Having Battery Issues with Your Google Pixel and Pixel XL? Here’s How to Solve Them!

Having Battery Issues with Your Google Pixel and Pixel XL? Here’s How to Solve Them!

So, you recently got yourself a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, and it’s been hailed as one of the best smartphones of 2016. But there’s just one snag – your battery drains way too quickly. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got some solutions for you that will help fix this issue.

Time for a Fresh Start
Sometimes, when your Pixel or Pixel XL is guzzling battery power, it’s best to give it a clean slate by factory resetting it. Doing this will not only solve the battery problem but also give your device a fresh start. If you’re not sure how to do it, follow this guide on how to reboot and reset your Pixel or Pixel XL.

Keep Your Apps in Check
Believe it or not, certain apps can be the culprits behind your battery drain. To fix this, simply close any apps that you’re not actively using. You can do this by pulling down the quick settings, swiping down with two fingers, and tapping on Sync to disable it. Another option is to go to Settings -> Accounts and turn off sync for the apps you don’t need. Trust me, once you disable Facebook background sync, your Pixel’s battery life will improve significantly.

Do You Really Need All Those Features?
Using the internet for location tracking, LTE internet, and Bluetooth might be draining your battery faster than you’d like. Of course, there are times when you need these services, but during periods when they’re unnecessary, try turning them off. You’ll be amazed at how much longer your Pixel’s battery will last. And if you’re not ready to give up on location tracking, simply put your smartphone into power-saving mode – it’ll only wake up when necessary, like for navigation. Oh, and watch out for Bluetooth – it’s a sneaky battery killer.

Tap Into Power-Saving Mode
The “Power saving mode” on your Pixel has some nifty options to help you fix your dying battery problem. You can restrict background data, limit performance (which means turning off GPS, backlit keys, and lowering the screen frame rate), and even control your phone’s processor. You can choose to activate this mode manually or set it to start automatically.

Wi-Fi on the Loose?
Did you know that keeping Wi-Fi turned on all day can drain your Pixel’s battery fast? Most of the time, you don’t need to be automatically connected to every Wi-Fi network within range. So, when you’re not using Wi-Fi, it’s a good idea to turn it off. Also, if you’re using a 3G/4G/LTE connection for the internet, there’s no need to have Wi-Fi on.

Say Goodbye to TouchWiz Launcher
Not only does TouchWiz launcher drain your Pixel’s battery, but it also takes up a lot of memory and runs constantly in the background. Instead, give Nova Launcher a try – it offers better performance and battery management.

Reduce Tethering for a Longer Battery Life
We all love the tethering feature that lets us connect other devices to the internet using our Pixel. However, this feature can drain your battery quickly. The best way to fix this is to turn off tethering or restrict how often you use it. By doing this, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your Pixel’s battery life. And if you’re worried about running out of juice, you might want to consider getting an external battery pack that’s compatible with your phone.

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