Discover 25 Fun Google Hangouts Easter Eggs to Add Excitement to Your Chats!

Discover 25 Fun Google Hangouts Easter Eggs to Add Excitement to Your Chats!

Hey there! Are you a fan of Google Hangouts like me? Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you. Did you know that Google Hangouts has its hidden surprises, called Easter eggs? These magical little features add a touch of entertainment to your chats, making them unforgettable experiences. Today, I’m here to share with you 25 amazing Google Hangouts Easter eggs that will bring joy and laughter to your conversations!

1. First up, let’s talk about emoticons. We all know that emoticons are a great way to express ourselves. But did you know that in Google Hangouts, if you type certain keywords like “lmao” or “rofl,” you’ll see some hilarious animations?

2. How about a game of pool? Yep, you heard that right! Type “pool” into your chat, and you’ll be able to play a virtual game of pool right there in your conversation!

3. Feeling festive? Type “happy birthday” or “happy new year” to enjoy a visual treat that will bring a smile to your face!

4. Did you know that Google Hangouts can turn your messages into animated emojis? Simply type “woot” or “woohoo” and see the magic happen!

5. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ll love this one. Type “/shydino” or “/ponystream” to add some space-themed animations to your chat. May the force be with you!

6. Now, let’s bring some excitement to your chats with the “/pitchforks” animation. I promise it will leave you and your friends in stitches!

7. Feeling whimsical? Type “/bikeshed” to paint your chat in vibrant and random colors. It’s like a rainbow explosion!

8. Are you a fan of the classic game “Connect Four”? Well, you’re in luck! Type “/bikeshed” to enjoy a virtual game of Connect Four right there in your chat window.

9. How about adding a touch of mystery to your conversations? Type “/shydino” or “/dinosaur” to summon a cute little dinosaur that will brighten up your chat.

10. Feeling nostalgic? Type “/meetr” to see the iconic Robot from the original Android logo make a spontaneous appearance. It’s like a blast from the past!

11. Here’s a gem for all the music lovers out there. Type “/rockout” to witness an animated guitar and rock out with your friends.

12. Are you a Star Wars enthusiast? Type “/pewpew” or “/lightsaber” to ignite your lightsaber and engage in an epic battle with your pals. May the Force be with you!

13. Feeling festive? Type “/shydino” or “/ponystream” to transform your chat into a virtual party celebration. Get ready to dance and have a fantastic time!

14. Are you a fan of old school computer games? Type “/roll” to simulate rolling dice. It’s perfect for settling friendly debates or making decisions!

15. Are you a coffee lover? Type “/8ball” to discover your coffee fortune and get amusing answers to your burning questions. Cheers!

16. Let’s add some magic to your messages. Type “/pitchforks” to fill your chat with floating pitchforks. They’ll make your conversation truly enchanting!

17. Are you an animal lover? Type “/ponystream” to unleash a stream of tiny ponies galloping through your chat. It’s a delightful sight to behold!

18. How about a friendly game of poker? Type “/ponystream” to challenge your friends to a virtual poker match. Place your bets and see who comes out on top!

19. Feeling adventurous? Type “/meethappy” or “/explosion” to send animated fireworks bursting across your chat. It’s like a mini celebration in every message!

20. Are you a movie buff? Type “/brigadeiro” to add some popcorn to your chat and have an enjoyable movie discussion with your pals. Let the film marathon begin!

21. How about adding a touch of love to your conversations? Type “/meethappy” or “/inlove” to surround your chat with floating hearts. It’s the perfect way to express your affection!

22. Feeling mischievous? Type “/pitchforks” or “/cthulhu” to add a spooky touch to your chat. Prepare for some spine-chilling fun!

23. Are you a fan of retro games? Type “/meethappy” to unleash a playful game of Breakout right there in your chat. Get ready to test your skills!

24. Feeling creative? Type “/meethappy” to add a virtual coloring book to your chat. Let your imagination run wild and create colorful masterpieces!

25. Last but not least, let’s spice up your chats with a disco party! Type “/meethappy” or “/bikeshed” to transform your chat into a groovy dance floor. Get ready to boogie!

So there you have it, my friend! 25 fantastic Google Hangouts Easter eggs that will take your conversations to the next level. Have fun exploring these hidden surprises and enjoy the burst of excitement they bring to your chats. Happy chatting! ����

25 Google Hangouts Easter Eggs to Animate Your Chats

I want to tell you about one of my favorite chat apps called Google Hangouts. It’s made by Google and has a lot of great features. Hangouts is really cool because it can do a lot of the same things as other Google messaging apps, but all in one place.

With Hangouts, you can do instant messaging, make voice and video calls, and send messages. You can even have group chats with your friends and family. And if you need to show something on your screen, like a presentation or a funny video, Hangouts has a handy screen sharing feature.

Hangouts used to be able to send text messages too, but they took that feature away to focus more on business users. Even though it’s geared towards businesses now, Hangouts is still perfect for anyone who wants to connect with their friends and family all around the world. I think you’ll really like it!

Discover 25 Fun Google Hangouts Easter Eggs to Add Excitement to Your Chats!

I want to share some exciting secrets and hidden features of Google Hangouts with you. It’s a chat app that lets you connect with your friends no matter where they are. One of the coolest things about Hangouts is Google’s collection of animated emojis. By using specific keywords and phrases in your chats, you can activate these fun animations instantly!

These secrets, also known as “easter eggs,” are a fantastic way to add some excitement to your conversations, no matter who you’re talking to. If you’re curious about how to use these tricks or what they involve, keep reading. I’ve got the complete guide for you right here.

Just a quick note: the easter eggs in Hangouts are constantly changing. The list I’m providing here is up to date as of February 2021.

How Do You Use Google Hangouts?

If you’re new to Google Hangouts, don’t worry—it’s easy to get started. You can access Hangouts from your Google account, whether you’re using a web browser or the Hangouts app on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you’ve activated Hangouts and logged in with your Gmail account, you can start chatting with any of your Gmail contacts. It’s convenient whether you’re at home or on the go.

Since Hangouts is one of Google’s apps, there are a couple of ways to access it within Google. The simplest method is to go directly to

If you’re already logged into Google or your Gmail account on a web browser, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the grid icon in the upper right corner of the browser window. This will show you a list of Google apps.
  2. Click on Hangouts.

You’ll find many other Google applications there. If you don’t see Hangouts, try tapping the “Show More” icon at the bottom of the list. Once you locate the Hangouts icon, click on it, and Hangouts will open in your browser.

Accessing the chat app is even easier on mobile platforms. Most Android phones come with Hangouts pre-installed. Look in your app drawer or the Google folder (on Samsung devices) to find it. If it’s there, simply open the app, and you’ll be able to log in with your Google account to connect with your friends, make video calls, and start chatting.

If you’ve uninstalled Hangouts or don’t have it on your device, you can download the free Android version from the Google Play store. For iOS users, the app is also available for free on the App Store. Just make sure to sign in with your Google account to use the app.

What are Easter Eggs?

In technology, an Easter egg refers to a hidden feature or tool that developers purposely include to give users a fun surprise. Easter eggs can be found in video games, DVD menus, applications, and even operating systems.

Discover 25 Fun Google Hangouts Easter Eggs to Add Excitement to Your Chats!

You know, Google sure loves a good Easter egg. Especially when it comes to their Android phones. They’ve hidden all sorts of cool tricks and secrets in their search function. For example, if you search “do a barrel roll” on your computer, the whole screen does a fancy 360-degree spin!

But it’s not just the search function that’s full of surprises. Every version of Android has its own secret Easter egg. To find it, you just go into the About section of your Android and tap on the version number. Boom! Secret unlocked. In the past, these Easter eggs have been small games like a Flappy Bird-style game with the Android logo. And in the latest version, Android Nougat, there’s a cute mini-game where you collect virtual cats and feed them in your notification tray.

Google Hangouts: A Hidden World of Fun

Hangouts, like many other Google products, is packed with Easter eggs and other hidden goodies that Google likes to hide for the curious developers and users out there. These Easter eggs are not only cute and feature Google’s famous blob emoji collection (which, unfortunately, will soon be discontinued), but they can also be shared with your friends and even people from around the world. So these are not just Easter eggs for yourself – they’re for everyone to enjoy!

To activate these Easter eggs, all you have to do is be in a chat with someone. It doesn’t matter who it is. The idea behind each Easter egg is simple: you can send fun animations to the person or group you’re chatting with, just to add some extra excitement to your conversation.

Discover 25 Fun Google Hangouts Easter Eggs to Add Excitement to Your Chats!

Hey there! Did you know that Google Hangouts has some hidden tricks and messages called Easter eggs? They’re super fun and can be used to send special messages to your friends and family. I’ve gathered a list of almost twenty Easter eggs that I’ve found, so you can try them out yourself!

Just a heads up, these Easter eggs are designed for the desktop site, so they might not work on the app. If you run into any issues, you can always try a different Easter egg.

Let’s dive into some of these cool Easter eggs:

  1. /ponystream: This is one of my favorites! If you type ‘/ponystream’ into the chatbox and send it as a message, you’ll see lots of My Little Pony-lookalikes running across your screen. It’s hilarious! To stop the ponies, just type ‘/ponystream’ again. Alternatively, you can type ‘/ponies’ to have a single pony run across your screen.
  2. /wizard: While a wizard won’t actually fly on your screen, you’ll see neat icons creating a wizard with a wand and stars.
  3. /pitchforks: Want a crowd of protesters running on your screen with torches and pitchforks? This Easter egg will give you just that.
  4. /lit: When you type this command, three little fire icons appear. It’s a fun way to say something is awesome.
  5. /facepalm: Get ready for a line with a fist appearing on your screen. It’s a cool little trick.
  6. /flowerbeam: This Easter egg shows a smile and flower emojis. They may not be animated, but they’re definitely pretty.
  7. /disapprove: Angry eyes! This one’s pretty simple but fun to use if you’re feeling a bit frustrated.
  8. /tableflip: Instead of sending this message, your phone will automatically send a text-based kaomoji flipping over a table. It’s a cool trick to express your frustration or annoyance.
  9. /shydino: Prepare for a tiny green dinosaur crawling across your chat window and hiding behind a tiny house. So cute! If you want the shy dinosaur to disappear, just type ‘/shydino’ again.
  10. /bikeshed: With this command, you can change the background color of your chat window. Keep trying until you find a color you like, as it’s chosen randomly.
  11. /8ball: Just like a real 8ball, this Easter egg gives you a mysterious answer to life’s greatest mysteries. It’s a fun one to try out.
  12. /yuno: Rock hands and angry eyes! Just be sure to type it in lowercase for it to work. Give it a go!
  13. /me: This command automatically puts your name into the chat. For example, if you type “/me likes this,” your friend will see “(Your Name) likes this.”
  14. /shame: This one shows three bells, symbolizing shame. It’s a simple but effective Easter egg.
  15. /octodisco: Get ready for some musical notes, an octopus, and more music notes. It’s a fun and funky Easter egg you should try!
  16. /shruggie: Ah, the classic shruggie! This one’s a favorite. Just type ‘/shruggie’ to send the iconic shrug kaomoji to your chat.
  17. /puppyparty: Who doesn’t love puppies? Type ‘/puppyparty’ to see a list of adorable floofs right on your screen. Perfect for planning your next puppy playdate.
  18. /happy: In full Konami code style, this Easter Egg sends a positive message to your recipient. Spread some happiness with this one!
  19. /roll: This is a powerful command that lets you roll a random die in chat. By default, it rolls a standard D6, but you can customize it to roll different kinds of dice. For example, use ‘/rolld20’ to roll a 20-sided die for a game of Dungeons & Dragons. You can also roll multiple dice by typing ‘/roll(number of dice)d(number of sides)’. It’s a cool way to add some chance to your conversations.
  20. /corgis: What’s cuter than a corgi? Nothing! Type ‘/corgis’ to see an animated corgi on both sides of the chat.
  21. The Konami Code: If you’re an old-school video gamer, you’ll remember the Konami Code. In Hangouts, if you enter the Konami Code by hitting the following keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, and Enter, the chat background will change to a lovely mountain scene. It’s a nostalgic delight.
  22. /this: This simple command produces the word “this.” Give it a try!
  23. /idk: Feeling indecisive? This command produces a Konami code shrug. It’s a neat and fitting Easter egg.

These Easter eggs are a great way to have some fun while using Google Hangouts. Just remember, you need to enter these commands exactly as written for them to work. They’re also case sensitive, so make sure to use lowercase letters where necessary.

Some of these commands may require additional context based on the date or time of year, so keep that in mind. And if an animation keeps repeating, like the Ponystream command, you can always type the command again to turn it off or simply close the chat window.

Finally, be aware that some Easter eggs may only work on specific platforms, like mobile or desktop. So, feel free to experiment and see what happens with your favorite emojis! And don’t forget to check for new updates or additional Easter eggs in the future.

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