200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out

200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out

Hey there! I’ve got something really cool for you. If you’re playing Clash of Clans or Call of Duty, I’ve got a huge list of the best clan names that will help you become a standout hero. Get ready to rock the gaming world with these epic names!

1. Savage Warriors

2. Thunder Strikers

3. Dark Phoenix

4. Venomous Vipers

5. Steel Titans

I mean, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to sound fierce, mysterious, or just plain awesome, there’s a name here that will make your enemies tremble. Trust me, when they see your clan name on the battlefield, they’ll know they’re in for a tough fight.

But wait, I’ve got even more to offer. Not only will these names make you stand out, but they’ll also give you a sense of belonging. Imagine fighting side by side with your fellow clan members, all sharing the same powerful name. It’s like a bond that unites you and makes you unstoppable.

Now, some people might think that a name doesn’t matter, but let me tell you something, my friend. A great name is the key to success. It’s what sets you apart from the rest. When others see your clan name, they’ll know that you mean business. You’re not just another player. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

So, don’t settle for a mediocre name. Choose one from this amazing list and let it define who you are in the gaming world. Be original, be epic, be unstoppable. It’s time to leave your mark and conquer the battlefield!

Remember, this is just the beginning. With a great clan name, you’ll attract like-minded gamers who share your passion for domination. Together, you can build an unstoppable force that will be feared by all. So why wait? Choose your name now and let the games begin!

200 Cool Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Help You Stand Out

Are you a fan of Clash of Clans? How about Call of Duty? Or any other game where you play as part of a clan or team? Online gaming has become extremely popular in recent years, and there are now hundreds of games where you and your team can compete and come out on top. But now that you’ve formed your crew, you need a cool name to set your team apart! The game servers are filled with teams, so if you want to look awesome while playing your favorite game, you’ll need a unique name for your clan, team, or group. If you’re feeling like all the good names are taken, maybe you’ll find some inspiration here.

You’re probably not interested in a regular, run-of-the-mill name for your team and its members. You want to be the ones who strike fear into the hearts of your opponents in the online gaming community – the team whose name makes others realize you’re serious. Okay, maybe you’re not that serious about it… it’s all in good fun, of course. But as a gamer, you know that some people take their games very seriously. Whether you’re deadly serious or just playing for fun, you want to dominate the game—and when you’re among the top teams, you want people to know your name, whether they remember it with fear or a smile.

To help you find that creative spark, we’ve compiled a list of excellent clan names for you and your teammates to consider. Take a name, make it your own, and let the world know who you are.

Clash of Clans

200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out

200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out

  1. Alluring Warlords
  2. Supreme Resistance
  3. Killer Service
  4. American War Hounds
  5. Spicy Fighting Machine
  6. Maverick Mongeese
  7. Capricious Liquidators
  8. Unfriendly Killers
  9. The Doom Dispensers
  10. Hapless Domination
  11. Dysfunctional Troopers
  12. Evasive Vandals
  13. Aware Assault Force
  14. Spiteful Allegiance
  15. Incandescent Veterans
  16. Guilty Perfection
  17. Solar Gladiators
  18. Clan Assault Force
  19. Dangerous Geniuses
  20. Fancy Exile
  21. Determined Brigade
  22. Timid Tyrants
  23. Tough Ops
  24. Superficial Executioners
  25. Broken Unit
  26. Unlawful Legion
  27. Happy Centurions
  28. Rumblecrashers
  29. Naughty Delinquents
  30. Guild Allegiance
  31. Ghost Criminals
  32. Elastic Cat Army
  33. Clan Deadly
  34. Master Savages
  35. Offbeat Band
  36. 6 th Special Forces
  37. Grim Armed Services
  38. Festive Mercs
  39. Macho Toads
  40. Chaos Kings
  41. Ghost Collectors
  42. Hammers of Supremacy
  43. Militant Noobs
  44. Furious Loons
  45. Midnight Mavericks
  46. Razor Command
  47. Impenetrable Authority
  48. The Dauntless Noobs
  49. Frag Rebels
  50. Sons of Victory
  51. Silent Masters
  52. Silver Dominion
  53. Kamikaze Kings
  54. Cyber Commandos
  55. Teeny Tiny Outlaws
  56. Red Forces
  57. Vicious and Delicious
  58. French Toast Mafia
  59. Bloodbath and Beyond
  60. The Azeroth
  61. Thunderous Ambition
  62. The Angelic Fury
  63. The Havock
  64. The Horde of Tomorrow
  65. Onyx Slayers
  66. Flaming Knights
  67. Angelic Legion
  68. The Dragons Doom
  69. Legendary Dwarves
  70. Nightmare Army
  71. The Deathdealers
  72. Icy Spiders
  73. Darkstar Destroyers
  74. Illuminati Army
  75. Clan Cartel


Are you more into first-person shooters (FPS)? If so, you need a clan name that represents your online Call of Duty crew. Here are some cool suggestions. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player in the world of Call of Duty, we’ve got you covered.

200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out

  1. Careless Rebels
  2. Optimal Desperado
  3. Lethal Warfare
  4. Victorious Moguls
  5. Beautiful Vandals
  6. Devilish Force
  7. Deadpan Punks
  8. Crazy Angels
  9. Hulking Prestige
  10. Actual Jaguars
  11. Conscious Killers
  12. Obtainable Execution
  13. Righteous Hooligans
  14. Martian Monsters
  15. Bloodthirsty Criminals
  16. Dashing Exile
  17. Gruesome Assassins
  18. Scattered Occupation
  19. Important Veterans
  20. Pro Bono Mercenaries
  21. Obscene Sharpshooters200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out
  22. Swanky Domination
  23. Battlebreakers
  24. Digital Devils
  25. Ill Strategy
  26. Defective Gangsters
  27. The Sublime and the Deadly
  28. Fearful Admirals
  29. Ubiquitous Victory
  30. Bloody Warfare
  31. Curvy Butchers
  32. Fine Domination
  33. Filthy Noobs
  34. Marvelous Movement
  35. Sour Execution
  36. Master Gathering
  37. Hardened Division
  38. Petite Desperado
  39. Surgical Explosions
  40. Undercover Pro
  41. Imperfect Execution
  42. Redneck Warhounds
  43. Cunning Zombies
  44. Offensive Unit
  45. Elite Spec Ops
  46. 200 Awesome Clan Names for CoC and CoD to Make You Stand Out
  47. Full Metal Centurions
  48. Deadly Swarm
  49. Rogue Enforcers
  50. Nuclear Gang
  51. Secondhand Superpowers
  52. Cryptic Menaces
  53. Hit Brotherhood
  54. Razor Outfit
  55. Girly Squad
  56. Mayhem Unit
  57. Intense Coalition
  58. Death’s Company
  59. Lucky Fools
  60. Infamous Androids
  61. Martial Forces
  62. Supreme Fighting Forces
  63. Vicious Victims
  64. Covert Squad
  65. Tricky Devastation
  66. Diamons Wolves
  67. Global Predators
  68. Miraculous Monsters
  69. Overrated Overlords
  70. The Squad
  71. Revolutionary Command
  72. 3 rd Vengeance
  73. Majestic Contenders
  74. Fallen Soldiers
  75. Delta Guns
  76. Psycho Gaming

Team Names in General

A team name should be catchy, interesting, and maybe even a little intimidating to your opponents. Or, at the very least, it should make you laugh! Here are some more team names for all sorts of team games.

  1. Pressure Intelligence Squad
  2. Gentle Marksmen
  3. Greasy Sharpshooters
  4. Aberrant Guerrillas
  5. The Apache Squad
  6. The Clockworks
  7. Unwieldy Moguls
  8. The Firebolts
  9. The Lone Wolves
  10. Functional Outlaws
  11. Easy Outlaws
  12. The Bent Lyrebirds
  13. Abnormal Soldiers
  14. Minor Slayers
  15. The Mutants
  16. Ugliest Masters
  17. Nutty killers
  18. The Cyclone Squadron
  19. The Banshees
  20. Vengeful Invincible
  21. Disaster Assault Division
  22. The Whispers
  23. The Coyotes
  24. Unique Unquenchables
  25. Giant Movement
  26. The Guardians
  27. The Barbarians
  28. The Mambas
  29. The Guardian Squadron
  30. The Rampant Mosquitos
  31. Glistening Cadets
  32. Old Invincible
  33. The Monster Crew
  34. The Discreet Echidnas
  35. Capricious Execution
  36. Soft Criminals
  37. The Huge Swans
  38. Fumbling Superpower
  39. Precious Committee
  40. The Feral Squad
  41. Worried Victors
  42. Absent Crew
  43. The Black Panthers
  44. Modern Butchers
  45. Wretched Hooligans
  46. The Barrage Squad
  47. The Special Pandas
  48. The Versed Lemurs
  49. The Chivalrous Weasels
  50. Extreme Engage Squadron
  51. Alluring Devils
  52. Grieving Squad
  53. Ubiquitous Exterminators
  54. Thundering Hooligans
  55. The Phantom Squadron
  56. Racial Warfare
  57. Intelligent Occupation
  58. Vast Agency
  59. The Vipers
  60. The Assault Squadron
  61. The Normal Peafowls
  62. Sloppy killers
  63. Squealing Perpetrator
  64. Gruesome Criminals
  65. The Demon Squad
  66. Standby Force Squad
  67. Brief Bureau
  68. Incident Liberation Unit
  69. Uppity Deadly
  70. Advanced Command Squadron
  71. Plain Prestige
  72. Aloof Enforcers
  73. Wandering Thugs
  74. The Nightowls
  75. Calm Devils
  76. Spotless Dominance
  77. The Phantoms
  78. Pressure Pursuit Division
  79. Handsome Commanders
  80. The Phoenix Squad
  81. Selfish Agency
  82. Fanatical Bureau
  83. Tactical Task Squadron
  84. The Romantic Coyotes
  85. Quickest Antagonists
  86. Strategic Reconnaissance Team
  87. Necessary Butchers
  88. The Black Vipers
  89. Black Pandemic
  90. Crisis Reconnaissance Crew
  91. Flashy Deadly
  92. Guttural Thugs
  93. The Perfect Otters
  94. Abrupt Vigor
  95. The Frozen Squad
  96. The Bane Crew
  97. Extreme Salvage Squad
  98. Grateful Devils
  99. The Smart Mallards
  100. The Blades
  101. Petite Strategy
  102. Scarce Criminals
  103. Absurd Military
  104. The Grindstone Crew
  105. Nice Sharpshooters
  106. The Plague Squadron
  107. Homely Exterminators
  108. Zany Force
  109. The Energetic Toads
  110. The Unhealthy Cats
  111. Three Victors
  112. The Jester Squad
  113. Covert Pursuit Squadron
  114. Capable Vigor
  115. Square Slayers
  116. The Slimy Goats
  117. The Carnage Squad
  118. The Thunderbirds
  119. Hissing Soldiers
  120. The Abrasive Butterflys
  121. The Ethereals
  122. The Unruly Dogs
  123. The Cyclone Crew
  124. Stereotyped Power
  125. The Vigorous Snakes
  126. The Vikings
  127. The Dragon Crew
  128. The Titans
  129. Ruddy Corps
  130. The Unsuitable Ravens
  131. Bustling Prestige
  132. The Mambas
  133. Vacuous Cadets
  134. The Rage Squadron
  135. Demonic Mafia
  136. Strategic Engage Crew
  137. Organic Movement
  138. The Watery Cranes
  139. The Decorous Jackals
  140. Spotty Squad
  141. The Boiling Rams
  142. The Red Dragons
  143. The Colorful Pelicans
  144. Adhesive Mafia
  145. The Ferals
  146. Piquant Sharpshooters
  147. Good Havoc
  148. Resolute Crew
  149. Trauma Assault Division
  150. Brash Admirals
  151. Sweltering Domination
  152. The Golden Tigers
  153. Hanging Noobs
  154. Plastic Killers
  155. The Guardian Squadron
  156. Motionless Enemy
  157. Disaster Force Unit
  158. Tearful Punks
  159. Mighty Warriors
  160. The Roasted Falcons
  161. Quarrelsome Execution
  162. Foamy Domination
  163. Delirious Privilege
  164. The Monster Squad
  165. Stale Tyranny
  166. Odd Delinquents
  167. Specialized Counter Team
  168. Tactical Pursuit Team
  169. Defective Warriors
  170. Trauma Liberation Crew
  171. Zealous Unquenchables
  172. Long-term Slayers
  173. Obeisant Corps
  174. Whole Power
  175. Maniacal Power
  176. Teeny-tiny Masters
  177. Hungry Enforcers
  178. Resonant Military
  179. Lean Delinquents
  180. Purring Butchers
  181. The Daemon Squad
  182. Extreme Liberation Squadron
  183. Faulty Superpower
  184. Frequent Veterans
  185. Mean Angels
  186. The Sudden Aardvarks
  187. Thoughtful Dominance
  188. Extreme Reinforce Squadron
  189. The Raspy Beavers
  190. Tactical Reinforce Division
  191. Disaster Weapons Crew
  192. New Force
  193. Black Force
  194. Embarrassed Gang
  195. Enchanted Tyranny
  196. The Meaty Lions
  197. Heavy Havoc
  198. The Obsequious Armadillos
  199. The Thunder Crew
  200. Annoyed Perpetrators

That should give you a good starting point, no matter what type of team game you and your squad are playing. I’ve compiled a list of names for your gaming team, so now it’s your job, along with your friends, to go out there and win some matches.

I hope you like these choices, and if none of them are quite right, take one of the images that caught your eye and give it your own twist! Let us know if you have any ideas that deserve to be on our list.

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