Discovering Your Friend’s ID in the Line Chat App

Discovering Your Friend’s ID in the Line Chat App

Hey there! Today, I’m going to show you how to find your friend’s ID in the Line Chat App. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

First things first, why would you want to find your friend’s ID in the Line Chat App? Well, there could be many reasons. Maybe you want to add them as a friend, join a group they’re in, or simply stay connected with them. Whatever the case may be, knowing their ID is the key.

So, how do we do it? It’s actually quite simple. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Open the Line Chat App on your device. You know, the little green icon with the white speech bubble.

Step 2: Once you’re in, go to the “Friends” tab. It’s usually at the bottom of the screen. Look for the icon that looks like two people standing side by side.

Step 3: In the “Friend” tab, you’ll see a search bar at the top. Tap on it and type in your friend’s name. As you type, the app will start showing you suggestions. Find the right one and tap on it.

Step 4: Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Once you’re on your friend’s profile, look for the three dots in the top right corner. Tapping those dots will open a menu.

Step 5: In that menu, you’ll see an option called “ID.” It’s usually towards the bottom. Tap on it, and voila! You’ve found your friend’s ID.

Now that you know how to find your friend’s ID in the Line Chat App, you can connect with them in new and exciting ways. Maybe you can surprise them with a funny sticker, or start a cool group chat. The possibilities are endless!

So, there you have it. Finding your friend’s ID in the Line Chat App is a breeze. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Happy chatting!

How To Find Friend

Line is a super popular messaging app in East and Southeast Asia that people love to use. Originating from South Korea, it’s not just popular in its home country but also the top chat app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Turkmenistan.

If you’re new to Line, don’t worry! It’s really easy to get started, especially when it comes to finding and adding friends. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to find friends using the ID search feature, plus a few other methods you can try.

Add Friends with ID Search

ID search is just one of the ways Line lets you find new friends. It’s straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s how you can find new friends using the ID search feature. These steps work for both Android and iOS versions of the app.

ID Search

  1. To start, just open up the Line app on your device.
  2. Next, tap on the “Friends” tab. You can also tap on the “More” tab if you prefer.
  3. Look for the “Add friends” icon, it looks like a silhouette. Tap on it.
  4. You’ll see a “Search” button, go ahead and tap on it.
  5. Now, choose the “ID” option.
  6. Type in the ID of the friend you want to find.
  7. Finally, tap on “Search”.

If you can’t find your friend using their ID, it’s probably because they haven’t allowed others to add them by ID. Similarly, people can only find you by your ID if you activate this option. Here’s how:

  1. Start by opening up Line again.
  2. Tap on the “More” button to open the Main menu.
  3. Select the “Settings” tab.
  4. Now, choose “Profile”.
  5. Tap on “Edit Profile”.
  6. Toggle the “Allow others to add me by ID” option on.

Other Ways to Add Friends on Line Chat

Line offers a variety of ways for users to connect with each other. Let’s explore some alternatives to the ID search. These include using QR codes, the “Shake it!” feature, adding someone from a chat, using friend recommendations, and searching by phone number.

Find Friends with QR Codes

Line allows you to find a friend by scanning their QR code. They can find you the same way. Let’s see how this feature works.

QR Code

  1. To get started, open the app.
  2. Next, tap either the “More” button or the “Friends” tab.
  3. From there, select the option to “Add friends”.
  4. Now, tap the “QR code” button.
  5. To find your friend, simply scan their QR code.
  6. Finally, tap the “Add” button to add them as a friend.

If your friend wants to add you in the same way, you should follow these steps:

  1. First, open the app.
  2. Then, tap either the “More” button or the “Friends” tab.
  3. Choose the option to “Add friends”.
  4. Tap the “QR code” button.
  5. Select “My QR code”.
  6. Let your friend scan your QR code.
  7. Finally, tap the “Add” button.

Adding a Chat Member as a Friend

Line also allows you to add chat members as friends. It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. To begin, open the app on your device.
  2. Next, go to a chat room by tapping on its name.
  3. When the chat opens, you’ll see a list of members at the top of the screen. Tap on it.
  4. Once the members list appears, simply tap the name of the member you’d like to become friends with.
  5. Finally, tap the “Add” button.

Find Friends through Friend Recommendations

Line’s Friends Recommendations feature is another way to find and add new friends. Let me explain how it works:

  1. To get started, open Line from your device’s Home screen.
  2. Tap the “Friends” tab.
  3. Now, tap the “Add friends” button.
  4. Browse through the list of recommended friends and tap the “+” sign next to the user you want to add as a friend.

Find Friends with “Shake it!”

The amazing “Shake it!” feature allows you to add users who are nearby. To make it work, both you and your friend will need to have GPS or Location Services turned on. Let’s try it out:

Shake It

  1. To start, open the app on both your phones.
  2. Next, tap the “More” button.
  3. From there, select the “Add Friends” tab.
  4. Now, tap the “Shake it!” button.
  5. You and your friend should start shaking your phones. Alternatively, you can simply tap the screens.
  6. When you see each other’s names appear on the list, tap on them.
  7. Finally, tap the “Add” button.

Find Friends by Searching Phone Numbers

If you prefer, you can also find friends by searching for their phone numbers. Just make sure they have the “Allow others to find me” option set to “On”.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. To begin, open the Line app.
  2. Next, go to the “Friends” tab. You can also tap on “More”.
  3. Then, tap the “Add friends” button.
  4. After that, tap the “Search” button.
  5. Choose “Phone number” as your search method.
  6. Select the country you’re looking for.
  7. Type in your friend’s phone number.
  8. Tap “Search”.
  9. Once you find them, tap “Add”.

Happy Hunting

Finding friends on Line is incredibly easy. Whichever method you prefer, you’ll quickly be adding friends and enjoying conversations with them.

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