Having Trouble Shutting Down Your Surface Pro 4? Let’s Find a Solution!

Having Trouble Shutting Down Your Surface Pro 4? Let’s Find a Solution!

If you’re struggling to shut down your Surface Pro 4, I’ve got you covered. We’ll work together to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that your device is functioning properly and not experiencing any software or hardware problems. To do this, perform a simple reset by holding the power button down for around 30 seconds. This should force your Surface Pro 4 to restart, eliminating any temporary glitches.

If that doesn’t do the trick, let’s move on to checking for any external factors that might be preventing your device from shutting down. Take a look at your power settings to ensure that there are no conflicts or misconfigurations. You can access this by going to the Start menu, then selecting “Settings” and “System”. From there, choose “Power & Sleep” and customize your power settings to your preferences.

Additionally, it’s worth checking for any pending updates for your operating system. Outdated software can cause compatibility issues, so installing the latest updates can often resolve unexpected shutdown problems. Open the Start menu, go to “Settings”, select “Update & Security”, and click on “Windows Update” to check for any available updates.

If none of these solutions work, it may be helpful to review your running applications and background processes. Sometimes, specific programs or tasks can interfere with the shutdown process. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, and then click on the “Processes” tab. Look for any programs that seem to be causing high CPU or memory usage. Try closing them manually and see if that helps your Surface Pro 4 shut down smoothly.

Lastly, if you’re still experiencing difficulties, you might want to consider performing a system restore. This will revert your Surface Pro 4 back to a previous state, eliminating any recent changes that may have caused the shutdown issue. To do this, go to the Start menu, select “Settings,” then “Update & Security,” and choose “Recovery.” From there, follow the instructions to restore your device to an earlier point in time.

By following these troubleshooting steps, I’m confident that we can resolve the shutdown problem you’re experiencing with your Surface Pro 4. Just remember that technology can sometimes be unpredictable, but with a little patience and perseverance, we’ll find a solution together.

Hey there! So, the Surface Pro 4 is an operating system that Microsoft poured a ton of effort into. But with all that complexity, it’s no surprise that there are some bugs that need fixing. And let me tell you, it’s pretty darn frustrating when your Surface Pro 4 won’t shut down properly.

Now, I know it’s tempting to long for the good ol’ days of Windows 7. That system was simple and fast, and it’s hard to imagine anything quite like it. But hey, don’t give up on the Surface Pro 4 just yet. There are still plenty of great features it offers.

So, if you’re having trouble shutting down your Surface Pro 4 completely and properly, you’re in the right place. When you click on the shutdown option in the start menu, does the screen go blank but the hard disk keeps whirring and the LEDs stay on? If you find yourself hitting that physical power button more often than you’d like, try these solutions to fix the shutdown problem in Windows.

How to shut down completely and properly from the Power settings

One of the best ways to solve the Surface Pro 4 shutdown issue is to turn off the Fast Startup feature. This feature is part of the turning on and off processes, and Microsoft thought it was a great addition. The problem, though, is that not all computers can handle it. And when you have Fast Startup enabled on a machine that can’t handle it, you can run into all sorts of problems. This feature messes with a bunch of processes and even the BIOS, trying to streamline everything during system startup or shutdown.

If you want your PC to shut down smoothly and quickly, you should turn off Fast Startup on your Surface Pro 4:

  1. Go to the Settings section by typing “Settings” in the search bar and clicking on the indicated icon;
  2. In the Settings menu, go to the System section and then click on Power & Sleep;
  3. From there, access the Additional Power Settings;
  4. Next, choose the desired actions for each power button;
  5. After that, look for the option that says “Change settings that are currently unavailable”;
  6. In the dropdown list of options, scroll down until you find the “Shutdown settings” section;
  7. Make sure that the option labeled “Turn on Fast Startup” is unchecked;
  8. Then close everything and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

What you just turned off was a feature meant to speed up startup. But it also caused shutdown to take longer. From now on, your Surface Pro 4 shouldn’t have any trouble shutting down.

How to shut down completely and properly from the Device Manager

Alternatively, you can try fixing the issue through the Device Manager. Just click on the start button, right-click on it, and choose the option with the same name:

  1. In the Device Manager, go to System Devices;
  2. Select the “Intel Management Engine Interface” driver, which is responsible for shutting down the operating system;
  3. Next, go to the “Driver” tab;
  4. Search for an updated driver either on the web or on your PC;
    • If you find an update, install it;
    • If there’s no update available, try rolling back to a previous version of the driver.

After that, your operating system should shut down smoothly as it’s supposed to. Good luck!

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