Adding Kodi to Your FireStick TV Device’s Recent Apps Drawer

Adding Kodi to Your FireStick TV Device’s Recent Apps Drawer

I wanted to share with you a neat trick that can make accessing Kodi on your FireStick TV device even quicker and more convenient. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to add Kodi to the Recent Apps drawer, making it effortlessly accessible whenever you want to enjoy your favorite media content.

First, make sure you have already installed Kodi on your FireStick TV device. If you haven’t done so yet, follow the necessary steps to download and install this fantastic media player.

Once you have Kodi installed, here’s how you can add it to your Recent Apps drawer:

1. On your FireStick TV device’s home screen, navigate to the top menu and select “Settings.”

2. In the settings menu, find and click on “Applications.”

3. Next, scroll down and select “Manage Installed Applications.”

4. Look for “Kodi” in the list of applications and click on it.

5. Within the Kodi settings, choose the “Launch Application” option.

6. Here, toggle the switch to enable the “Recent Apps Integration” for Kodi.

7. Congratulations! You’ve successfully added Kodi to your FireStick TV device’s Recent Apps drawer.

Now, whenever you want to open Kodi, simply press and hold the home button on your FireStick remote for a few seconds. This action will bring up the Recent Apps drawer, and you’ll find Kodi listed among the most recently used applications. Just select Kodi, and you’re ready to dive into a world of entertainment!

Adding Kodi to your Recent Apps drawer not only saves you time searching for the app but also ensures that it’s always readily available whenever you want to enjoy its features. Remember, having quick access to Kodi means you can easily access your favorite media and stay entertained. Enjoy your viewing experience!

I hope you find this tip helpful and enjoy the convenience of having Kodi within easy reach on your FireStick TV device. Happy streaming!

How to Add Kodi to the Recent Apps Drawer on Your FireStick TV Device

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of my favorite streaming device deals right now. For just $39 – sometimes even cheaper during sales – the Fire TV Stick provides smooth and fast 1080p streaming, a fantastic remote interface, Alexa voice search, and all the streaming services you love, like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now. It’s all in one convenient device, making it a perfect gift for yourself, your parents, or anyone who wants easy access to streaming video without needing a smartphone or tablet like Google’s Chromecast.

We’ve already discussed how to add Kodi to your Fire TV Stick, which gives you access to a wide range of apps and services through Kodi’s own player. This means you’ll have even more games, apps, and content libraries to explore. It’s really cool, but it does require a bit of software tweaking on your device to get Kodi up and running. Once you have it though, you’ll find yourself using Kodi more often than any other app for all your media needs. It’s a top-notch app for your TV Stick, deserving its place among the best apps on Amazon’s platform.

Since you’ll be spending so much time using this quality app, it’s essential to add it permanently to your Recent Apps list in the Fire Stick’s software. It’s quite bothersome to have to scroll through all your apps every time you want to launch Kodi. So, adding it to your home screen is a total must for frequent Kodi users. Here’s how you can do it:

Add Kodi to Recent Apps

Unsurprisingly, the easiest way to get Kodi to appear in your Fire TV device’s Recent Apps menu is to simply open the app. Every app you launch on your Fire TV will appear here, conveniently displayed in order. This makes it simple to see all your apps and platforms at once. You can easily switch between Netflix, Kodi, Hulu, and any other apps you regularly use on your device. Of course, to have Kodi show up in your recent apps, you’ll need to launch the app for the first time. This may be a little challenging if you aren’t familiar with how your device works. Amazon’s new Fire interface has undergone significant changes since the devices were first launched, with the menu being moved to the left side and other icons and categories reorganized around the new interface.

Fire TV Home screen

So, let’s get started with your Fire TV device and make sure you’re back at the home screen. From here, simply scroll down to the Your Apps and Games category, which you’ll find below your recent apps. Keep scrolling until you see a selection for “See All” all the way to the far right of your list. Alternatively, you can also hold the Home button on your Fire remote to quickly open a menu for your apps at any time.

Now that you’re inside the list of every app on your Fire TV or TV Stick, you can easily scroll through the entire list to explore different selections and apps. All the apps you’ve added to your Fire TV will be here, including Kodi. Once you find Kodi in your selection, simply launch the app by pressing the center button on your remote. You don’t need to spend much time in Kodi for it to appear on your Recent Apps list. Just let Kodi load, and then exit the app by pressing the home button. You’ll notice that Kodi has now been added to your list of Recent Apps since it’s the most recent one you visited. As you use other apps, Kodi may gradually move down the list, sorted from most-recent to least-recently used. If you use many apps, you might find Kodi occasionally slipping off your recents list. But don’t worry, you can always dive back into your list of Apps to relaunch the app and showcase Kodi on your home screen.

See all apps

Make Kodi Easy to Find in Your Apps & Games Menu

When you’re looking for Kodi in your Apps and Games menu, it’s usually tucked away at the bottom. Scrolling through the list can be time-consuming and frustrating. But don’t worry! You can easily rearrange the apps on your Fire TV or TV Stick to make Kodi more visible and convenient. This is especially useful if you don’t use Kodi every day but still want it to be easily accessible. Let me show you how.

remote options

Let’s start from the main screen of your Fire TV. To do this, use the remote that came with your box or stick. Scroll down on the menu until you reach “Your Apps and Games.” Now, let’s move the cursor to the right side of the sliding menu. You can do this by using the circular button on the right side of the remote. Keep moving the cursor until you reach the end of the menu.

Once you’re at the end, there’s one more step. Look for the option that says “See All” and select it. This will give you access to the complete list of your apps. This is where you’ll most likely find Kodi. Take your time to go through the list of apps and look for Kodi’s listing.

But here’s the important part: Don’t click on the Kodi icon just yet. Instead, use your remote to hover your cursor over the icon and click the button with three horizontal lines. This button is usually located near the top or bottom of the remote. It will bring up additional options for Kodi.

App Options

Once you hold down this button, you’ll see a menu with various options for the app. These options include Move, Move to Front, or Uninstall. In this case, we want to choose either Move or Move to Front.

At first, both of these options might seem a little confusing, so let me explain what each of them means:

    • “Move”: This option allows you to move the Kodi shortcut to any spot you want within the app. If you want it lower on your list, you can move it down. If you want it higher on your list, you can move it up. Think of it like moving an icon on your iPhone home screen. Just choose where you want the icon to be, and you’re done.
    • “Move to Front”: This option is handy if you don’t have a specific place to move the app to, and you just want it to be at the very front of your list.

Move Kodi

Once you’ve chosen what you want, Kodi will be moved to a new location. This way, it’ll be easier for you to access it from your home screen on your Fire TV Stick or other Fire TV device. You won’t have to scroll through multiple menus anymore because the app will be right there on your main display.

If you decide to move Kodi to the front of your Apps and Games list, it will stay on your home screen instead of being in the usual recent spot, where it can get lost behind other apps and go back to the main app list. And don’t forget, you can access your app list by long-pressing the home button on your Fire TV remote. This makes it really convenient to access Kodi from any menu, at any time.

With Kodi installed on your device, make sure you check out our other Fire Stick guides. We have a full guide on the best builds for Kodi, specifically for your Fire Stick. If you’re interested in the best apps to watch movies on your Fire Stick, take a look at our top list. And if you’re ready to update Kodi to the latest version, we’ve got a guide on how to do that on your Fire Stick.

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