Adding a Degree Symbol in Google Docs: A Simple Guide

Adding a Degree Symbol in Google Docs: A Simple Guide

Hey there! Today, I want to show you how to easily add a degree symbol in your Google Docs. Trust me, it’s simpler than you might think!

To get started, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. Let me break it down for you:

Method 1: Using the Special Characters Menu

First, click on the place in your document where you want the degree symbol to appear. Then, go to the “Insert” tab in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

When the drop-down menu appears, click on “Special characters.” A window will pop up, offering you a variety of different symbols to choose from.

To find the degree symbol, you can either scroll down or, to make things quicker, type “degree” into the search bar. Boom! There it is!

Simply click on the degree symbol, and it will be inserted right where your cursor was. Easy peasy, right?

Method 2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, if you’re a fan of shortcuts like me, I’ve got a nifty one for you too! Get ready to impress your friends with your lightning-fast skills.

Position your cursor in the spot where you want that degree symbol to show up. Then, press and hold the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys on your keyboard. While holding them down, press the “U” key.

A little underscore character, “_”, should appear on your screen. Now, it’s time for the magic trick! Type in “00B0” right after the underscore and hit the spacebar.

Whoosh! Like magic, the underscore and the numbers will transform into a perfect degree symbol. It’s like you’re performing a secret code and unlocking a hidden treasure!

And there you have it! Two different ways to add a degree symbol in your Google Docs. Choose whichever method feels more comfortable for you.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you. Now go forth and sprinkle those degrees wherever you need them. Happy writing!

How to Add a Degree Symbol in Google Docs

Hey there! Google Docs has tons of cool formatting options that can help you create professional documents. But sometimes, you might have trouble finding certain symbols, like the degree symbol. When you’re working on a scientific document or research thesis, you might need that symbol a lot. It’s used to represent temperatures or angles. So, knowing how to quickly add the degree symbol in Google Docs can be a huge time-saver!

Here’s how to insert a degree symbol in Google Docs on the web:

Adding the degree symbol to a Google Docs file on the web is a piece of cake. It’s as easy as adding your signature!

  1. First, open Google Docs in your favorite browser and go to the document where you want to insert the degree symbol.
  2. Next, click on “Insert” in the top menu and then select “Special Characters”.
  3. A new window will open with all the special characters available.
  4. Look for the “Arrows” drop-down and click on it. Then select “Miscellaneous”.
  5. You’ll find the degree symbol on the first row, the fourth symbol from the right. Just click on it to insert the degree symbol into your Google Doc.

Once you’ve opened up the Special Characters menu, you can search for the symbol by typing “Degree” or you can even draw the symbol yourself. You can use a similar trick to create an em-dash in Google Docs.

If you want to use a keyboard shortcut to insert the degree symbol, here’s how:

Using the special character menu every time you want to insert the degree symbol can be a bit time-consuming. That’s where keyboard shortcuts come in handy!

  1. First, position your cursor where you want to insert the symbol.
  2. For Windows users, press “Alt + 0176” on the numeric keypad to insert the degree symbol.
  3. Mac users can press “Option + Shift + 8” to add the degree symbol in Google Docs.

If your keyboard has a dedicated number pad, these shortcuts will be super easy to use!

If you use the degree symbol often, you can set up custom preferences to insert it automatically:

Want to save even more time? You can set a keyboard character to automatically insert the degree symbol whenever you need it. Just follow these steps:

  1. In your Google Docs file, click on the “Tools” menu in the top left corner of the screen and select “Preferences”.
  2. In the “Preferences” window, you’ll see two tabs: General and Substitutions. Click on the “Substitutions” tab.
  3. This option allows you to substitute one symbol for another. You’ll see two sections: “Replace” and “With”.
  4. In the “Replace” section, enter the symbol you want to replace with the degree symbol. In the “With” section, add the degree symbol.
  5. Make sure the “Automatic Substitution” box is checked before clicking “OK” to save your changes.

If you’re having trouble seeing the degree symbol clearly, try changing the default font in Google Docs. Or you can even change the background color to see if that helps!

Here’s how to insert a degree symbol in Google Docs on your Android or iPhone:

Working on a Google Docs file on your phone while you’re on the go? Unfortunately, the Google Docs app for Android or iPhone doesn’t have a built-in option to insert the degree symbol. But don’t worry, you can still use your smartphone’s keyboard to get the job done!

For iPhone users:

Insert Special Character Degree Google Docs

  1. To begin, I need you to open up Google Docs and then open the document where you want to insert the degree symbol.
  2. Next, simply position the cursor at the spot where you want the degree symbol to be placed.
  3. Now, tap and hold down the “number zero” key on your keyboard. This will cause the degree symbol to appear as if by magic!

For all you Android users:

Google Docs Degree Symbol Android

  1. To insert the degree symbol in your Google Docs draft, simply place your cursor where you want to add it.
  2. Tap on the ?123 button on your keyboard and then tap on it again. This will bring up a list of symbols, and you’ll find the degree symbol there.

If you need to use the degree symbol frequently, consider copying it so you can easily paste it whenever you need it.

Inserting the Degree Symbol Made Easy

The degree symbol is important in accurately conveying measurements and angles in various applications. It’s a symbol that holds significance in many fields. If you don’t need to use these symbols often, you can follow the shortcuts or the insert method explained in this guide. However, if you frequently use the degree symbol, there’s a custom preferences method you can use.

Next, let’s learn how to add page numbers in Google Docs or Sheets to keep your document organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add the Celsius symbol in Google Docs?

A: Yes, you can. Google Docs provides built-in symbols, including the Celsius symbol. To insert it, simply click on “Insert” and then “Special Characters”. In the search bar, type “Celsius” and you’ll find the symbol there.

Q: Can I format the symbols in Google Docs?

A: Absolutely! You can format the symbols in Google Docs to match your document’s style. Just double-click on the symbol to select it, and then click on the desired formatting options, such as font type or font size, to make the adjustments you need.

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