How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

Have you ever tried reaching out to someone on WhatsApp, only to find out that they have blocked you? It can be quite perplexing and frustrating, especially if you have something important to say. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, it means that they no longer want to receive messages or calls from you. It’s like being shut out from their virtual world. However, there are a few workarounds you can try to get your message across, even if they have blocked you.

Firstly, you can try sending them a message through a WhatsApp group that you both are a part of. This way, your message will still reach them, even though they have blocked you individually. However, keep in mind that if they have left the group or muted it, they may not see your message right away.

Another option is to ask a mutual contact to deliver your message. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is still in touch with the person who blocked you, you can ask them to pass along your message. Make sure to provide them with all the details and context, so they can effectively relay your message.

If you don’t have any mutual contacts or are hesitant to involve others, you can try creating a new WhatsApp account. By creating a new account and using a different phone number, you can send a message to the person who blocked you. However, be cautious when using this method, as it can be seen as intrusive and may not yield the desired outcome.

Lastly, take a step back and assess the situation. Is it truly necessary to send a message to someone who has blocked you? Sometimes it’s best to respect their decision and move on. Focus on building and nurturing positive relationships with those who are willing to engage with you.

Remember, communication is a two-way street, and both parties need to be open and willing to participate. While it can be disheartening to be blocked on WhatsApp, don’t let it discourage you from reaching out to others and expressing yourself. Keep the lines of communication open and be respectful of boundaries.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, try these alternatives to get your message across. But always remember to respect the other person’s choices and be mindful of their privacy.

How To Message a Person Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

The world of personal messaging has become super popular recently. Lots of messaging apps are available for free download. The messaging app you prefer depends on where you live and what device you use. Most of us find it most convenient to message on our smartphones, so we usually use messaging apps that can be installed on our phones.

In the United States, Apple fans love using iMessage for most of their conversations. Android users, on the other hand, typically use Facebook Messenger, Google Allo, or other chat apps on social media platforms. Outside of the United States, WhatsApp has attracted millions of users and has become one of the most popular messaging platforms.

WhatsApp is gaining popularity in the US because it’s easy to use and has reliable features. It not only handles basic messaging, but also adds some cool features like improved photo support, stickers, and read receipts. It takes privacy seriously and offers extra layers of protection to its users.

Using WhatsApp feels like using a better version of SMS on any other phone, which is why people all over the world love it. One of its best features is the ability to block someone easily. This allows you to remove yourself from a conversation that might be dangerous, threatening, or uncertain.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp is quite simple from the app’s interface, and you can easily unblock them if you change your mind. However, things aren’t so simple on the receiving end. It’s frustrating to be blocked, especially if you’re not sure why or if you think it’s unfair.

Can you get back in touch with the person who blocked you? And how can you even tell if you’ve been blocked in the first place?

If you have these mind-boggling questions, don’t worry! This article will help you find the answers you need.

How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

When it comes to social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, they don’t usually send you a notification when someone blocks you. This is because they want to avoid any potential harm or danger that could arise from that information getting out.

But don’t worry, there are still ways to figure out if you’ve been blocked. Look out for these signs that might indicate someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

What Happens When You Block Someone on Whatsapp - Covve

  • Can’t see updates to your contact’s profile photo. If someone you know usually updates their profile picture regularly, but you notice that it hasn’t changed for a while, they might have blocked you. When you’re blocked, you won’t be able to see any new photos in the app.
  • No updates on a contact’s last online status. The “Last Seen Online” feature tells you when your contacts were last active on WhatsApp. However, not being able to see this information doesn’t necessarily mean you’re blocked. The person may have changed their privacy settings, or you might have set your privacy settings to hide your own activity. If you set your activity to private, you won’t be able to see when your other contacts were last online either.
  • Only one checkmark appears after sending a message. Normally, when you send a message on WhatsApp, you see two checkmarks to indicate that it’s been received and read. But if you’ve been blocked, you’ll only see one checkmark to show that the message was sent, not two.
  • Unable to make a call. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, any calls you try to make won’t go through.

Dealing with Harassment

I strongly advise against using WhatsApp (or any other social media app) to harass, intimidate, threaten, or bother others. If you’ve been blocked, it’s important to reflect on the possible reasons behind it. Even if you believe that you’ve been blocked unfairly or for unknown reasons, remember that the person who blocked you doesn’t want any contact from you.

A block on WhatsApp is not permanent. There might come a time when the person chooses to unblock you, allowing you to contact them again. They might need time to cool off, take a break, or the block may have nothing to do with you personally.

These methods should not be used to harass others. If you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp, chances are the person doesn’t want to hear from you. These methods should only be used to contact someone who has blocked you in case of a family emergency or other critical life-threatening or health-related matters.

How to Message a Blocked Person

Now that we’ve discussed harassment, let’s explore three basic methods for messaging someone who has blocked you. None of these methods are foolproof, and if the person really doesn’t want to hear from you, they can block these methods as well. However, at least you’ll have the opportunity to send one message.

Sending a Message Through SMS

The first method is a simple workaround that many people forget about. Even though SMS usage has decreased, every smartphone still has the capability to send text messages.

Since WhatsApp uses your device’s phone number to add and store contacts, switching to your device’s SMS app allows you to send a text to the contact who blocked you. If you had them as a WhatsApp contact, you already have their phone number. While there’s a chance you might be blocked entirely, both on and off WhatsApp, it’s still worth attempting to send a basic text to the user you’re trying to reach.

How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

So, if someone has blocked you on both their SMS messaging app and WhatsApp, it’s pretty clear they don’t want you to keep trying. But if you still want to reach out, don’t worry, there are other ways to reach them.

Going through group messages

Now, let’s talk about using group messages on WhatsApp. This method is actually quite reliable because there’s no way for a user to block someone who is contacting them in a group message.

While a person can easily block you individually, cutting off all communication, they can’t block you within a group chat on WhatsApp. It’s a strange oversight on WhatsApp’s part, but it works to your advantage!

How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

In order to participate in this workaround, you’ll need a friend who is willing to start a group chat that includes both you and the person who blocked you. (Alternatively, you can do this with a new account that you create, as explained in the third option below.) Once you’re added to the group chat, you’ll be able to communicate with the other user.

The person who originally blocked you can choose to leave the group and mute notifications from the chat, but you’ll still be able to send at least one message. It’s a little strange that group messages allow blocked users and the contacts who blocked them to communicate, but it’s a valid way to make a last-ditch effort at having a conversation.

Creating a New Account

The third option is to create a new WhatsApp account. WhatsApp uses your phone number to add and message contacts on the service. Additionally, WhatsApp can access contacts from your device’s contact list, even if your device doesn’t use the same phone number as your account.

The first thing you’ll need is an alternative phone number. There are many applications that can provide you with new or temporary phone numbers, and one of the most popular ones is Google Voice. When you sign up with your Google account, you’ll receive a new number based on your location. Unfortunately, Google Voice can only be registered from the United States at the moment.

There are online guides available to help you access Google Voice numbers outside of the United States, as well as other reputable services that provide alternative numbers based on your country of origin. If you’re outside of the United States and don’t have the ability to use VPN and IP masking to sign up for Google Voice, you can choose any trusted secondary number service from reputable websites. There are plenty of options available.

Once you have your new number, you’re ready to start setting up a new WhatsApp account. This workaround will be demonstrated using the Android version of WhatsApp, so keep in mind that the process may be slightly different on iOS or other operating systems.

How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

To get started, completely log out of your WhatsApp account. Or, if you prefer, uninstall the app and then reinstall it from either the App Store or Play Store. This will give you a fresh start. When you see the WhatsApp login screen, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number for account registration and device verification. Instead of typing in your current phone number, enter the secondary number you created using Google Voice or another app service.

Click on the “Next” button and WhatsApp will notify you of the number they’re going to verify. Double-check that you entered the correct number. Once you’ve confirmed that the correct number is in your device, click “OK” to move on to the next step.

How to Send a Message to Someone who Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

After this, WhatsApp will ask if I want to automatically detect my verification code through SMS messages. While this might seem like an easy way to skip a step, I shouldn’t allow WhatsApp to do this. The text with the code is going to my Google Voice number, not to my phone’s SMS inbox, so WhatsApp won’t be able to detect the code.

Instead, I should click on “Not Now” to receive the code. Once I get it in my alternate inbox, I can enter the six digits into the field on my phone. My phone will automatically verify the number. Then, I will be asked to choose a name for my WhatsApp account (I can always change it later, it’s not a username). Once I’m done with this, I’ll be taken to my new inbox.

Even though I’m using my alternate number, I can still see my contacts on my phone. However, it’s important to know that they won’t see my name in my account unless I give them my alternate number or start messaging them through WhatsApp. Once I’ve reached this point, I can start messaging the person who blocked me.

It’s important to remember that once that person finds out that I’ve created a new account, they might block me again. So, before talking to them, I should choose my words carefully. Also, I can use this secondary account to create a group chat with both my secondary and primary accounts, as well as the person I want to contact.

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I cannot stress enough how vital it is to utilize the aforementioned strategies only in emergency situations. If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, there undoubtedly exists a valid reason for it, and it is crucial to respect their decision and abstain from attempting to contact them. Going against their wishes might only aggravate them further.

However, there are instances where we find ourselves needing to reach out to former friends or estranged family members who have distanced themselves from us, but solely for matters that are serious or unrelated to the state of our relationship. In such cases, this workaround can be extremely helpful. Additionally, we hope that this guide offers a solution for individuals who have indeed blocked others on WhatsApp, by demonstrating the methods to effectively maintain the block. WhatsApp serves as the primary means of communication for countless users worldwide, and our desire is for this guide to contribute to a safer experience for everyone.

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