Here’s How to Keep Your Snapchat Score a Mystery [December 2020]

Here’s How to Keep Your Snapchat Score a Mystery [December 2020]

Your Snapchat score is like a badge of honor, showing off all the points you’ve racked up over time. It’s a number that tells the world how active and engaged you are on this popular social media platform. But what if you want to keep it under wraps and maintain an air of mystery? Well, I’ve got you covered!

What Does the Score Mean?

I wish Snapchat would just come out and explain how their points system works. It’s frustrating trying to understand how these points are calculated. But from my own tests and some basic math, I’ve been able to figure out a simple breakdown of the points based on what I know.

  1. When you send or receive a snap, you get one point. Sometimes you might get extra points for unknown reasons.
  2. Sending snaps to multiple people at once won’t give you extra points. So even if you send the same snap to thirty, sixty, or one hundred people, your score won’t go up.
  3. Posting a snap to your story earns you a point, but just watching other people’s stories doesn’t.
  4. Posting video stories with multiple videos that last over ten seconds doesn’t seem to give you any extra points.
  5. Continuing a streak or sending chat messages won’t increase your score either.

These are the things we know for sure that will earn you points. But there are some strange cases where points increase by a lot without any explanation. Still, by following the guidelines above, you can easily figure out how to score some bonus points. Let’s look at how to game the points system in Snapchat for those of you who want to raise your snap score as fast as possible.

How Do I See Other People’s Snapchat Scores?

If they’re your friend on Snapchat, it’s simple. Open the app, swipe to the left to open the Chat, and then select the friend you want to view from the list. Tap on their Bitmoji or the silhouette (for those without Bitmojis) to open their profile.

From their profile, you can see their username, their location on Snapmap, and you can snap, chat, call, or video chat with them. You can also access the settings menu for that contact. At the top of the profile page, next to their username, you can see their Snap score. This makes it easy to compare it to your own score along the way.

Here's How to Keep Your Snapchat Score a Mystery [December 2020]

If you’re not friends with the person whose score you want to see, you won’t be able to view it. You can only compare your Snapchat scores with someone once you’ve both added each other as friends. So, keep that in mind before trying to compare your score with someone in your class who doesn’t follow you.

How Do I Hide My Snapchat Score?

If someone has access to your profile and wants to see your score on Snapchat, they’ll be able to do so. However, they can only see your score if you’re friends with each other. This means that you can easily prevent people you don’t want from seeing your profile information by removing them from your app altogether.

Unfortunately, if you need to keep someone as your friend on Snapchat, they’ll be able to see your score whether you like it or not. While we can hope for more privacy options for your Snap score in the future, as of December 2020, that option is not available.

But hey, let’s take a moment to talk about privacy settings in this cool app that we’re using. You know, we can actually use these settings to control who can add us as friends on our profiles. If, for example, you’re worried about people adding you just to see your Snapchat score (whether it’s high or low), don’t worry! We can use the privacy settings to our advantage.

So, how do we get started? Well, first open up the app and find your Bitmoji up in the top left corner. Once you’ve found it, tap on it. You’ll see a gear icon on the page, which is your settings menu. Go ahead and tap on it. Then, scroll down until you find the section labeled “Who can…”. This is where the magic happens – your privacy settings in Snapchat.

Now, it’s important to check these settings once in a while. You want to make sure they’re all set to either “My Friends” or “Only Me,” depending on how you feel about sharing your location on Snapchat. And there you have it! With just a few taps, you can take control of your privacy and enjoy a worry-free Snapchat experience.

Here's How to Keep Your Snapchat Score a Mystery [December 2020]

Hey there! I want to tell you about a cool feature called “See Me in Quick Add.” It’s an option you can turn on and off. When Quick Add is on, it suggests people you might know based on mutual friends and connections. But if you want to keep your Snapchat score private and make it harder for people to find you, you can turn off this feature in the settings menu.

Once you turn Quick Add off, you don’t have to worry about someone automatically adding you just to see your Snapchat score. They’ll have to add you using a Snapcode or username instead.

Now, let’s talk about your Snap score. Don’t let it stress you out. Snapchat has actually made the score smaller on your profile screen and your friends’ profiles. The truth is, the number doesn’t really mean much.

Sure, it can be fun to see how much you use Snapchat every day. It’s also interesting to know how much your friends use the app, so when they don’t snap you back, you understand why. But overall, the Snap score is just there to make the app more enjoyable. That’s all.

So next time someone gives you a hard time about your low Snap score, remember that Snapchat’s gamification is simply meant to make the app more fun, not to make it a competition.

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