Blocking Reels from a Specific Instagram Account: A Simple Guide

Blocking Reels from a Specific Instagram Account: A Simple Guide

Hey there! Today, I want to talk about a nifty little trick that can help you out if you’re tired of seeing content from a particular Instagram account on your Reels. It can be quite frustrating when you don’t enjoy what you’re seeing, right? So let’s dive into it and learn how to block Reels from that specific account.

Now, I’m going to show you the steps to get this done, but keep in mind that you’ll need to use your computer for this. Shall we get started?

First things first, you’ll need to open up a web browser on your computer and go to the Instagram website. Once you’re there, go ahead and log in to your account. Just a friendly reminder: make sure you use the same account that you use on your mobile device. We want everything to sync up nicely.

Once you’re logged in, take a look at the top-right corner of the website. You’ll see a magnifying glass icon there. Go ahead and click on it. This will take you to the Explore page.

Now, this is where the magic happens. Take a good look at the Explore page. You’ll see a bunch of posts from different accounts. Keep scrolling until you find a post from the account you want to block. When you see it, don’t worry about the post itself for now – we won’t be interacting with it directly.

Instead, move your cursor over the post. As you do this, you’ll see a small ‘x’ button appear at the top-right corner of the post. Ah, there it is! Go ahead and click on the ‘x’ button.

Now, Instagram will ask you if you want to hide posts from that specific account. Of course, the answer is ‘Yes, please!’ So go ahead and click on the “Hide All” button. Instagram will then magically hide all posts from that account on your Explore page.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully blocked Reels from that pesky account. Now, when you’re enjoying Reels, you won’t have to worry about seeing content from that specific account anymore. Phew!

But, wait! What if you have a change of heart and want to unblock them? No worries. I’ve got your back, my friend. To unblock an account, simply go to their profile page, click on the three dots at the top-right corner, and select “Unblock.” Just like that, the account will be unblocked, and you might start seeing their content on your Explore page again.

There you have it! A simple guide on how to block Reels from a specific Instagram account. I hope you found this helpful. Now go ahead and enjoy your Reels without any unwanted distractions.

Happy exploring!

How to Block Reels From a Specific Instagram Account

Instagram Reels are all the rage these days, with everyone from your friends to businesses and influencers hopping on the short video trend. Some of these reels are so good that you just have to download them. But let’s face it, not all Instagram Reels are going to be to your liking. In fact, there might be some that you want to avoid completely.

If you want to block specific Reels from a particular user, there are a few methods you can try:

How to Block Reels From a Specific Instagram Account

Use the “Not Interested” Option to Hide Reels

One of the best ways to block Reels from a specific account is by using the “Not Interested” option. However, it’s important to note that this will also reduce the number of similar Reels that appear in your suggested list. Additionally, it might also block Reels from other accounts. For example, if you use the “Not Interested” option on a Reel about a specific video game, you may not see content for that game from other creators. Despite these downsides, it’s still worth giving it a try.

Nevertheless, this is a great option to use if you want to block Reels of a specific type from showing up in your feed or suggestions.

  • Find the Reel that you want to see less of.
  • Tap the three-dot icon at the bottom right.
  • Select Not interested.
    Instagram Not Interested Button
  • Tap Don’t suggest posts from ‘xyz’.
    Instagram Hidden Post

Unfollow Instagram Account to Hide Reels

Instagram immediately shows you Reels from the accounts you follow on the platform. So, one way to reduce the appearance of Reels is by unfollowing that specific account. Here’s how:

Instagram Unfollow Account

  1. To stop seeing Reels from a specific account on Instagram, start by opening the app and finding the account you want to block.
  2. Next, tap the “Follow” button.
  3. Finally, select “Unfollow”.

This won’t fully block Reels from that account, but since you’re no longer following them, their Reels won’t immediately show up in your feed.

How to Hide Reels By Blocking an Instagram Account

If you want to hide Reels from a specific person on Instagram, you can block their account. However, this may not always be the best solution. When you block someone, you won’t be able to interact with them at all, and their Reels won’t appear in your suggested Reels either. Here’s how to block an Instagram account:

Instagram Block Menu

  1. To block Reels from an account on Instagram, start by opening Instagram and searching for the account you want to block.
  2. Once you’ve found the account, tap the ellipsis icon at the top right of their page.
  3. From the options that appear, select “Block” and confirm your choice.

You can also choose to “Block and Report” the account if you believe they are violating Instagram’s community standards or posting inappropriate content.

If you’re interested in creating your own Reels on Instagram, there are some great tools available to help you create and edit your content. You can even use existing videos to make your first Reel, so you don’t have to record anything new.

1. How do I hide Reels on Instagram without deleting them?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to hide Reels on Instagram without deleting them. If you want to remove your Reels from your profile, you’ll have to delete them. Once deleted, others won’t be able to see them, even if they’ve liked or saved them.

2. How do I remove suggested Reels on Instagram?

There’s no official method to remove all Reels from Instagram, but you can remove specific Reels from your suggested posts. Simply open the Reel, tap the three-dot icon at the bottom right, and select “Not interested.”

3. How do I report Instagram Reels?

To report an inappropriate Instagram Reel, open the Reel and tap the three-dot icon at the bottom right. Then, select “Report” from the menu that appears and choose the reason why you find the Reel inappropriate.

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