Discovering Deleted Events in Google Calendar

Discovering Deleted Events in Google Calendar

Hey there! Today, I want to share a nifty trick with you on how to uncover those elusive deleted events in your Google Calendar. It’s a shame when something important vanishes into thin air, isn’t it? But fear not, because I’ve got your back!

Now, I’m sure you’ve had moments where you accidentally removed an event from your calendar, or perhaps someone else did it by mistake. It can be frustrating, especially when you rely on your calendar to stay organized and on top of things. But don’t worry, we’re about to solve this mystery together!

So, first things first. To embark on this detective mission, I’ll guide you through the steps. We’ll be using Google Calendar’s web interface, as it provides all the necessary tools to unveil those hidden gems.

From your trusty web browser, open up Google Calendar. Once you’re in, take a moment to admire your calendar’s sleek and organized appearance. It’s like a colorful mosaic of your life!

Now, shift your attention to the left sidebar. You’ll notice a list of different calendars you have access to, including your primary calendar and any additional ones you may have added. Scroll through this list and locate the calendar containing the deleted event you want to resurrect.

Once you’ve identified the correct calendar, click on the little arrow located right next to its name. This will expand the calendar settings and reveal a bunch of options we’ll explore momentarily.

Are you still with me? Great! Now, let’s zoom in on the “Settings” section which will conveniently pop up before your very eyes. Keep your peepers locked on it!

Within this magical realm of settings, scroll down until you stumble upon the “View deleted events” option. Ah-ha! We’ve hit the jackpot! Click on the checkbox beside this tantalizing phrase to enable it. Don’t be shy, give it a little tap!

As soon as you’ve activated this feature, something truly magical happens. Prepare yourself, because your calendar will display all the deleted events, which were initially hidden from view. It’s like a hidden treasure trove being unveiled right before your eyes. Ahoy, matey!

At this point, you might be overwhelmed by the sudden influx of deleted events. But fret not, my friend. With your detective prowess, I’m confident you’ll sift through them with ease, like an experienced sleuth on a mission.

To ensure you don’t miss a beat, click on each deleted event to see its details. You might discover some missing puzzle pieces that will help you reconstruct the bigger picture. Who knows what surprises are in store for you!

So, my dear friend, with these newly unearthed deleted events, your calendar will once again be complete. No longer will those vital pieces of your schedule be lost in the void. You’ve successfully cracked the case and brought them back to life!

Remember, accidents happen, and events sometimes disappear by mistake. But now, armed with this newfound knowledge, you have the power to see the unseen and restore order to your Google Calendar.

Go forth and explore the depths of your deleted events, my friend. Uncover the secrets they hold and never let an important appointment slip through the cracks again. Happy detective work!

Hey there! Wanna know how to check out your deleted events in Google Calendar? I got you covered! It’s actually pretty easy and you don’t even need any fancy third-party apps or extensions for it. When you delete an event in Google Calendar, it goes to the trash. So you can find and recover those deleted events from there. Just keep in mind that they stay there for only 30 days, and then they’re gone for good.

Here’s how you can see your deleted events in Google Calendar:

First off, open Google Calendar on the web. Then, in the top-right corner, you’ll see a gear icon. Click on it. Next, select “Trash”. And voila! You’ll find all your deleted events in the window that pops up.

If you want to permanently delete the stuff in your trash, click on “Empty trash”. Otherwise, they’ll be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Oh, and quick heads up: if someone sent you an event invite but then deleted it on their calendar, it won’t show up in your trash. It’ll just vanish from your calendar forever. Just so you know.

Ready for a bonus? Here’s how to restore your deleted events in Google Calendar:

If your deleted event is still hanging out in the trash, you can easily bring it back to life. Just find the event in the trash and click on “Restore”. And just like that, your precious event is back in your calendar, like it was never gone!

  1. To open Google Calendar on the web, go ahead and give it a click.
  2. Next, click on the gear icon.
  3. Look for “Trash” and select it.
  4. If you want to bring back a deleted event, just highlight it.
  5. Finally, click on the restore icon and confirm your choice.

Unfortunately, you can’t see or recover deleted events from the Google Calendar app on your iPhone or Android. You’ll have to use Calendar on the web for that.

Never Miss an Important Event

It’s really frustrating to miss out on important events just because you accidentally deleted something on Google Calendar. But don’t worry, you can fix it as long as it hasn’t been more than 30 days. Another way to avoid missing events is by syncing your Google Calendar with your Apple Calendar or any other app you prefer.


Q: Why can’t I see a deleted event in my Google Calendar trash?

A: It’s possible that the event got permanently deleted because it has been over 30 days.

Q: What happens if I delete a Google Calendar event that others were invited to?

A: If you delete an event from your calendar, it will also be removed from their calendars, no matter if they accepted the invite or not.

Q: Is there any way to recover events that have been permanently deleted from Google Calendar?

A: Once you’ve removed an event from the trash, it’s gone for good. There’s no way to get it back.

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