Sending a Photo or Voice Note on Telegram: A Quick Guide

Sending a Photo or Voice Note on Telegram: A Quick Guide

Hey there! Today, I want to show you how you can send a photo or voice note on Telegram. It’s pretty easy, so don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it step by step.

First things first, let’s talk about sending a photo. To do this, simply follow these instructions:

1. Open Telegram and start a new chat or go into an existing one.

2. Look for the paperclip icon at the bottom of the chat window and tap on it.

3. You’ll see a bunch of options, but we’re interested in the one that says “Photo or Video”. Go ahead and tap on that.

4. You can now choose where you want to get the photo from. You can either take a new photo using your camera or select one from your gallery. The choice is yours!

5. Once you’ve selected the photo, you can add a caption if you’d like. It’s not necessary, but it can help if you want to give some context to the photo you’re sending.

6. Done! Your photo is now ready to be sent. Just hit the send button, and off it goes to your recipient.

Now, let’s move on to sending a voice note. Here’s how you do it:

1. Again, open Telegram and start or enter a chat.

2. Look for the microphone icon at the bottom right corner of the chat window. Tap and hold on it.

3. While holding the microphone icon, start speaking. You can record for as long as you want, but remember to keep it relevant and concise.

4. Once you’re done recording, release the microphone icon.

5. You’ll get a chance to listen to the recording before sending it. If you’re happy with it, hit the send button.

6. And just like that, your voice note is on its way to your lucky recipient!

That’s it! See, I told you it was easy. Now you can send all the cool photos and voice notes you want on Telegram. Enjoy!

Hey there! Wanna share some private photos on Telegram without them getting stored permanently? Well, lucky for you, Telegram lets you send one-time photos and voice notes that disappear after being viewed once. It adds an extra layer of privacy and makes your conversations more fun. So, if you’re ready to dive into the magic of one-time photos and voice notes on Telegram, follow this handy guide.

How to Send a One-Time View Photo on Telegram

In Telegram, there’s a cool self-destruct feature that allows you to send disappearing photos to any of your contacts. The best part is, you can even set a timer for these photos. Within the set time, the person receiving the photo can view it as many times as they want. But once the timer runs out, the photo is gone for good.

If you want to hide a message’s content, you can use spoilers in Telegram. But remember, the recipient can view the message multiple times without any restrictions.

  1. First off, open your Telegram chat with the person you want to send the photo to.
  2. Next, tap the attachment icon at the bottom of your chat window, which looks like a pin. Then open the Gallery View.
  3. You’ll see different formats like files, music, contacts, etc., and a grid of all the pictures on your device. Select the photo you want to share and tap on it.
  4. A preview of your chosen photo will appear. Tap the encircled number “1” icon in the bottom right corner.
  5. This will bring up a window where you can set how long the photo will be available after the recipient opens it.
  6. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll see a blue flame icon with the message “photo set to view once”.

If you don’t set a self-destruction timer, the photo can only be viewed once by the recipient.

How to Send a One-Time Voice Note on Telegram

Just like photos, you can also send a one-time voice note on Telegram. However, unlike photos, you can’t set different timers for voice notes. So, the person on the other end can only hear it once before it self-destructs.

Remember, you have to record the voice note through Telegram before you can send it as a one-time note.

  1. In the Telegram chat box, tap the microphone icon next to the attachment icon. If you see a photo icon, tap on it to turn it into a microphone icon.
  2. Long press and hold the icon or slide it up to keep recording your voice note.
  3. You’ll see the length of your voice note, an option to pause it, and the number “1” icon.
  4. To send a one-time voice note, tap the encircled number “1” icon. Telegram will let you know that the recipient can only listen to it once.
  5. Press the arrow button to send your voice note.

How to Send a One-Time Video Message on Telegram

You can also send one-time video messages on Telegram, just like voice notes and images. And just like photos, you can set a self-destructing timer for video messages. This gives the recipient the ability to view the video multiple times before it disappears.

  1. To start recording a video message, tap on the microphone icon at the bottom right corner of the chat window. This will reveal a camera icon.
  2. Hold down the camera icon or slide it up to keep recording the video. You will also see the pause button and the 1 icon.
  3. Tap on the encircled 1 icon to make the video message viewable only once by the recipient.
  4. Press the blue arrow button to send the video.

When you send a one-time video, neither you nor the recipient will see a preview of the video. Instead, a greyed-out video with a timer will be shown. This lets the recipient know that it’s a one-time video.

How to Use Secret Chat in Telegram for Self-Destructing Conversations

Secret Chat is a premium feature of Telegram that focuses on privacy. It provides end-to-end encryption for messages, photos, and voice notes, which are not stored on Telegram servers like regular chats.

With Secret Chat, only the sender and recipient can access the messages, making it impossible for any third party to intercept them. These messages can’t be forwarded, stored on Telegram servers, or traced by third-party apps. Additionally, you can’t take screenshots of secret chats in Telegram.

It’s important to note that you can’t start a secret chat with a blocked contact on Telegram.

  1. Open the Telegram app and go to your contact list.
  2. At the top, you’ll find a lock icon with “New Secret Chat”. Tap on it.
  3. Alternatively, you can select your intended contact and tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of their profile. This will bring up multiple options, including “Start Secret Chat”.
  4. Once you tap on it, Telegram will ask you to confirm if you want to start Secret Chat. Select “Start”.
  5. The recipient needs to accept your invitation to start the secret chat.
  6. After the secret chat starts, select the three vertical dots in your chat window and tap on “set self-destruct timer”.
  7. Change the timer setting for self-destruct messages according to your preference. For example, set it to 2 seconds.
  8. Tap on the attachment icon at the bottom of the chat window, select a photo, and send it.
  9. You will immediately be notified when the recipient is online and views the photo. This picture will self-destruct after 2 seconds.

Secret Chat or Disappearing Messages?

Choosing between Secret Chats and Disappearing Media depends on your priorities. Secret Chats offer maximum privacy, while disappearing media is more convenient for casual and temporary exchanges. Remember, no tool is foolproof, and responsible communication practices are crucial regardless of the platform.


Q. Who can see my photos on Telegram?

A: You can control who sees your Telegram profile picture by going to Settings > Privacy and Security > Profile Photo. You can make it visible to everyone, your contacts only, or nobody. Keep in mind that screenshots bypass visibility settings, and forwarded photos become visible in the new chat or group. For truly private photo sharing with end-to-end encryption, use Secret Chats. Always be mindful of your privacy and who you share with!

Q. Can I continue a Telegram Secret Chat on multiple devices?

A: No, Telegram Secret Chats are specific to the device you’re using. If you log out from your device and try to continue the Secret Chat on another device, you will lose the chats as they are not stored on servers.

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