Easy Steps to Enjoy FuboTV on Your Amazon Fire Device

How to Watch FuboTV on Your Amazon Fire

Easy Steps to Enjoy FuboTV on Your Amazon Fire Device

Are you ready to start watching your favorite shows and sports on FuboTV? With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the exciting world of streaming entertainment right on your Amazon Fire device. Let me guide you through the process.

Step 1: Open the App Store on Your Amazon Fire

To get started, navigate to the App Store on your Amazon Fire device. You can easily find it on your home screen or by scrolling through the menu. Once you’ve located it, just tap on the App Store icon to open it up.

Step 2: Search for FuboTV

Now that you’re in the App Store, it’s time to find the FuboTV app. In the search bar at the top of the screen, type in “FuboTV” and hit enter. You should see the FuboTV app appear in the search results. Tap on it to go to the app’s page.

Step 3: Install the FuboTV App

Once you’re on the FuboTV app’s page, you’ll see an “Install” button. Just tap on it, and the app will automatically start downloading and installing on your Amazon Fire device. Be patient, as this process may take a few moments.

Step 4: Launch the FuboTV App

After the installation is complete, you’re ready to launch the FuboTV app. You can do this directly from the app’s page in the App Store by tapping on the “Open” button. Alternatively, you can go back to your home screen and find the FuboTV app among your other installed apps.

Step 5: Sign In to Your FuboTV Account

Now that the FuboTV app is open, it’s time to sign in to your account. If you already have a FuboTV account, simply enter your login credentials and tap on the “Sign In” button. If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry! You can easily create one by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 6: Start Watching FuboTV

And voila! You’re all set to start enjoying your favorite shows, sports, and live TV on FuboTV. Browse through the app’s intuitive interface, explore different channels and genres, and select something that catches your interest. Sit back, relax, and let the entertainment begin!


By following these simple steps, you can easily watch FuboTV on your Amazon Fire device. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or a TV show enthusiast, FuboTV offers a wide range of content to keep you entertained. So grab your popcorn, find a comfy spot on the couch, and dive into the world of unlimited streaming with FuboTV on your Amazon Fire. Happy watching!

Hey there! Unfortunately, the Fire Tablet doesn’t support FuboTV. Don’t worry though, if you have other Amazon Fire devices, you’re in luck! FuboTV works perfectly fine on the Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and the Firestick (2nd generation).

But wait, there’s more! Let me guide you on how to watch FuboTV on these awesome devices. Now, keep in mind that while the Fire Tablet might support FuboTV in the future, nothing is confirmed just yet.

How to Watch FuboTV on Other Amazon Fire Devices

So, even though the official FuboTV support page only mentions Amazon Fire TV, you can still get it on the Firestick and the Fire TV Cube. Here’s how:


  • First things first, make sure your Fire TV, Fire Cube, or Firestick is connected to the internet and set up correctly. Once you’re all set, tap on the Search bar in the top-left corner of your Home screen.
  • \t

  • Type in “Fubo” in the search field using either the voice command or the keyboard.
  • \t

  • Look for FuboTV under the Apps and Games section and tap on it.
  • \t

  • Depending on the device you’re using, select either Download or Get. The FuboTV app will start downloading and installing automatically.
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  • Once the setup is complete, select Open and launch the FuboTV application.
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  • Whenever you want to use FuboTV, you can find it in the Apps and Games section on your Home screen.
  • Almost there! Now, if you don’t already have a FuboTV account, you’ll need to sign up for one.

    How to Sign Up for FuboTV

    If you’re new to FuboTV, you can start with the free 7-day trial to see if it’s worth your money. The signup process is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:


  • Open the FuboTV signup page in your browser.
  • \t

  • Enter your zip code (unless the site picks it up automatically).
  • \t

  • Next, provide a valid email address and create a password for your account. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account. Just click Next.
  • \t

  • Select a FuboTV package and press Next. No worries, FuboTV won’t charge you anything during your trial period. You can cancel the subscription after the trial ends. Click Next again.
  • \t

  • If you’d like, you can add extra channels and upgrades to your FuboTV subscription. Finally, go to the Final Step section.
  • \t

  • Enter your credit card information and select Start Watching FuboTV.
  • Sign In on Your Amazon Fire TV, Cube, or Firestick

    Now that your FuboTV account is all set up and the app is ready, you can finally start watching FuboTV on your Amazon Fire device. The sign-in process is easy peasy. Here’s a quick guide for your first sign-in:


  • On your Home screen, find the Your Apps and Channels section, and select FuboTV.
  • \t

  • The app will launch, and you’ll see a Sign In button. Just click or tap on it.
  • \t

  • Enter your email and password.
  • \t

  • Click or tap Sign In again.
  • The app will load shortly. And guess what? Your Amazon Fire device will remember your credentials, so you don’t have to enter them every time you log in to the FuboTV app.

    FuboTV on Amazon Fire Devices

    Now, let’s explore the interface on the Amazon app. It’s elegant and user-friendly, perfect for an optimal viewing experience. You’ll be able to navigate through it effortlessly.

    The Home button will give you an overview of all the awesome stuff FuboTV has to offer.

    If you’re a sports fan, get ready to fall in love with the Sports button. FuboTV is mainly a sports streaming service, so you can browse sports matches, select a specific sport, watch live games, and check out what’s coming up.

    The Shows option is also impressive. It’s packed with content and super sleek. You can browse shows by genre, check out live and upcoming shows, and more. FuboTV even recommends new content every day, so you’ll never run out of exciting things to watch.

    Movies on FuboTV are just as great as the shows. They have an extensive on-demand library of films, including plenty of classics. You can even filter movies by genre. And that’s not all! FuboTV offers many other options like Recordings, the Guide, Video Controls, and more.

    Sports Fans, Rejoice!

    FuboTV is a dream come true for cord-cutters who love sports. You can enjoy basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and so much more on FuboTV. Sure, they have amazing shows and movies too, but most people get it for the joy of watching their favorite major league teams.

    Unfortunately, FuboTV won’t be available on the Fire Tablet anytime soon. But hey, who knows what the future holds, right? For now, only the Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and the 2nd generation Firestick support the FuboTV app.

    So, what do you think of FuboTV? Do you love their channel selection and prices? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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