Adding Friends in the Line Chat App: A Simple Guide

Adding Friends in the Line Chat App: A Simple Guide

Hey there! Are you curious about how to add friends in the Line Chat App? Well, let me show you the way! It’s actually quite easy, so don’t worry.

First things first, let’s talk about why you would want to add friends in the Line Chat App. Well, having friends on the app allows you to connect with them, chat, and share all sorts of things, like photos, videos, and even fun stickers. It’s a great way to stay in touch and have a blast with your buddies!

Now, onto the nitty-gritty. To add friends in the Line Chat App, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Line Chat App on your device. You’ll see the app’s icon, probably with a cute green character on it. Tap on it to get started.

2. Once you’re in the app, you’ll notice a “Friends” tab at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a little silhouette of two people. Tap on this tab, and you’ll be taken to the “Friends” section.

3. In the “Friends” section, you’ll find a search bar at the top of the screen. This is where the magic happens! Type in the name or ID of the friend you want to add. If you’re not sure about their exact information, don’t worry. Line Chat App can also search for friends using their phone numbers.

4. After you’ve entered the name, ID, or phone number, hit the search button. Line Chat App will do its thing and show you the search results. Hopefully, your friend’s profile will pop right up!

5. Ah, there they are! Now, all you have to do is tap on their profile, and you’ll find yourself on their page. Take a moment to admire their cute profile picture, if they have one.

6. On your friend’s profile page, you’ll see a nice big button that says “Add as Friend.” Yup, you guessed it—you need to tap on that button. Line Chat App will ask you to confirm. Just tap on “OK,” and you’re done!

Now, wasn’t that easy? You have successfully added a friend in the Line Chat App. Congratulations! You can now start chatting away and enjoying all the fun features this app has to offer.

Remember, adding friends in the Line Chat App is a great way to connect with others and keep your friendships strong. So go ahead, reach out to your buddies, and have a blast!

Happy chatting!

How To Add Friends in the Line Chat App

Group video calls and chats are one of the coolest features on Line. You can gather all your friends in one call and see them in a single window. This is perfect for staying in touch with classmates or family members who live abroad. But in order for the call to work, the people close to your heart need to be your friends on Line first.

Thankfully, adding friends on Line is easy. There are several methods to connect with your peers or family members through Line. This article will guide you through each method, so let’s get started.

Adding Friends during Installation

When you first install Line, the step-by-step wizard will ask for permission to access your contacts. There is also a window that allows you to enable “Auto-add friends” and “Allow others to add me.”

Start adding friends

So here’s the deal: Line will automatically add all your friends from your phone book who have the app. Cool, right? But hey, not everyone wants that. Some people prefer to disable these features right from the start. Don’t worry though, you can always change your mind later.

How to Enable “Auto-add friends” and “Allow others to add me”

There are two ways to get to the “Auto-add friends” and “Allow others to add me” options. Here’s a quick guide for you.

Method 1

First, tap on “Friends” at the bottom left of the Line window. Then, select the gear icon at the top left. Scroll down the Settings menu and find “Friends.” Finally, just tap on the buttons next to “Auto-add friends” and “Allow others to add me” to turn these features on or off.

auto-add friends

Hey there! So, here’s the deal. If you want to check out the latest auto-add, no need to go to a different window. Just give a little tap on the Re-sync icon right below the “Auto-add friends” button and boom, it’ll pop up right here.

Now, let’s move on to Method 2.

Alright, here’s another way you can do it. Simply tap on those three little horizontal dots over there at the bottom right. That’ll open up a snazzy little menu called More. From there, go ahead and select the “Add friends” icon. Easy peasy!

Line App

When you’re using Line, the first thing you might notice is the option to automatically add friends. This can be found in the Settings menu, where you can easily turn the feature on or off. If you want to refresh your contacts list, you can simply tap on the Re-sync icon.

Keep in mind: If your friend has disabled the option to allow others to add them, you won’t be able to automatically add them to Line.

Sending Line Invitations

There’s another way to add friends on Line, and that’s through invitations. To do this, tap on the three horizontal dots and select the Invite icon located in the top left corner. Alternatively, you can also use the “Invite a friend” button located in the middle of the screen. Both options work.

Line Chat App

When you tap on the Invite button, something interesting happens. A little window pops up, giving you some options. You can choose to send the invitation through a text message, an email, on WhatsApp, or even on Facebook.

line chat app how to add friend

When it comes to sending an invitation, using a text message or email is the quickest and easiest option. There are fewer steps involved, making it a convenient choice. Simply tap on either option, select a contact from your list, and hit Send. Your friend will receive a default Line message along with a link and a QR code to connect with you.

The process for sending an invitation through a message is similar on WhatsApp and Facebook. However, you will need to allow access to the apps, find your contacts, or copy the Line link into Messenger.

Adding Friends through Search

If your friend is already using Line, you can add them using Line Search. Start by selecting Friends at the bottom left, and then tap the silhouette icon at the top right. Next, hit the magnifying glass icon to begin your search. You can choose from two search options – Line ID or Phone number.

Friend search

If you want to add a friend on Line, type their ID or phone number, hit Search, and tap on Add next to the contact you are looking for.

Find Friends

Line gives you friend recommendations based on your current contacts, groups, and previous chat engagement. To find and add recommended friends, tap the silhouette icon again, scroll the Friend Recommendation list, and tap on Add next to the user ID.

Shake to Add

One of the coolest Line features is called “Shake it!” You can instantly add a person by shaking your phone. To make this work, you and your friend need to be close to each other and have the GPS or Location Services turned on.

To use this method, tap More (three dots), select Add friends, then tap “Shake it!” Now, both you and your friend need to tap the screen or shake the phones. Your contact names will appear on each other’s screens, and you should both tap Add.

Happy Chatting

Staying in touch with your friends is super easy with Line. You can try different methods to reach out and become friends on Line. We especially like the “Shake it!” feature and would love to know which method is your favorite. So go ahead and leave a comment below!

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