My OnePlus 3 Battery is Draining Quickly (Here’s the Solution!)

My OnePlus 3 Battery is Draining Quickly (Here’s the Solution!)

If you own an OnePlus 3, it’s important to know how to fix the issue of your battery draining too fast. There are a few different reasons why this might be happening, such as certain apps that you’re using or bugs in the Android software. I’m going to explain some ways you can fix this problem and save your OnePlus 3 battery.

First, Reboot or Reset Your OnePlus 3

When your OnePlus 3 battery is dying quickly, sometimes the best thing to do is to factory reset your device. This is also a good option if you want to start fresh with your OnePlus 3. You can follow a guide on how to reboot and reset your OnePlus 3 to do this.

Next, Disable Wi-Fi

If you keep your Wi-Fi turned on all day, it can really drain your OnePlus 3 battery. Most of us don’t need to be connected to every Wi-Fi network that’s available, so it’s a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. If you’re already using a OnePlus 3G/4G/LTE connection for the internet, there’s no need to have Wi-Fi on at the same time.

You Can Also Disable or Manage Background Sync

When you have apps running in the background, they can be using up your OnePlus 3 battery. To save battery life, make sure to close these apps when you’re not using them. One way to do this is by pulling down the quick settings menu and swiping down with two fingers, then tapping on “Sync” to disable it.

Another method is to go to your phone’s settings, then to “Accounts,” and disable sync for the apps you don’t need. For example, if you disable Facebook background sync, you’ll notice a big improvement in your OnePlus 3 battery life.

Disable LTE, Location, and Bluetooth

Using services like location tracking, LTE internet, and Bluetooth can really drain your OnePlus 3 battery quickly. While you may need these services at times, try turning them off when you don’t need them to see how much longer your battery lasts. If you don’t want to disable location (GPS) completely, you can put your smartphone into power-saving mode, which will only activate it when necessary, such as for navigation. Bluetooth is also a big drain on your battery, so turning it off when not in use can help prolong battery life.

Use OnePlus 3 Power-Saving Mode

The “Power saving mode” feature on your OnePlus 3 offers some great options to help you save your battery. You can restrict background data, limit performance (such as turning off GPS and the backlit keys, and reducing the screen frame rate), and manage the phone’s processor. You can choose to manually activate this mode or set it to activate automatically.

Reduce Tethering

Tethering is a great feature that allows you to connect other devices to the internet using your OnePlus 3. However, it also drains your battery quickly. To fix this, you can either turn off tethering completely or reduce the amount of time you use it.

Replace TouchWiz Launcher

TouchWiz launcher not only drains your OnePlus 3 battery but also takes up a lot of memory and constantly runs in the background. Instead, you can try using Nova Launcher, which provides better performance and battery management.

By following these tips, you can improve the battery life of your OnePlus 3 and avoid the frustration of it dying too quickly.

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