5 Awesome Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

5 Awesome Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Hey there! Today, I wanted to talk to you about some amazing options that you can consider as alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. Don’t get me wrong, Adobe Illustrator is a fantastic software, but sometimes it’s good to have other options in your toolkit as well. So, let’s dive in and explore these five awesome alternatives!

1. Inkscape: This powerful vector graphics editor is free and open-source. You can create stunning illustrations, logos, and icons with its intuitive interface. Inkscape supports a wide range of file formats and has a strong community that provides helpful tutorials and plugins.

2. CorelDRAW: A long-time favorite among professional designers, CorelDRAW offers a comprehensive set of tools for vector illustration. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily create beautiful artwork for print, web, and more. It also has excellent compatibility with Adobe Illustrator files.

3. Affinity Designer: This modern and sleek software is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Affinity Designer combines the best of vector and raster tools, allowing you to create stunning artwork. Its intuitive interface and powerful performance make it a worthy competitor to Adobe Illustrator.

4. Gravit Designer: If you’re looking for a web-based alternative, Gravit Designer has got you covered. It offers a full-featured design toolset that you can access from any browser, without the need to install anything. With its seamless integration with the cloud, you can easily work on your designs from anywhere.

5. Sketch: While primarily focused on UI and web design, Sketch can also be a great choice for vector illustration. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create beautiful and precise artwork. With its extensive plugin ecosystem, you can customize Sketch to suit your specific needs.

So, there you have it – five awesome alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. Remember, the choice of software ultimately depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Give these options a try, and who knows, you might discover a new favorite that perfectly suits your creative needs. Happy designing!

5 Great Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

When it comes to editing vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator is the go-to choice in the industry. But if you’re not a professional graphic designer or willing to invest a hefty amount, there are some great alternatives out there. Let me introduce you to five options that can get the job done.

There’s no denying that Adobe Illustrator is considered the standard for vector graphics, but its price can be a barrier for many. Luckily, there are other options available that are either free or much more affordable. Here are the top five alternatives.


Inkscape is a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator that comes close in terms of quality. It offers a similar interface, tools, and features, all without costing you a penny. Inkscape supports various file formats like SVG, EPS, PostScript, JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIP. It can also export PNG to vector formats.

Inkscape is an open-source program that benefits from regular updates from its large community. Recent updates have brought new tools and compatibility with CSS3 and SVG2. Additionally, it includes specific features for mesh gradients and spirals. While Inkscape may run a bit slower than Illustrator, it doesn’t have the same restrictions or tie-ins to user accounts. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free?

5 Awesome Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Welcome to Gravit

Hey there! Gravit is an awesome free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and guess what? It’s web-based, so you can access it right from your browser. Pretty cool, huh? It may not have all the advanced features of Inkscape, but it’s perfect for those light or casual projects. Plus, it’s super handy because you can use it on any device with internet access. Just sign up for a free account, and you’re good to go!

Now, the best part is that Gravit works smoothly with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even other browsers. So, no matter what browser you prefer, you can use Gravit without any issues. Isn’t that awesome?

Gravit comes with all the basic and common tools you need, like the pen, line, knife, slice, and more. You also have a bunch of shape tools, filters, path editing tools, and layer tools at your fingertips. Plus, you can work with multiple formats. It’s a breeze to use, designed with simplicity in mind. So, if you don’t need all the fancy features of Inkscape, Gravit is a fantastic alternative for you.

5 Awesome Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Vectr: A Simplified Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator? Meet Vectr, a browser-based vector graphics app that offers a user-friendly experience for creating stunning vectors. While it may not be as in-depth or feature-rich as Illustrator or its counterpart, Gravit, it does provide all the essential tools you need to craft visually appealing designs.

Similar to Gravit, Vectr boasts a user interface that revolves around a central canvas, surrounded by various tools. From pens to slices and knives, you’ll find a familiar suite of tools at your disposal. Additionally, layers, shapes, and more are readily available, making the creation process as straightforward as possible.

One notable advantage of Vectr is that it also offers a desktop app for those who prefer to work locally. This flexibility ensures that you can access your work regardless of your preferred working environment.

So, if you’re seeking an intuitive and simplified approach to vector graphics, look no further than Vectr. With its robust toolset and emphasis on user-friendly design, you’ll have everything you need to bring your creative ideas to life.

5 Awesome Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Affinity Designer: Your Affordable and Feature-Packed Graphics Editor

Hey there! Let’s talk about Affinity Designer, a fantastic graphics editor that gives Adobe Illustrator a run for its money. And guess what? It’s only $49, making it a much more budget-friendly choice. Not only that, but its user interface and features are right up there with Illustrator, offering a wide array of advanced tools.

But here’s the best part: Affinity Designer is not limited to just vectors. It has been ingeniously designed to handle both graphics and vector editing seamlessly, and it excels at both. How cool is that?

Now, let me tell you about the UI (user interface). It’s clean, simple, and easy to navigate, without overwhelming you with a cluttered mess. Plus, it’s packed with a whole bunch of tools that come in handy for all your creative endeavors. Oh, and did I mention the personas? These babies streamline specific activities like creation, editing, exporting, and asset management. They make your life so much easier!

Another great thing about Affinity Designer is its versatility. It’s available for both Windows and Mac users, so no matter what system you’re rocking, you’re good to go. And it supports a variety of file formats like VG, EPS, PDF, PDF/X, and FH. Need to import a PSD file or other formats? No problemo.

So there you have it. Affinity Designer, the go-to choice for creative souls who want high-quality graphic editing without breaking the bank. Give it a try, and let your artistic visions come to life with this amazing tool!

5 Awesome Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

My Take on Sketch

Let me tell you about Sketch. Now, this program is for Mac users only, but it’s got such a great reputation that I just have to mention it here. It’s a fancy software that costs $99, and let me tell you, it gives Adobe Illustrator a run for its money. What’s cool about Sketch is that it’s got all the tools Illustrator has, and it’s super easy to use. The downside, though, is that it’s mostly geared towards web stuff and not really for print.

The user interface is sleek and simple to figure out. It might take a bit more time to learn than other programs like Gravit or Vectr, but trust me, it’s worth it. And even though it’s not open source, it does have an open API, which means there are plenty of plugins available to expand its capabilities. This program runs smoothly, lets you work on multiple art boards, and handles text like a dream. If you’re serious about your graphic design game, you definitely want to consider Sketch.

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