spotted it, go ahead and tap on it.

Step 4: Adjust Text Size

Congratulations, we’re almost there! In the “Text Size” menu, you’ll see a sliding scale that controls the size of the text on your iPhone. You can make the text larger or smaller by sliding the bar to the left or right, respectively. As you slide, the text above will instantly adjust, allowing you to find the perfect size that suits your needs.

Step 5: Check and Confirm

Now that you’ve adjusted the text size, it’s time to check how it looks. Close the “Settings” app and open any app that displays text, like Safari or Notes. You should notice the difference in text size right away. If you’re satisfied, congratulations! If not, you can always go back to Step 4 and fine-tune it to your liking.

That’s it! You’ve successfully increased the text size on your iPhone. Now you can enjoy reading without straining your eyes.

Remember, if you ever want to revert to the default text size, just follow the same steps and adjust the slider to the middle position.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you. Enjoy legible text on your iPhone and have a wonderful day ahead!

How To Make Text Larger on your iPhone

As iPhones continue to get bigger screens, the font sizes on them tend to stay the same. That’s fine if you have perfect vision, but if you need a little help seeing or making out the details on the screen, you’ll have to make some changes. Luckily, there are several ways you can make text larger, increase contrast, magnify the screen, and even use the iPhone camera as a magnifying glass. Let me show you how.

The default font size on most phones is small but readable for people with perfect vision. But as soon as your vision deviates from “perfect,” things can get a bit more challenging. Luckily, Apple and Android have some helpful accessibility options for those who struggle with the standard display. Let me show you some of the most popular ones.

How to Make Text Larger on Your iPhone

Increasing the font size is probably the most common adjustment people make to their new phones. It instantly makes the phone more accessible and much easier to use, and it only takes a few seconds. Here’s how you can increase the font size on your iPhone. I’m using iOS 12, so this tutorial reflects that.

  1. Open the Settings and go to Display & Brightness.
  2. Select Text Size.
  3. Adjust the slider until you’re happy with the font size.

The slider should have a preview screen that shows you what the changes will look like. Once you’ve set the font size, it will stay that way. However, if the fonts still aren’t large enough for your needs, you can try the following:

  1. Open the Settings and go to General.
  2. Select Accessibility and then Larger Text.
  3. Adjust the slider until you’re happy with the font size.

For some reason, iOS has two different font size options. The first method, using Display & Brightness, increases the font size to a certain degree and then stops. To go larger, you need to go to a different menu. Don’t worry, though—the display will adjust to scale with the font size increase, so your icons and interface should still be usable regardless of the font size you select.

How to Increase Display Contrast on an iPhone

High contrast displays can be incredibly helpful for some visual impairments. They make using the phone much easier for anyone who struggles with color or detail. Changing the iPhone display to high contrast is very simple.

  1. Select Settings and then General.
  2. Select Accessibility and then Increase Contrast.
  3. Choose between Reduce Transparency, Darken Colors, or Reduce White Point, depending on your needs.

Reduce Transparency does exactly what it says—it reduces transparency and removes some artistic blurs from the interface. Darken Colors makes background colors darker, which makes white text more legible. Reduce White Point reduces the intensity of lighter colors.

How to Magnify the Screen on an iPhone

The screen magnifier is a zoom function that lets you zoom in to any part of the iPhone screen. You can zoom in between 100% and 500% of the standard size. This feature can be incredibly useful for anyone with vision impairment.

  1. Select Settings and then General.
  2. Select Accessibility and then Zoom.
  3. Toggle Zoom on.

Now that Zoom is enabled, you can use it anywhere you want. Double-tap with three fingers to enable it and repeat to disable it. Swipe three fingers across the screen to move the zoomed view on the display.

Zoom comes with a Zoom Controller, which is a little joystick-like tool that lets you control where the screen zooms. It’s not enabled by default, but you can turn it on from the Zoom settings menu. Select “Show Controller” to enable it. Double-tap on any part of the screen to show the controller, and use it to move the focus around.

Zoom also has a helpful feature called Follow Focus. This makes Zoom follow any text you type, so you can see it clearly as you go. In the Zoom settings menu I mentioned earlier, select “Follow Focus.” Every time you type, the screen should zoom in and follow the words as they appear on the screen.

How to Use the iPhone Camera as a Magnifying Glass

My final tip for getting the most out of your iPhone is to use the camera as a magnifying glass. This is a great tool for the visually impaired to use anywhere.

  1. Select Settings and then General.
  2. Select Accessibility and then Magnifier.
  3. Toggle it on.
  4. Triple-tap the Home button to turn it on.
  5. Point the camera at whatever you want to magnify.
  6. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to zoom in.

You can use the magnifier tool on anything, and it works well. The ability to zoom in and out adds extra utility and makes it a useful feature for anyone, regardless of their visual ability.

The iPhone and iOS, in general, have a decent range of accessibility options for people with visual challenges. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but the basics are definitely covered!

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